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Election 2020: Is the Left Trying to Start Another Capitol Riot?

 A real mish-mash today. Lets go first to Stu Cvrk at Red State for another A.U.D.I.T. of Elections: Democrats Can’t Stem the Flow of Revelations No Matter How Hard They Try. Lots of good stuff in here, some of which I've covered, some of which is new. Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 07.09.21, Margot Cleveland at Da Fed claims New Evidence Indicates Enough Illegal Votes In Georgia To Tip 2020 Results, echoed by Pam Geller. Also,  Don Surber thinks Voter Reform Is Winning. Don't get cocky. At WaEx, Arizona judge presses for disclosure of donors funding Maricopa election audit. A nice theory of transparency, but considering how the left attacks, sometime physically, conservative donors, no thanks. From ET, Michigan Attorney General, Police to Probe People Who Made Election Fraud Claims. And what happened to freedom of speech in Michigan?

Ace introduces a Great Thread on How the Election Was Rigged, and How the Nation Was Stolen at You really need to read all of this. Insty finds CHEAP DEMAGOGUERY FROM A CHEAP DEMAGOGUE: Kamala Harris Says Republicans ‘Don’t Want You to Vote.’

Stacy McCain finds CNN’s ‘Hero’ Voter Is a Felon. It fits the Democrat brand, anyway. 

Hervis Rogers is a convicted felon, who was on probation at the time he voted for Democrats last year — twice, once in the primary and then again in November — and Rogers was arrested this week for illegally voting, which is also a felony in Texas. Now, ask yourself this question: If convicted felons are prohibited from voting, then how was it that Hervis Rogers was on the list of registered voters in Houston?

If convicted felons were permitted to vote illegally in Houston, what about Atlanta? Milwaukee? Phoenix? Philadelphia? The point here, see, is that making sure election laws are enforced is a job of local officials, but because Democrats control all the election offices in major cities, we have no idea how many people are voting illegally in those cities, because Democrats have no interest in actually enforcing election laws.

Tyler O'Neil at PJ Media, Toyota Blacklists Republicans Who Contested the 2020 Election. Now, Do Democrats. Don't make me give up my RAV-4 hybrid. 

NBC 4 (DC) reports  US Capitol Fencing Installed After Jan. 6 Coming Down, but "Security will still be elevated and access to the west side will be restricted" Hollywood in Toto, Hollywood Reporter Repeats Lies About Jan. 6 Protest "Far-left site stokes misinformation, part of a disturbing trend across news outlets" Are we shocked that reporters lie? If so, why? Pedo Lincoln Project's Steve Schmidt: Capitol riot worse than 9/11 attacks, 'likely to kill a lot more Americans'. The Biden administration intends to kill that many of us? Tyler O'Neil at PJ Media, Is the Left Trying to Start Another Capitol Riot? Probably. (Also refers to the twitter thread above).

If this relentless assault on conservative values does not stop, it will awaken a sleeping giant. I fervently pray that the backlash will take place at school board meetings, city council meetings, and the ballot box, rather than in acts of political violence like the Capitol riot. My fellow conservatives cannot afford to prove the Left’s heinous lies about our “extremism” correct. No, we have to win by following the rules of the game — but I sincerely fear that the Left is doing everything it can to pound us down until we do something we cannot take back.

Julie Kelly at Am Great is still on the case of the Jan. 6 participants jailed without bail, No Relief for Lego Man or Other January 6 Detainees "Prospects look dim for those caught up in Merrick Garland’s Capitol protest witch hunt." And grim for the justice system too. Jim Hanson at Am Con wonders if it's A Coup Against The Constitution? "The events of the last few years add up to an attempt to destroy our republican form of government." At Town Hall, Matt Vespa wonders So, What's with the Capitol Police Expanding Its Presence Across the Country? The legislative branch with its own Secret Police? What could go wrong?

At Ace's Morning Rant, The New Subversives

What was the message, the underlying narrative, if you will, of the coordinated social media campaign to stamp out certain dissenting (unapproved) opinions?

It is this:

--You shouldn't discuss certain things
--You shouldn't say certain things
--You shouldn't write certain things
--You shouldn't think certain things
--You shouldn't believe certain things

In other words, 2020 injected (re-introduced?) direct and explicit censorship into the mainstream.

Democrats 2020: "Make censorship great again!"

In light of this, Sundance at CTH considers how  President Trump Explains Why He is Suing Big Tech, With Links to Lawsuit Filings - The Last Refuge. Also from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 07.09.21, at the Volokh Conspiracy, Volokh considers the case for The First Amendment and Treating Social Media Platforms as Common Carriers, and unlike co-blogger Ilya Somin, is amenable to it. 

Also from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 07.09.21, at Da Fed, Fred Fleitz explains why he thinks  The White House Is Probably Behind The Tucker Carlson NSA Email Scandal. One word. History. 'streif' at Red State, Robert Mueller's Service Animal, Andrew Weissmann, Yaps About Tucker Carlson and the NSA and Confirms Your Worst Thoughts About Him

Andrew Weissmann, James Comey’s deputy during the Special Counsel travesty, then weighs in. He acknowledges that Carlson was probably under “incidental” surveillance because of his outreach to Putin’s staff…by the way, the source for the story that Carlson was trying to reach out to Putin for an interview is from the leak to Axios, not from Carlson…and, at 4:55, he says Carlson going public with the complaint rather than dealing privately with the Justice Department is “anti-American.”

Consider that for a moment. The guy who destroyed the accounting giant Arthur Andersen and put 20,000+ people out of work before he suffered the ignominy of being unanimously reversed by the US Supreme Court. is accusing Tucker Carlson of being anti-American. The guy who used his position on the special counsel to carry out a personal jihad against Paul Manafort is calling Tucker Carlson anti-American. The cretinous genius behind indicting a group of Russian companies for meddling in the 2016 election and then getting his ass handed to him in grand style is calling Tucker Carlson anti-American.

What is obvious from this is that no one, even the imbeciles on MSNBC, is denying that Carlson’s communications were intercepted. What they can’t explain is how those communications were made available to people outside the IC with Carlson’s name attached to them. The reason they can’t explain that is that this sequence of events is only possible if someone decided to unmask Carlson after he was swept up in legal surveillance and illegally distribute his communications…or if Carlson is under surveillance by the US government. Serious journalists, if we had any in this nation, would be trying to find out.

Sundance thinks Andrew Weissmann Says the Quiet Part Out Loud

In essence, what this segment reveals is Andrew Weissmann being so comfortable and casual with his reference point from time and experience inside the DOJ-NSD, that he doesn’t even realize what he is saying so matter-of-factly is something that is not supposed to take place.

The DOJ (or DOJ-NSD) is not supposed to have simple access to the NSA database without a reason for it. Or without a contact from the NSA with a directive to review an intercept because it might involve unlawful activity.

The DOJ-NSD personnel are not supposed to be randomly data-mining the NSA database just to see if they can find some issue they would be under the authority to investigate. Yet this frame of reference is exactly the casual nature of Weissmann’s diatribe.
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