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Flotsam and Jetsam - Who's More Corrupt, the Clintons or the Bidens?

Oh yes, we're still talking about the corruption rampant in the Biden clan. From JTN, Ben Whedon cites Comer: Bidens had foreign business dealings on at least three continents, "We know what was going on in Ukraine," he said. "We know what was going on in Russia. We've got a pretty good idea what was going on in the Congo." Also at JTN, John Solomon, Comer says fresh evidence warrants investigation of Joe Biden 'for public corruption.’ "Leader of congressional probe says banks suspected money laundering, key now is to determine if Biden helped family profit with U.S. policy." NYPo, Hunter Biden, divorce lawyers sparred over cash from $1M ‘Romania deal,’ laptop emails reveal. At WaEx Comer says House Oversight Committee 'more than likely' to subpoena members of Biden family.  and Jerry Dunleavy pens Joe Biden continues to ignore grandchild fathered by Hunter Biden. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.12.23, Allan J. Feifer at Am Think, thinks about The Staggering Flaws of the Biden Family.  Jordan Boyd from Da Fed has 9 Questions Corporate Media Should Ask Biden About Latest Corruption Evidence But Won’t and Margot Cleveland thinks Feds Started A Dangerous Game With Hunter Biden’s Laptop, But GOP Lawmakers Can Finish It. Guy Benson at Town Hall actually reads the NYT: Actually, the Biden Family Enrichment Scheme Exonerates Biden, Or Something. Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair says The MSM isn't biased. It's flatly corrupt. At Hat Hair VIP, Matt Vespa asks Who Is Worse Regarding Their Wanton Corruption—The Clintons or the Bidens? It's like having to choose between Ebola and Rabies. 

Jerry Duleavy at WaEx again, McCaul moves toward holding Blinken in contempt for again defying subpoena, over the Afghanistan debacle. Ace, James Varney at RCP: The State Department Is Refusing to Provide Any Information About John Kerry's Globetrotting and His Meetings With ForeignersThis is maddening.  There is no government authority where the government acts as a lawless criminal." Hat Hair's KT is shocked, shocked by a Fox WH correspondent: "Biden admin officials forced reporters to submit pre-written questions ...". How else will he know what to lie about? Politico whines that Biden is stuck in a no-win political mess after ending Title 42. Beege Wellborn at Hat Hair snaps "Oh, come ON. Republicans can only POUNCE on something that happens suddenly. This is years in the making and entirely self-inflicted. Give it a rest."

Trump's CNN triumph is still being touted. Stacy McCain says In Terms of ‘Owning the Libs,’ Nobody Else Even Compares to Donald Trump. "Anything that makes Tom Nichols and Noah Berlatsky angry is, objectively, a good thing. When CNN is accused of staging a “fascist ritual”? Life doesn’t get any better than that." SA McCarthy at Am Spec calls Trump Triumphant at CNN Town Hall "The stalwart brawler is back, as evidenced by his fiery takedown of moderator Kaitlan Collins." At Da Wire, Town Hall Trifecta: Good For Trump, Good For Biden, Good For CNN? Atop da Summit, Paul Watson asks You Okay, Hun? "Why Trump won." Eddie Scarry at Da Fed explains why CNN’s Amazing Trump Town Hall Was The Result Of The Media’s Own Suicidal, Anti-American Mission. Peter Barry Chowka at Am Think thinks about CNN's brief ratings success with the Trump Town Hall. From Breitbart, CNN Employees Publicly Disagree with Network Head on Whether or Not ‘America Was Served’ by Trump Town Hall. Althouse, It seems to me you need a foundation of expectation before you can declare something a "disappointment." "It's fake-newsy to proclaim that something you wanted to fail has indeed failed when it could just as well be declared a success. I'm reading "CNN leadership under fire after ‘disastrous’ Trump town hall/A furious backlash raised questions about the future of chief executive Chris Licht and the larger challenges facing the news media going into the 2024 election" (WaPo). Sarah Arnold at Town Hall, Trump Rolls Out New Shirt Taunting CNN Following His Successful Appearance. At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.12.23, Don Surber on why The Media Is Angry At CNN.

Never-DeSantis sundance at CTH is pissed that DeSantis Quietly Signs New Law Sealing All of His Travel Records From Public, the Law Applies Retroactively.

At PJM, Matt Margolis say Whoa! Elizabeth Warren Is Vulnerable in 2024! At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.12.23,  Da Tech Guy elaborates The Key Question Concerning that Baker +15 over Warren Pol for MA Senate.

On election integrity issues a double play from ET, Pennsylvania Settles Election Integrity Lawsuit, Deletes 178,000 Names From Voter Rolls and Election Group With Ties to Soros, Zuckerberg Meets in Washington for Conference Closed to Public. At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.12.23,  Da Fed's Shawn Fleetwood notes WaPo Accidentally Admits ‘Zuckbucks’ Were Used To Turn Out Likely-Democrat Voters In 2020

Also at ET, Yellen Calls for a Different System to End ‘Tremendously Damaging’ Debt-Ceiling Standoffs, just shut up and let us spend what we want, and pay for it later. The Peacock, Debt ceiling meeting between Biden and congressional leaders postponed until next week. I guess it's not that important after all. Hat Hair's Beege Wellborn, [Cue: exploding heads] Fed Res Board Governor says save the banks, quit sweatin' the climate change. At NewsBusters, CNBC’s Kernen Takes Lefty Senator to School Over ‘Disingenuous’ Gaslighting on Debt Ceiling Blame. Gaslight is about the only light they have.

