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Flotsam and Jetsam - Intel Letter Made as Biden Debate Point

Bob Spencer at PJM observes Confused Old Man Pretending to Be President Announces ‘Major Press Conference’ When There Isn’t One

At Front Page, BOMBSHELL: Grassley and Comer Say They’ve Found Evidence of Biden Getting PAID OFF for ‘Policy Decisions’. "If it's accurate, it doesn't just involve Joe Biden." Tristin Justice at Da Fed, Chuck Grassley Demands DOJ Cough Up Document Over Criminal Scheme Involving Joe Biden. Cami Mondeaux at WaEx reports Comer says he knows what country is at the center of Biden's alleged 'criminal scheme.'

Tristan Justice again, Russia Hoaxers Clapper, Brennan Will Answer To Weaponization Committee For Letter Calling Hunter Biden Laptop ‘Disinfo.’ Both have previously committed perjury in Congressional testimony. Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.05.23 the Victory Girls: Hunter Laptop Letter Was Planted As Debate Cover For Joe. Ace, Revealed: Former Acting Head of the CIA Mike Morrell Concocted the "Hallmarks of Russian Intelligence" Disinformation Campaign... Just to Give Biden a Rebuttal About the Laptop at the Trump-Biden Debate "People need to go to prison for this. Notice we spent seven years talking about a Fake Russian Intelligence Election-Interference Campaign -- but the media refuses to spend any time at all discussing a Very Real US Intelligence Election-Interference Campaign."

Speaking of the first son, Fox reports White House reportedly 'worried' over Hunter Biden going rogue with legal defense plan: 'Legitimate headache' "Biden has moved to a more 'combative' legal defense approach as investigations mount," opening a "legal defense fund." Da Caller, Hunter Biden’s Legal Team Reportedly At Odds With White House.  At Hat Hair, Capt. Ed cites Anxious in The battle between the White House and Hunter Biden. "If you thought Hunter Biden’s art career was a back door for political payoffs, just wait until you see the Hunter Biden Legal Defense Fund! Everyone with cash who wants to curry favor with Biden Inc will start shoveling funds into the Keep Hunter Poor project. The only way it might work if the White House could trust Hunter to keep strict control over donors and avoid embarrassing entanglements. Bwa-hahahahahaha."

In other Biden administration news, Hat Hair's KT reports Biden appoints Neera Tanden as the new Susan Rice, best known for being bipartisanly rejected as OMB Director for "mean tweets." The Free Bacon claims Biden's Bungled Afghan Withdrawal Decimated US Intelligence Gathering, Admin Official Confirms, which just seems obvious. Look where Afghanistan lies on a map. Dan Greenfield at Front Page says Biden to Turn Over 10% of America’s Land to the Left. "Gas and meat prices will climb sky high under BLM “conservation leases.”" At Da Caller, ‘We’re Giving Them A Big Ol’ Tax Credit’: John Kennedy Stumps Witness On Why Government Has To Pay People To Drive EVs. Mary Chastain at LI, Auto Union Withholding Support for Biden Over Lack of Support for Workers at Electric Vehicle Factories. "The United Auto Workers president recently lamented how Democrats take the union for granted."  Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.05.23 at The Lid: Joe Manchin: Biden Won’t Like Him When He’s Angry "Manchin was the swing vote for the act (the final Senate vote was 51-50). His thanks for being the swing vote was his fellow Democrats spurning the energy provisions in the bill he was promised, and for the White House to undercut brazenly key energy provisions, the Senator wrote into the bill. There are some rumors that Manchin may reward the treachery of his party leaders by running for President on the No Labels Party Ticket." Go, Joe go! At Da Wire, Mayorkas Working To Expand Migration From Central America As Border Surge Anticipated. At NYPo, I met Venezuelans scamming the asylum system en masse to get into the US. It's not really a scam if they intended to let you do it. At Breitbart, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Blasts Open Borders: ‘Not Anti-Immigrant’ to Oppose Illegal Immigration. A brave thing for a Democrat to say. Ace, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Promises to Protect Citizens Against "Financial Censorhip" by Government-Coerced Mega-Banks and Financial Institutions, Brandon Announces He's Doing a "Major Press Conference Today;" White House Says "No He's Not" "Buh buh buh -- MUH CORPORATIONS!!!" Ben Domenech at Spec World cited at Hat Hair, World Biden targets Catholics -- again.

Hat Hair's John Sexton  Reports DeSantis will skip exploratory committee and launch full campaign next month and never-DeSantis sundance at CTH snarks Report, DeSantis Will Skip 2024 Exploratory Committee Phase and Enter Training Camp for Facial Expressions

Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.05.23   Shawn Fleetwood at Da Fed sees Republicans Move To Curb Biden’s Federal Interference In Elections. At Am Think, Jay Valentine wants you to Savor Trump’s Electoral Landslide -- Until the Phantoms Vote.

