Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rule 5 Saturday - Watching the Bay

Today for Rule 5 Saturday, let us gaze upon the Babes of Baywatch.  David Hasselhoff may be a no talent actor and singer, but you got to admit he knows how to pick the ladies for show about the beach. Click the pictures to enlarge.

A Canadian transplant, Pamela Anderson is perhaps the arch-typical Baywatch babe.  Playmate of the Month in Feb. 1990 (and many other Playboy appearances), she went into acting, and after some minor roles (e.g. the first Tool Time Girl), Baywatch started her rise to whatever it is she has risen to. After Baywatch, she married rock star Tommy Lee with whom she starred in a notorious home made sex tape. With failure of that marriage, and several others, she seems to be holding out fine.

Stacey Kamano is a genuine Hawaiian babe, and starred in Baywatch's final two seasons, 1999 and 2000.  At the age of 11, she won the title "Miss Tropical Pre-Teen Hawaii" and decided to pursue a career as a model and actress. Her mother is of German, Russian and Polish descent, and her father is Japanese, thus proving the concept of "hybrid vigor."

See more below:

Yasmin Bleeth was a child actress from New York, starring with Buddy Hackett in the Film 'Hey Babe' at age 12. She played in 72 episodes of 'Baywatch' from 1994-1997.  After 'Baywatch', she became Nash Bridges main girl cop.  Simultaneously, she began a love affair with cocaine, which caused her no end of legal and personal problems.  Let's hope that's in the past as well.
Brande Roderick, a classic California girl began both her Baywatch and Playboy careers simultaneously, starring in Bay Watch in 2000, and Playmate of the Month in April 2000, and Playmate of the Year for 2001. She later married a former NFL linebacker, and they had their first child in 2010.

Gena Lee Nolin was one of "Barker's Beauties" on "The Price is Right".  She starred in Baywatch in 65 episodes from 1995 though 1998, and briefly in her own show "Sheena"

Angelica Bridges starred in 22 epidsodes of Baywatch, the Hawaiian version from 1997 to 1998, and the TV Baywatch movie as well as the role of 'Red Sonja' in one of the Conan flicks with Arnold Schwarzenegger.  She also was the subject of a Playboy pictorial and the cover photo in 2001.  Have I told you how much I like redheads?

Another Cali girl, Nicolle Eggert starred in "Who's the Boss" and "Charles in Charge" before "Baywatch" from 1992-1994.

Originally from Ohio (one of the few things I can think of from there), Carmen Electra was born Tara Leigh Patrick.  A Playboy favorite, she had 5 different "spreads" in the magazine and 3 cover appearances.  She's tried her hand at marriage with a sports star (Dennis Rodman), a rock star (Dave Navarro), and is apparently getting ready to try the rock star version yet again.

Alexandra Paul is perhaps the only one of the Baywatch girls hydrodynamically and physically suited for life saving.  The other girls all seem like they have protuberances that might cause some unnecessary friction in the water.  Alexandra is a triathlon contestant, so her fitness and swimming ability should not be in question.

And now, it's time to go to the beach.  Alas, we have no lifeguards.

UPDATE:  Thanks to Maggie's Notebook, for picking up the link in her weekly Rule 5 post, and compendium, this week featuring Penelope Cruz. Little Brother picked up on Morena Baccarin.  And as usual, I thank the Rule 5 Wombat from The Other McCain for his compendium of Rule 5 links, and link to this post.

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