Sunday, May 7, 2023

Beach Report 5/7/23

It's been a tough week around here. Early last week, Skye basically refused to move one morning. She was very sore and couldn't walk up stairs. It was an up and down week, and a trip to vet found not much more than the arthritis you might expect in a 13 year old large dog. She prescribed some anti-inflammatory and pain killing drugs, but progress has been slow, and up and down. She's not being taken on long walks at this point.
Then, later last week, everybody in the house, and I do mean everybody, except Skye, came down with some kind of respiratory bug. I had one rough day, and seem to be on the mend, but Georgia has really suffered with a fever, fatigue, and a cough. I kind of suspect RSV, but the cluster of symptoms overlap cold and flu so thoroughly, that we couldn't really know without an antibody test.
Consequently, I was on my own today. It was pretty warm, and I was in shorts, T-shirt and barefoot. It was also working it's way up to a storm (which is now happening) and quite overcast. I heard thunder as I was getting off the beach.

However, it was a great day for (small) teeth, 48 for the usual distance, but nothing picture worthy.

There was a new, huge slide up above Matoaka since the last time I passed this way, the furthest south of the last few years. It skipped a section. 

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