Thursday, May 25, 2023

RIP: Tina Turner

The great old ones are passing, Parade Tina Turner's Cause of Death Revealed One Day After Passing

Just one day after news that the icon had passed away, Tina Turner's official cause of death has been revealed.

The musical legend—born Anna Mae Bullock—died on May 24 of natural causes, her rep told the Daily Mail on Thursday, May 25. She was 83.

As Parade previously reported, the Queen of Rock ’n Roll—known for her powerhouse vocals, flashy style, and riveting performances—passed away on May 24, in her $76 million home in Küsnacht, near Zurich, Switzerland. She had reportedly been battling a "long illness," though the details and nature of the condition were not disclosed.
Turner previously opened up about dealing with intestinal cancer, and also had a history of high blood pressure and kidney disease, however none of these were included as official factors in her cause of death. She also suffered a stroke in 2013.

Two months before she died, the “Proud Mary” singer admitted that she was in “great danger,” while alluding to the fact that she was unaware of how serious her health issues were.

With former husband and abuser
Ike Turner

“My kidneys are victims of my not realising [sic] that my high blood pressure should have been treated with conventional medicine,” she shared on Instagram on March 9. “I have put myself in great danger by refusing to face the reality that I need daily, lifelong therapy with medication. For far too long I believed that my body was an untouchable and indestructible bastion.”  
The "What's Love Got to Do With It" artist revealed her years-long experience dealing with a myriad of physical and mental ailments in 2021 feature-length documentary Tina, where she also discussed PTSD and a 2017 kidney transplant.

So, all that, and they never really said.

83 isn't too bad, but I hope for better. 

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