Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Forget it Jake, It's Baltimore

From PM, Baltimore institutes curfew for teens from Memorial Day through Labor Day in attempt to curb crime

The city of Baltimore is issuing a citywide curfew for minors aged 16 and younger, with officials stating that the goal of the curfew is to keep children and teens safe and to cut down on crime.

According to WBAL, residents received text messages and phone calls on Friday morning to remind them of the curfew, which begins on Friday night and goes through Labor Day weekend.

"Reminder: Curfew ordinance is in effect from 11 pm to 6 am all summer," the text message read. The message also included a link to the B’More Summer Information Hub, which informs residents of summer camps and activity ideas.

For teenagers between the ages of 14 and 16, the curfew goes from 11 pm to 6 am on weekends and holidays. For minors 13 and younger, the curfew starts at 9 pm.

The curfew provides exceptions to the rule, including children out with their parent or guardian, and minors traveling to and from work or a city-sponsored event.

Under the payor's plan, police officers will specifically focus on groups of 10 or more young people. When stopped, identification will not be demanded, nor will there be pat-downs unless a safety issue is present. Officers will not engage with the group until a youth connection worker is present. According to the outlet, police have been instructed to verbally command the group of young people to disperse.

City staff who are not law enforcement are focusing specifically on the Inner Harbor, Fells Point, and Federal Hill.

If seen out past curfew, the minors will be encouraged to go home, or to a late-night center either at CC Jackson Recreation Center or Rita R. Church Community Center, where they will be supervised by staff as they await pickup.

According to USA Today, those who violate the curfew could face up to a $500 fine. The first offense gets a written notice and warning, a second offense gets a $50 fine or family counseling, and a third offense gets a fine of up to $500 or community service for the parent or guardian of the minor.

Encourage to go home or to a rec center? Yeah, that's gonna happen. 

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