Monday, May 1, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Reheated Weekend Leftovers

Not much new, Still talking Tucker. At Red State, Nick Arama reports Biden Takes a Nasty Shot at Tucker at WHCD, but It Goes Over Like a Lead BalloonLiz Churchill@liz_churchill9 "“We’ve had so many victories…’ vaccinated’ the Nation…and achieved great things…and we got the job done…and it’s finished for Tucker Carlson…” -Joe Biden" Seth Grossman at Am Think thinks he knows Why Tucker Carlson was Doomed, a progressive advertisers boycott. "Money from “second tier” advertisers alone cannot sustain a prime-time TV program on a major network very long.   Although Tucker Carlson was on the air until last week, it was doomed since December of 2018." Also at Am Think, Wolf Howling submits Watch Fox News Slide As Tucker Carlson Rises, With Help From Musk and Jeff Ludwig sends Talking Heads and the Matrix. At Am Great, Matt Boose on the The Irreplaceable Tucker Carlson "The mass media, in which the Fox News host was both the top dog and yet, somehow, the only real voice of opposition, has scored a victory in its quest for total narrative control." Sundance at CTH hosts the great Victor Davis Hanson Gives Big Picture Perspective on Fox News and Tucker Carlson Firing.

PJ Media's Ben Bartee thinks Biden's Latest Alzheimer's Moment Is Actually Very Sad. At Breitbart, Coons on Biden Stumbling and Rambling: ‘Compare Him to the Alternatives. I have, he sucks. Jack Montgomery at TNP calls it ‘Decline By Design’: Joe Biden is the Potemkin President, In Office But Not In Power.  At Am Think, John Green says Biden Will Be Running on His Record This Time. 'Bonchie' at Red State says a CNN Panelist Drops the Hard Truth About Biden's Speech at the White House Correspondents' DinnerKevin Tober@KevinTober94 "@ScottJenningsKY on Biden taunting reporters tonight by joking that he never takes their questions: "He wasn't laughing with you, he was laughing at you. I mean, the reality is, I think he's mocking the press. The guy does not take questions, & he's up there joking about it." From the Daily Fetched, Biden-Harris 2024 Disastrous Campaign Call Attracts Just 1,800 Viewers, mostly journolists, I'm sure. Town Hall's Derek Hunter explains Why No One Serious Is Challenging Biden. "No one seriously will challenge him because it could be seen as abusive and disrespectful, plus there’s a better than average chance he won’t make it to the nomination, which would free up someone waiting in the wings." At Da Wire, Bernie Sanders: ‘Biden Is Going To Win In A Landslide.’ At Breitbart, Billionaires Line Up Behind Biden for 2024: ‘Stakes Are Higher than Ever.’ At Am Great, Jim Nelles, Joe Freedom, Joe Biden unironically declares that the 2024 presidential election will be about whether we want more freedom, or less. At Twitchy, Biden speechwriter fired for ‘breakfast tacos’ speech tries coming for Christina Pushaw and OOF. Matt Lamb at the College Fix, The Bidens want ‘all books’ available to students, so I got the D.C. library to buy Tara Reade’s memoir. Twitchy, Matt Lamb epically trolls the Bidens by getting Tara Reade’s book added to D.C. libraries. From the Star, Expelled Tennessee Democrats Turn on Biden Days After Being Welcomed to White House

Sarah Arnold at Town Hall reports Comer Alleges Biden Legal Team Is Intimidating Witnesses: 'They Fear For Their Lives.' At Fox, Sen. Ron Johnson: Antony Blinken 'lied boldface to Congress' over contact with Hunter Biden. "'I think there's so much more to uncover here,' the Wisconsin Republican said." Byron York at Front Page lauds The Hunter Biden Whistleblower. "This one might just be a game changer." Dan Chaitin at Da Wire, GOP Senator Claims Blinken Lied Under Oath About Hunter Biden Contacts. At Da Fed, Margot Cleveland lists 8 Ways Government Shielded Joe Biden From The ‘Laptop From Hell.’ Dan Chaitin again, CIA Veteran Reveals Why He Didn’t Sign Hunter Biden Laptop Letter. At NYPo, the divine Ms. Devine thinks Hunter Biden may be held accountable for first time in his life in baby mama Lunden Roberts’ case. Althouse reads Turley, "Reporters who profess to support women and denounce deadbeat dads have either ignored this story or belittled her mother, Lunden Roberts." The fun is in the comments as usual.

Dan Chaitin, Biden Senate Ally Says Harris ‘Ready To Be President’ She wasn't even ready to be VP, a job with little or no actual duties. Dan Greenfield at Front Page, worries about President Kamala "The most oppressed woman in America runs for president." At WJ, Newt Gingrich Has Warning About Michelle Obama After Key Staffer Departs Biden Admin. Thomas Lifson at Am Think hears Newt Gingrich warns GOP that Michelle Obama may run for president to avoid ‘kamikaze’ Biden re-election effort. Also at Am Think, John Klar wonders Is Robert Kennedy, Jr. Bernie Sanders Deja Vu? The Free Bacon is no Kennedy fan, How Surging Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Introduced Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan to the Anti-Vaxx Movement.

