Friday, July 30, 2021

Beach Report 7/30/21

Another mostly overcast, warm, sweaty day here in slower Maryland

Lightening struck twice for Georgia regarding fossils, when she picked up this second dolphin/whale ear bone.
It's not quite as big or elaborate as the previous one, and it's a mirror in general form, so it's from the other side of the animal.
Here they are together, lined up (more or less) so you can see the similarities and differences.
I posted it to the fossil group, and I'm waiting for the real pros to weigh in, but according to Paul, it's an entirely different species, and maybe a different group.

Otherwise, not an outstanding day for fossils, 13 teeth, 1 drum's tooth, a Tilly bone, and crab claw.

UPDATE: The expert has spoken:

"Certainly a large kentriodontid dolphin periotic - possibly Hadrodelphis or Macrokentriodon."

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