At Ace's
Regarding the Tucker troubles, Stacy McCain asks Why Is Ex-Fox Producer Abby Grossberg Trying to Encourage Anti-Semitism? It makes sense when you read it. At TNP,  a REPORT: Tucker Carlson to Host ‘Alternative GOP’ Debate? 'Bonchie' at Red State hears Megyn Kelly Shares the Shocking Data Behind Fox News' Collapse. She's not exactly broken up about it. Wayne Allen Root at Front Page wants to know Is Fox News the Next Bed, Bath & Beyond? "What's their next move? Selling their network to Pfizer?"

Stacy McCain at his paying gig at Am Spec says Blame Chuck Schumer for the Debt Ceiling Crisis "McCarthy managed to pass the bill in the House, but Schumer won’t let the Senate vote on it." Atop Da Hill, Alex Pollock makes the point The US has never defaulted on its debt — except the four times it did, and I remember two of them. Breitbart Business Digest: Markets Humiliate Jerome Powell.

Insty at his NYPo gig takes on Conservative Supreme Court justice hit pieces: We are being lectured on ethics by scoundrels. From Twitchy, Ayanna Pressley: ‘Clarence Thomas must resign’ – that’s gonna be a big fat NOJon Gault@swatter911, "Have someone explain separation of powers to you using small words." Bill Otis on The Attacks on Justice Sonia Sotomayor "The press quietly redefines the meaning of double standards." Dave Harsayni at Da Fed, thinks Those Smearing SCOTUS Are The Biggest Threat To American ‘Democracy.’

Rusty Weiss at the PI reports Wealthy Democrat Mega-Donor Eliot Culter Gets Just 9 Months In Jail for Child Pornography, so tell me about Q-Anon, again?

Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair sees a J6 rioter gets 14 years, and doesn't think it's just. 

Amit Mehta was putting on a show for the cameras and seeking to make an example out of Schwartz. We now live in a country where two lawyers received 15 months behind bars for literally firebombing a police cruiser and handing out explosive devices to a group of BLM rioters. And the guy who threw a folding chair is heading to more than fourteen years in prison. Someone else is doing three years for stealing a gavel. The unequal enforcement of the law based on political preferences on display here is simply shocking. Schwartz’s lawyer needs to appeal this sentencing decision immediately.

The redoubtable Julie Kelly at Am Great sees the Proud Boys Found Guilty of Seditious Conspiracy and asks "Will Donald Trump be next?" Of course, that's the plan. At Reason, Jacob Sullum is unimpressed, Do These Seditious Conspiracy Convictions Prove the Capitol Riot 'Was Not Spontaneous'? "A jury convicted members of the Proud Boys without evidence of an explicit plot, let alone one that most of the rioters were trying to execute." Since the DC residents don't have congresscritters, they should not have to serve on federal juries either.

Hat Hair's KT reports Protesters stormed the stage during WaPo interview with Secretary of State Blinken, in blue on blue. Ford Fischer at Racket, Activism Uncensored: Climate Activists Blockade Whitehouse Correspondence Dinner. Joy Pullman at Da Fed is unhappy that an NAACP Branch Targets Republican Councilwoman With 7 Kids At 6 a.m. Outside Her Home. "Drake cited the FBI’s definition of domestic terrorism: “Appearing to be intended to influence the policy of government by intimidation or coercion.” She and her husband spent three days before the event calling police, fielding calls from constituents and friends, and making plans to ensure their children’s safety." I blame colored people. Ashe Schow at Da Wire reports Texas Man Convicted Of Fatally Shooting Black Lives Matter Protester Won’t Get New Trial, Judge Rules

Sundance, Position Reversed Again – Nashville Police Refuse to Release Transgender Audrey Hale Christian Murder Manifesto. Dave Strom wants to know Why are they hiding the manifesto? Isn't that obvious? The don't want to release is because it will paint the radical transactivists in a bad light. Raymond Ibrahim at Am Think thinks this Report shows an Unprecedented Rise in Hate Crimes against American Churches.  John Davidson at Da Fed says Yes, The Trans Movement Is Coming For Your Kids. At HE, Trans lawmaker shamed into dropping pedo-normalization bill in Minnesota amid backlash. Scott McKay at Am Spec details What We’re Learning From Pushing Back Against the Trans Crowd "The Left gins up oodles of freaks to descend on the capitols and make things as openly, obnoxiously unpleasant as they can." From Da Caller, Colorado School District’s LGBTQ Coordinator Trained Nurses To Hide Student’s Gender Transitions. At the Political Hat, Gender Madness: Transitioning Is A One Way Street; Transitioning Is A Flip-Flop; Lying To Parents About Children Transitioning. From The Blaze a Teacher says she was told to deceive 'suspicious' parents about children's stated gender identities at school — now she's suing.  In more Munchausen's By Proxy, ADN America reports, Mother says her child's green vegetarian habits means he's transgender. Da Caller, Florida man wins women's poker tournament, sparks debate over male inclusion in female sporting events "Dave Hughes, 70, took home more than $5,500 for the victory." Men always make the best women. Shawn Fleetwood again, ‘I Can’t Believe I Fought For This Bullsh-t’: Navy SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden Blasts Pentagon For Drag Queen Gimmick. Bob McManus at NYPo, claims the Navy’s drag queen is symbol of cultural narcissism. Tristan Justice, reports how NBC Fabricates Fake Trans Propaganda About Montana Mom Who Cared For Suicidal Daughter, odious. Sarah Arnold at Town Hall, Popular Women's Clothing Brand Faces Heat for Advertising Men Dancing In Dresses. At PM, DOJ official says Biden admin 'rolling over' on allowing trans-identified males to impregnate females in women's prisons, "A psychologist told an undercover journalist with the O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) that the DOJ just "rolls over."" At HE, STRUGGLE SESSION: KISS musician grovels before social media mob after being mobbed for speaking the truth about child sex changes. John Sexton, World cycling body will reconsider rules after trans woman wins women's stage race. Campus Reform wants us to WATCH: Trans-activists clash with College Republicans after screening of 'What Is a Woman' at Kent State. Weasel Zippers, College Professor Banned From Using Words “Male” And “Female” In Research Over Fears of “Misgendering”… Dave Strom reports Pornhub pulls out of Utah rather than verify age of users.

