Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Did Zelenskyy Fire Tucker? Is Dr. Jill De Facto President

Truckermania is dying down a bit. Dave Strom at Hat Hair has a suspicion Did Zelenskyy get Tucker Carlson fired? for his less than full-throated support for Ukraine? Ben Bartee at PJM sees Tucker Carlson Goes Full Rogue, Muses About Building 7 Collapse. I don't see a mystery there. At LI, Herr Professor Jacobsen says With Each of These Hits, Tucker Grows In Stature – “Leak” To Media Matters Actually Makes Him Look Great. Ace wakes to the  notion  from TMZ that Newsmax Is Offering Tucker Carlson His Own Show. They're Also Offering to Let Him Program the Entire Network. At NewsMax, Josh Hammer opines To Preserve Civilization's Sanity, Bring Tucker Back Soon. Too late. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.01.23   The Geller Reports  “It’s a Bloodbath”: FOX Ratings Collapse, Loses Half It’s Audience, MSNBC Wins Demo Each Hour From 4-10 PM.

1945 claims Jill Biden Is The Real President "Dr. Jill Biden is not merely a sounding board, though. She is likely the real power behind the throne. In effect, she’s America’s first female president" except for Edith Wilson. Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.01.23 Weasel Zippers note a Report: Biden Is Only Functional Six Hours A Day, Five Days A Week  and Bernie Sanders Says No Dem Will Challenge Biden Because “Fear Of The Growth Of Right-Wing Extremism”…  At NYPo, Michael Goodwin observes, Democrats do Dianne Feinstein dirty, but have not done the same to Biden — yet. At Fox, Nikki Haley thinks It's time for a competency test for politicians. Hat Hair's Capt. Ed, "This is one of those “It sounds good in theory” proposals. How would this work in practice? I’d suggest that it would end up politicized, and would bring us one more step closer to the Soviet era of making dissent a psychological disorder. In any event, it would take a constitutional amendment to create such a requirement for the presidency and Congress, and that’s not going to happen no matter how many times Haley brings it up. This is just performative on her part." Capt. Ed, Biden -- and the media -- caught red-handed. At ABC (cited and titled at Hat Hair), PA Dems somewhat dumbfounded by Biden 2024. At SLAY, Polling Data Exposes Real Reason DNC Is Blocking Democrat Debates. Kennedy is doing too well. From WaEx, Ron Klain says Democratic playbook will remain the same in 2024 no matter the GOP nominee. A run from the basement. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.01.23 Victory Girls: Can America Still Be Saved?, Texas Mass Murder Presents Inconvenient Truths, and Biden’s Army Of Influencers Begets Cringetocking.

At NYPo, Hunter Biden ripped by judge for concealing his money in baby mama showdown. Bob Hoge at Red State, Hunter Finally Appears in Child Support Case, Judge Blasts Him for Concealing Income. Ace, The Smartest Man Joe Biden Knows Will Appear in Arkansas Court to Plead Poverty and Beg a Judge Not to Make Him Pay for His Illegitimate Daughter and Joe Biden, Who Sends Out His Family Members to Act As His Bagmen, Collecting Millions from Chinese Spymasters and Russian Gangsters, Attacks Fox News for "Lies Told for Profits." "Brazen." At Am Great, Nice Deb reports Rep. James Comer saying Hunter Biden’s Lawyers ‘Testing the Limits’ of Witness Intimidation By Contacting Potential Whistelblowers. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.01.23  The Geller Report: Here is How The Government Rigged The Election and Shielded Joe Biden From The ‘Laptop From Hell’, Preparing for New Onslaught, Biden Regime CUTTING NEW PATHS For Migrants To  Enter USA. Ace, again, Where Have All of Biden's Millions of Illegal Aliens Actually Gone? "James Varney says it's a closely-guarded state secret." Steve Moore at Hat Hair, Who turned the lights out? Joe Biden. At WUWT, “No Bricks, No Glass, No Cement” – What Net Zero 2050 Demands According to Government-Funded Report.

Kurt Schlichter on The Michelle Obama Nightmare Scenario. At Da Fed, Sam Mangold-Lenett thinks Exhausted Republican Voters Should Be More Skeptical Of RFK Jr. I'm plenty skeptical; he's a nut, but then, he is a Democrat. Hat Hair's KT wonders Will he or won't he? Tim Scott is making a big announcement on May 22; he may, but he's really running for VP. At the Dallas Morning News, Colin Allred to challenge Ted Cruz for Senate, sources say. Is he really much of a threat? They do like their football. 