At Am Great the Great VDH, looks at The Crazy Contours of the Crazier 2024 Election "For the Left, having virtually no president at all certainly has its advantages. With no one in charge, everyone is in charge." Ryan King at WaEx reports AOC ‘not planning’ to challenge Kirsten Gillibrand for Senate seat in 2024. Aww, too bad. 

The WSJ (cited at Hat Hair) reports Epstein's private calendar a laundry list of prominent names. At Twitchy, WOW: Epstein’s private calendar reveals many prominent figures met with him AFTER he was convicted. James Lynch at Da Caller REPORTs Biden’s CIA Director Met With Jeffrey Epstein Multiple Times After Child Sex Crimes Conviction, Docs Show. Sundance, Wall St Journal Outlines Documents from Jeffrey Epstein Showing Contact with Highly Influential People, Including Current CIA Director Bill Burns and Clinton/Obama Lawyer Ruemmler. "Despite no one knowing ‘how’ Jeffrey Epstein actually made his money, one of the great mysteries amid a labyrinth of rabbit hole mysteries, the network of government officials and high-profile names who associated with and met Epstein has never been fully outlined or absorbed."

Sundance again, Sunday Talks, Gary Cohn Discusses the First Republic Bank Dynamic, and Confirms Something Interesting… The "big" money got out before the regulators stepped in. "Six weeks ago, in an effort organized by the FDIC, $30 billion was pushed into FRB by eleven larger banks to stabilize it. However, the only thing that infusion of capital did was allow institutional depositors time and ability to withdraw their funds. A complete racket. Once the at-risk group exits, suddenly the collapse is back on the tee." Dan Chaitin, Ted Cruz Says Biden ‘Behaving Like A Terrorist’ In Debt Ceiling Fight. No, he's behaving like a politician. At Anxious, Josh Kraushaar is anxious about The GOP's quiet winning streak.

Debby Saunders at Am Spec wonders Who Believes E. Jean Carroll? "In America, the burden of proof should be on the accuser, not the accused."

Stacy McCain notices the Biden Administration is Hiring 360 Armed IRS Agents Ready to Use ‘Deadly Force.’ "So, next time you hear some lazy kid complaining there are no “good jobs” available, here’s your answer: The IRS is hiring."

Ars Technica thinks it's not coincidental that FBI agents search home of FTX exec who gave millions to Republicans. "Ryan Salame formed "megadonor" team with SBF, gave $24M to mostly GOP candidates." At Am Great, Jim Pat Riley says Assume the Lie "Rahab, Oppenheimer, Epps—one of these things is not like the others." At HE, Libby Emmons is amused at the Associated Press—who used capitol riot to redefine 'insurrection'—now OUTRAGED by GOP calling state capitol riots 'insurrections'

At NewsBusters NBC's Todd Claims Scientific Research Proves There's More Than Two Genders. Twitchy, Noted scientist, Chuck Todd, questioned Harvard biologist, Vivek Ramaswamy, on the gender binary. Impenetrable ignorance. Matt Margolis at PJM, Vivek Ramaswamy Schools Chuck Todd on the Evils of Transitioning Children. I still don't think he'll be president, but I appreciated the effort. Brandon Dray at Da Wire hears KISS Co-Founder Paul Stanley Call Normalizing Child Sex Changes A ‘Sad And Dangerous Fad’. At WJ, Bar That Stood with Bud Light Raises White Flag as Public Turns on It. Beege Wellborn snarks "I’m assuming the situation became dire quickly, as the pleas for customers are pretty entertaining. “With the departure of our regulars…we need new ones…” BWAHAhaha! MOH-RONS! You threw them out!" Katya Sedgwick calls on the FBI to Release the Tennessee Shooter's Manifesto "Americans deserve the truth about the killings in Nashville." At Hat Hair, Jazz Shaw observes Lesbian dating app bans lesbians by insisting they consider women with penises. At HE, Indiana councilman comes out as 'lesbian woman of color,' faces death threats and doxxing by outraged LGBT activists. Hat Hair's Dave Strom warns you to Read this and weep for humanity

Tom Raabe at Am Spec is concerned that the Biden Administration Goes After Campus Religious Groups, "Revocation of the Religious Liberty and Free Inquiry rule will make it more difficult for campus religious groups to exercise their religious liberties."

Jazz Shaw again, NY bans on the word "warrior" will be left up to the tribes. Pretty sure we had the word before we discovered the New World, but whatever. From the College Fix, Mascot makeover to avoid alleged ‘OK’ hate symbol may be ‘overreaction’: prof. What? A voice of reason at college? That's not allowed.

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