Friday, May 26, 2023

Oregon, My Oregon

Maybe there's some hope! PJM's VodkaPundit, Insanity Wrap: Trans Movement Hits the Toilet in Oregon

You might already have read earlier this week about the protest/vandalism going on at Lakeridge High School in Oregon, but there might be more going on here than meets my bemused eye.

In accordance with Oregon’s 2021 “Menstrual Dignity Act,” which is a real thing that I did not make up at all, Lakeridge installed “free” tampon dispensers in the boys’ room. Some unknown boy or boys did what they felt must be done to stop this unwanted intrusion: They pulled the dispenser off the wall and stuck it in a toilet.

More than once.

Normally I despise vandalism. But there’s a boyish charm to this particular protest, one that reveals the absurdity of mandating menstrual products in the boys’ room. My hat’s off to these kids for protesting in a way the Left has for years.

Also from PJM, Vicky Taft, Remember the 'Homeless' Addict Who Said Portland 'Was Loving Them to Death'? We've Got an Update. Alive and off the streets.

Counselor and homeless expert Kevin Dahlgren shared an update about Wendy on my Adult in the Room Podcast recently. He told me he was shocked that Wendy told him the truth.

Dahlgren: So how is it being homeless in Portland?

Wendy: It’s a piece of cake, really. I mean that’s why you got so many out here because they feed you three meals a day. You don’t have to do shit except stay in your tent or party. If you smoke a lot of dope you do that. Um, what else? […] It’s like, you wake up, you go eat at Blanchet [a Portland soup kitchen], get high. Go eat at Blanchet for lunch, get high. Go eat dinner, get high. That’s all you do all day long. Everyday. I’m being honest.

Dahlgren: It doesn’t feel like that’s helping anybody.

Wendy: It’s not! That’s why you see all the tents! People are up all night. Sleep all day. […] They are loving us to death.

Dahlgren agrees with Wendy that woke towns are “loving them to death.” 

Wendy’s alive and off the streets now. See that part of our interview in the tweet above or in the video below.

Dahlgren’s gotten grief from the Left, who believe he’s exploiting the homeless by sharing their stories in his videos.

But Elon Musk amplified Dahlgren’s tweet about Wendy, and her story went supernova. Wendy’s family saw the tweet shared by more than eight million people and reached out to him.“They thought she was dead,” he told me. Moreover, Wendy might actually have been dead were it not for him.

“If I had not done this video she would not be where she is today,” he said. “She’s now living at home in Utah, off the streets, and in treatment. That would have never happened without this video.”

But also from Taft  Riots, Tent Cities, Plunder, and Wokeness — Is it Any Wonder Why People Are Fleeing Portland?

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