Sunday, July 4, 2021

2020 Election - July 4, 2021 Edition

Precious little; most of the media seems to be taking the long weekend. Good for them. CNN keeps hoping Trump's Hill allies could be ensnared in January 6 probe as GOP preps strategy. of course that's Nancy's plan. Even if the facts don't fit CNN will try to make it work. They're still trying to sell that "insurrection" bullshit, I see.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has asserted he'd "have no problem talking to anybody" about his conversations with then-President Donald Trump on January 6. That proposition may soon be put to the test.

McCarthy is just one of several Republicans who could get caught in the crosshairs as the Democratic-led investigation into the Capitol riot unfolds over the coming months, teeing up the possibility of partisan showdowns and raising questions about a conflict-of-interest if any potential witnesses are tapped for one of the five GOP spots on the select committee. 

Yet, Republicans too have their own emerging plan once McCarthy names his picks: They want to focus on the steps that Speaker Nancy Pelosi took -- or didn't take -- to secure the Capitol that day, according to GOP sources familiar with the early discussions.

The panel of lawmakers probing the deadly attack, eight of whom were tapped by Pelosi this week, is on a mission to dig up answers about the January 6 siege and will begin with testimony from US Capitol Police officers about their experiences that day. Democrats on the committee say they plan to pursue why there were a string of law enforcement and intelligence failures -- in addition to the root causes of the insurrection.


Mary Chastain at LI hears that Former Sen. Claire McCaskill thinks Capitol Hill Riot Worse Than Benghazi "McCaskill is subjecting her family to riot footage every Independence Day. I suggest they watch 13 Hours instead." Will her family put up with it, or does she treat them as slaves? 

WaPoo proudly announces FBI launches flurry of arrests over attacks on journalists during Capitol riot

Nearly six months after the U.S. Capitol riot, the Justice Department has begun arresting a new category of alleged criminals — those who attacked reporters or damaged their equipment as journalists documented the violence perpetrated by supporters of President Donald Trump.

The first such charge came last week, when 43-year-old Shane Jason Woods of Illinois was charged with engaging in violence on the Capitol grounds Jan. 6, as well as assaulting a law enforcement officer. Authorities say Woods was caught on video knocking down a cameraman.

I'm  OK with that. Anyone who attacks anyone during a demonstration deserved to be tracked down and tried. But I don't believe the press deserves more protection that the rest of us. But can we trust the Biden/Garland DOJ to enforce those laws equally? From PM, Antifa militants assault conservative demonstrators, reporters at LA spa protest

Antifa assaulted demonstrators and reporters at a protest Saturday outside a Los Angeles spa where a customer complained last week that a male individual's genitals were exposed to women and girls in the female section.

Antifa showed up to counter the small demonstration, accusing participants of "transphobia" for taking issue with the Wi Spa's refusal to act against the adult male who exposed his genitals to girls and women.

A mob of Antifa militants punched a man then chased and assaulted a videographer at the Wi Spa demonstration in Koreatown.


"Get the f— out of here! Keep walking!" the black-clad crowd members shouted at the man, shoving him across the crosswalk on Wilshire Blvd where the spa is located. "No safe spaces for chuds! Get the f— out of the neighborhood!"

Another individual who was recording the incident was tailed by the agitators. The Antifascist Action flag was displayed at the front of the enraged mob marching after the videographer. "Get the camera!" the Antifa activists ordered. "Flank him on the right!" was instructed to coordinate the attack.
The Manhattan Contrarian reports Justice In This Country Is Not Dispensed Impartially Between Democrats And Republicans, with several well know examples, including  the suspension of Rudy Giuliani’s Law License. 

At Town Hall, David Harsanyi opines, Tucker Carlson Says the NSA Is Spying on Him. Sadly, It's Plausible. It's more than plausible, I'd say it's nearly a sure thing, given that Carlson is in contact with various foreigners for his program. The scandal (if there is one) is that they were getting ready to try to use that information against him in a partisan attack, before Tucker headed them off by revealing the game. Any media outlet that comes out with leaked files now is suspect. 

The WSJ opines Yes, Trump Really Did Lose Michigan, "The GOP state Senate debunks fraud claims, and it’s worth a read" but it's paywalled. 

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Natasha Romanova Redux awaiting your digital pleasure.

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