St. Louis today (cited at Hat Hair) , Bud Light lament: Hey, it was just "one single can. Capt. Ed, "Yeah, that ain’t gonna cut it either. Not only is it a lame whine (or as David would say, whinge), it’s clearly dishonest. It may have been “just one can,” but the clear intent on Bud Light’s part was to get Dylan Mulvaney to promote it — as an “influencer,” the reason Bud Light picked him in the first place." Ace, Anheuser-Busch: C'Mon, It Was Just a Single Influencer Hired by Some Rogue Low-Level Staffers in the Cincinatti Office. "You know who's really at fault in all of this? You are. I mean you, conservatives peddling "misinformation" about Bud Light and Dylan Mulvaney." At Town Hall, Anheuser-Busch CEO Responds to Bud Light Controversy in Leaked Audio. PJM's Bob Spencer, Anheuser-Busch Finally Backs Away From Dylan Mulvaney, but Not Far Enough. At NYPo, Bud Light ‘will be extinct in a few years’ for disavowing Dylan Mulvaney, activist says. Now, don't go make me get sympathetic to Bud-Lite, I don't like weak bland beer. At ET, Bud Light Sales Crash Deepens Amid Boycott Over Pro-Trans Campaign.  Am Con explains Why the Bud Light Boycott Is Working "It turns out that money is power after all." Also, there are lots of readily available alternatives. Dave Strom would like to introduce you to The new face of Smirnoff Vodka, "theonlyMaxine." Now, that would require a lot of vodka. 

Evangeline Lilly
At Evie, Evangeline Lilly Asks Why Our Modern Society Villainizes Femininity In Women But Not In Men: "Let Each Be Who They Are." ""Lost" actress Evangeline Lilly is known for her controversial takes in the past, and she's back with an opinion about the relationship between femininity and masculinity." Victory Girls note it's Wimmin, Not Women At University Of Texas. Capt. Ed snarks "There’s Texas, and then there’s Austin." Jonathan Turley impressed, “She’s a … Professor!”: Albany Professor Arrested After Obstructing Pro-Life Display and Resisting Arrest "Blocking others from speaking is not the exercise of free speech. It is the very antithesis of free speech. Nevertheless, faculty have supported such claims."

At Da Caller, Florida Lawmakers Approve Sweeping Expansion To DeSantis’ Parental Rights In Education Bill. From MRC TV, ‘ESG is DOA in Florida’: DeSantis Does for Fla. What Biden Blocked Congress from Doing for Everyone. City Journal claims The White House Keeps Twisting the Truth About Florida, "President Biden and his press secretary are trafficking in proven falsehoods to score political points against Ron DeSantis."

From Behind the Black sees Pushback: Court rules that PA school district denied parent public documents in “bad faith.” Dave Strom watches as Teachers' union goes full communist, "The headline is not hyperbole. The Colorado Education Association has actually adopted a resolution committing the organization to fight capitalism as a fundamentally exploitative economic system that must be destroyed." Hat Hair's KT reports University of California-Berkeley 'pretendian' professor under fire to resign. It's just Berserkly. 

Elle Purnell at Da Fed thinks Conservatives Won The Word ‘Woke.’ Now It’s Time To Reclaim Accurate Language Everywhere and has 10 Politically Correct But Factually False Words And Phrases To Stop Using Immediately. Hollywood in Toto claims Woke Killed Comedy (Check Out the Frightening Numbers), "Laughter ruled theaters in the '90s, 2000s until social justice warriors arrived." Don Surber thinks it's all about Keeping us confused. Noah Rothman at NRO (cited at Hat Hair), Bernie: The cure for progressivism's failures is more progressivism, natch. Capt. Ed. "No surprise here. Bernie hasn’t had an original thought since Mao died. And that’s not a coincidence."

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