Sunday, May 14, 2023

Beach Report 5/14/23

A lovely day at the beach, mid 60s, sunny, and a middling breeze from the NW. Skye is still in yard confinement to heal up (she seems to be improving daily, which is a relief), so it was just Georgia and I and a whole lot of folks enjoying the beach.
The wind had enough chop that the water near shore was churned up and a little muddy, making it very hard to look for shark's teeth in the surf. We only found 5.
However, I spotted this blue bottle in the surf.


On the bottom it reads USA, an M and the number 16 (or 91). The M indicates Maryland Glass Company. The 16 may be a mold number.

If I'm reading this right, this bottle dates from the late 1930s through early 1950s, which makes sense, since this community was established in the 1930s as a vacation community. We've found other bottles that date to the 1940s in the same general area, and I think they're sloughing off the cliff from an old trash heap somewhere. If my glance at EBay is right, it's not particularly valuable, a few dollars in good condition, and this one is cracked, and has one big chip that didn't penetrate the wall. So, not a real treasure, but an interesting piece of the past.

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