At LI, Herr Professor Jacobsen in concerned about The Left’s Three-Part Strategy Targeting The Supreme Court, "My appearance on the Jesse Kelly Show: DOJ refusal to enforce statute prohibiting protests at Justices homes means “it’s essentially mob rule, whoever controls the streets is going to control everything.”

Breitbart Pomerantz Pleads Fifth in Deposition, Claims GOP’s Trump Indictment Probe Is ‘Political Theater’ and if anyone know political theater, he does. 

Da Mail attempts to answer the question Who is Linda Yaccarino, the new CEO of Twitter? Advertising exec secured $100BN in sales at NBCUniversal - and Elon Musk now hopes she will do the same for Twitter. At Althouse, "What is she thinking? That’s not a promotion, not even a lateral move. Then you still have Musk owning Twitter..." ""... and in a lead role. You’ll be his puppet and designated fall girl." That's the top-rated comment on "Who is Linda Yaccarino, Elon Musk’s reported pick for Twitter CEO?" (WaPO). Ace, NBC and Brian Stelter: Will Twitter Just Allow Tucker Carlson to Speak Without "Policing," in a Speech "Free for All"?!! NBC and Brian Stelter (of course) demand to know if Tucker Carlson will just be allowed to speak freely without his speech being policed by leftists. "Will Tucker Carlson be permitted to exercise his rights as an American citizen, without a veto threat from the hard left and the Censorship-Industrial complex?" At Am Spec, R. Emmett Tyrrell admits Tucker Carlson Is Not So Bad, with some interesting tales to tell. 

Sundance is conflicted, Former Disinformation Governance Czar Nina Jankowicz Sues Fox News for Defamation. Is there a way they can both lose? Town Hall's Cutie Pavlich says We’ve Been Blacklisted, Again "Just this week, Townhall published a column warning about the dangers of President Joe Biden's open border policies and their implications on national security. It was written by retired Navy Captain Hung Cao, who came to America as a refugee from Vietnam as a child. . . . When the op-ed was posted on Facebook by Cao, it was flagged as "hate speech" and eliminated from circulation on the platform." Jordan Boyd at Da Fed, Republicans Say Biden’s Department Of Homeland Security Using ‘Censorship Laundering’ Paid For By Taxpayers To Silence Dissent

Megyn Kelly
At Red State Nick Arama sees Megyn Kelly Light up Charlize Theron After She Curses out People Over Drag Performances for Kids 

Kelly said it was wrong for Theron not to come out against the “grooming of young children.” There are “drag queen shows out there right now that are deeply disturbing and they’re happening in front of young children,” Kelly said. “So know what you’re supporting. Understand what we’re actually seeing out there which can include absolutely the grooming of young children,” Kelly added.

Charlize played Megan Kelly in the movie Bombshell

Rick Moran at PJ Media recounts how Starbucks Fires Trans Barista for Screaming at Customer Who Misgendered Him. At NYPo, Suspect who defecated on pride flag at NYC eatery charged with hate crime. I understand the impulse, but that' just gross. 

Charlize Theron

Dave Strom at Hat Hair, Too autistic to speak? You must be trans! It's the new thing. Also,  Queer math camp...without the math.   Radar On Line, 'Target Deserves the Bud Light Treatment': Retail Giant Faces Backlash After Launching Trans-friendly Clothing Line for Children. At Da Caller, School District Sued Over Policy That Allegedly Punishes Students For ‘Misgendering’ People.

Ace, Female "Transgender" Who Beat a Lot of Girls In High School Wrestling Say She Wants to Fight a Male MMA Fighter "That girl who took a lot of testosterone and claimed it made her a "boy" is demanding to fight an actual male MMA fighter, to prove that "trans men" are just as good at fighting as actual men." Fine. "This is going to be the most shameful, and yet the most satisfying, $99 I ever laid down for PPV. Is there any way we can entice Megan Rapinoe into the octagon? Maybe she can fight a 13-year-old boy, and lose to him like she lost in soccer." PJM's Rick Moran is amused by an Humongous Trans TikTok 'Influencer' Cries in an Uber After Being Rejected by Men in Clubs.

'Prof.' Angela White
At NYPo, ‘Meryl Streep of porn’ teaches students at prestigious university  UCSB, "Porn star Angela White has given a guest lecture to students at the prestigious college as part of a “groundbreaking” film studies course. The 37-year-old X-rated actress — who has been dubbed “the Meryl Streep of porn” due to her lengthy and illustrious career — took to Twitter to detail her campus visit last week, revealing that she was introduced as an “adult entertainer, entrepreneur, academic, politician and creative.” Forget it Jake, it's Calipornia. 

Ace, Bud Light's Sales Fall Again; Michael Knowles Writes That "Tranheuser-Busch" Is Part of a WEF-Backed Group to Impose Censorship. Sundance hears Anheuser-Busch Tells Beer Distributors Not to Worry, This Too Shall Pass. But it may take a while.

ABC 7 News, VA, 'It's shocking', Youngkin responds to Loudoun Love Warriors' threats against community “We are deeply concerned by recent reports that staff and associates of Loudoun County School Board members and County officials orchestrated a campaign of smear attacks, harassment, and intimidation against local parents simply for exercising their First Amendment rights to petition the government about their children’s education,”

Dave Strom, Yale research accidentally proved liberals more racist than conservatives, more likely to 'talk down' to minorities. 

The Wombat has Rule 5 Monday: The Komi Girls and FMJRA 2.0: Who Made Who up at The Other McCain.

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