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.01.23 Chris Jacobs at Da Fed says Republicans Proved They Aren’t Holding Anyone ‘Hostage’ On Raising The Debt Limit, by passing a bill. "Now that Republicans in the House have agreed to a debt limit bill, Democrats should agree to get in a room, figure out each side’s position, and arrive at an agreement that will hopefully increase the debt limit while addressing the nation’s calamitous fiscal state. It’s called “legislating” — Congress actually doing its job." Sundance at CTH notes JPMorgan Chase Acquires First Republic Bank with FDIC Backstopping Deal While Ignoring Current Banking Laws. AEIR, Back to the Future: The Biden Administration’s Loan Level Price Adjustment and a Repeat of the Housing Crisis.

At Breitbart, Elon Musk says Euro Hate Speech Laws are a ‘Massive Attack Against Freedom of Speech.’  From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.01.23 Jordan Boyd reports Minnesota Democrat Signs Bill Banning Free Speech For Therapists Of People Struggling With Sexual Distress.

At Twitchy, ABC News: LGBTQ+ lawmakers finding themselves fighting literally just ‘to exist’ "This is so dumb. Do you know what “anti-trans” bills states are passing? Bills to prevent surgeons from cutting up minors who think they’re transgender. As far as “anti-gay” bills? We have no idea unless they’re talking about bills to ban children from drag shows." Fishy Catfish@CatfishFishy "Those 470 bills reduce down to four simple issues, which should be non-controversial: 1. No biological men in women's sports. 2. No "gender-affirming care" for children. 3. No children at stripper-style drag shows. 4. No pseudoscience gender ideology in K-12 education." That's the best summary of the assault on so-called, transgender rights that I've seen. Also, Here’s the Montana state rep who’d rather her daughter commit suicide than transitionGreg Price@greg_price11, "Left-wing activists and media outlets took an out of context clip and accused Montana State Rep. Kerri Seekins-Crowe, who just successfully pushed the ban on pediatric gender mutilation in the state, of saying she'd rather have her daughter commit suicide than become transgender. Her daughter is not transgender, she didn't mention anything about her being trans. She told a heartfelt story about her daughter's struggles with suicidal thoughts and how she had to not give in to her emotional demands. Here is Rep. Seekins-Crowe's full response. . . " Hat Hair's KT, Rep. Zooey Zephyr sues state over alleged violation of First Amendment rights

Town Hall's Mark Lewis opines on transwomen athletes, They are Males, but They’re Not Men. Althouse begs to differ citing a transactivist, "This term, 'biological males,' is everywhere now. And it’s not used only by right-wing politicians." ""People of good faith are... uncertain about when, and how, sex matters, and just how biological it is. Some want to draw a bright line in areas where maleness and femaleness might matter most — in sports, or locker rooms, or prisons. Others are trying to blur lines that used to be clearer...." Writes Jennifer Finney Boylan in "To understand biological sex, look at the brain, not the body" (WaPo)." From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.01.23  Outkick reports a Biological Male Cyclist Does The Unthinkable, Somehow Smokes Biological Females To Win Tour Event, Overall Title and Robert Kennedy Jr. Says Biological Males Should Not Be Playing Women’s Sports and Louder With Crowder: Alarming video shows transgender high school student beating the crap out of a girl. Or, the dude might have been trans?Little man punished for wearing a “there are only two genders” shirt goes off on his school board and First Street Journal: It was never about tolerance; it was always about forced acceptance, abd at LI,  Norfolk VA School Board Eyeing Planned Parenthood’s Sex-Ed Program, “He shows his genitals in the locker room”

At Ace's Bud Light Sales Down 26.1%, "These are sales outside of bars and restaurants -- from liquor stores and grocery stores. Though I can't imagine why the sales would be any better in bars or restaurants, where people can see you drinking the Transgender Cocktail." At Outkick, Bud Light Sales Getting Worse By The Week As Miller, Coors Take Off. WaEx Reports Anheuser-Busch employs ex-GOP aides for damage control after Dylan Mulvaney fallout. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.01.23  Da Tech Guy says If You Want to Know Why the BudLight stuff Needs to be Pushed Till they Squeal, This is it. At World, Coca-Cola soundly rejects abortion resolution "The abortion-ESG complex is having a bad year (and that’s good)." 

At the College Fix, Liberal feminism misunderstands women by ignoring sexual difference: panel at HarvardFrom the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.01.23  LI, Penn State Encourages Students to “Celebrate Their Identities Separately With ‘Affinity Graduations’”, Conservative Reforms at New College in Florida Are Sending the Left Into a Panic, and AFT’s Randi Weingarten Shut Down on Twitter, CNN After Falsely Claiming She Fought to Reopen Schools. At Hat Hair, Capt. Ed cites Lightfoot: Weingarten's lying -- AFT never worked with us to reopen schools and John Sexton says Universities are pushing back on student-led censorship (but one NBC reporter isn't happy about it). Only one?

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