Thursday, May 25, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - DeSantis Breaks Twitter, IRS Whistleblower Speaks

Insty WELL: DeSantis Campaign Announcement Crashes Twitter. “At one point, there were nearly 700,000 users in the Space. ‘We’re just reallocating more server capability to be able to handle the load here. It’s really going crazy,’ Sacks said.” PJM's Paula Bolyard, BOOM! DeSantis Campaign Announcement 'Melts the Internet'. That's Twitter's problem, not Ron DeSantis'. Althouse tries Listening to Ron DeSantis? "On Twitter... I think it's supposed to be here. Not really seeing it though...." and I didn't listen to the DeSantis event on Twitter. I tried, but didn't keep trying, and what little I heard — that flat voice — convinced me... "... I'd rather wait and get the transcript. And here it is: The Transcript.This is my effort to cherry-pick some substance (and style). . ." Ace, DeSantis Announces: "I Am Running For President... Governing Is Not About Entertainment. It's Not About Building a Brand. It's About Delivering." "The Washington Post's "journalist" Paul Fahri basically makes the Conservative Case for Ron DeSantis. He means it to be disqualifying, of course." Salena Zito at WaEx likes The DeSantis they know. At NRO, Mark Wright sees hope in Ron DeSantis’s Veteran Appeal. Capt. Ed, "Wright’s correct, though — the DeSantis team needs to message on that consistently and widely. It may be one of the most valuable differentiators in the field." I think it helps, but that said, there are an extraordinary number of idiots with high ranks in the military (Milley!). Never-DeSantis sundance at CTH, Fearing Backlash and Florida Protests, Ron DeSantis Cancels Hometown Campaign Kickoff Event. "Instead, after officially announcing his campaign for President Wednesday with Elon Musk on Twitter Spaces, the site’s audio platform, DeSantis is likely to hit the road and make appearances in the coming days in early nominating states." Hat Hair's Capt. Ed, Another MSM meltdown: The DeSantis/Florida "book ban" that was ... none of those. "So what actually happened? One parent complained about allowing elementary students access Gorman’s book and three others in the school library. The school district reviewed the complaint and had the books moved to the middle-school section instead. As AGHamilton notes, CNN was alone in reporting the actual facts rather than just amplify Gorman’s accusation."

Don Surber notes the media is Already lying about Trump's second term. Why would you expect the scorpion not to sting? In the GOP VP race,  Da Caller reports CNN To Hold Nikki Haley Town Hall In Key Early Primary State.

Ace, Poll: Biden Is the Most Unpopular " " " President " " " in American History "True story. My word as a Biden." Rick Perry to Newsmax: 'Midnight in America' Under Biden in a heavy fog. 

Da Caller reports FBI Refuses To Comply With Congressional Subpoena On Alleged Biden Pay-To-Play Scheme. Hold Ray in contempt. At NYPo, IRS commissioner denies retaliating against Hunter Biden probe whistleblowers and James Bovard thinks (hopes?) the IRS coverup of Hunter Biden could be scandal that sinks a presidency. Nick Arama at Red State, WATCH: IRS Whistleblower Goes Public, Witnessed 'Irregularities' in Case, Contradicts Garland Testimony

At the Free Bacon, Biden Ignored Warnings Before Afghan Withdrawal Disaster, GOP Rep Says. That's not news, but it is a timely reminder. Capt. Ed, "There’s a reason the State Department has refused to fully cooperate with the House on the Afghanistan withdrawal. And everyone knows what it is — it’s because Biden believed he knew the situation better than anyone, and proved the exact opposite with his disgraceful rout out of Kabul." Lincoln Brown at PJM reports a A New Low: Biden to Halt Familial DNA Testing at the Border. So whose kids are those, anyway? Turns out they don't want to know.  “Tara, I think you need to understand that we only get sued if we keep kids in care too long. We don’t get sued by traffickers. Are you clear? We don’t get sued by traffickers.” Life News, Biden Admin Tells Planned Parenthood How to Discuss Sex With Teens Behind Parents’ BacksCapt. Ed comments There was a time when these types of strategies to discuss sex with children would have been seen as “grooming.” And frankly, it still looks like that to me. It’s yet another attempt to cut children off from their parents and to claim them as Property Of The State, complete with the usual “It takes a village” rhetoric. Mao and Stalin would have been proud. 

Ace, Bad Boy!: Biden's Former Top Official for Securing Nuclear Waste to Be Held In Men's Prison For Repeatedly Stealing Women's Underwear. "The Non-Binary Nuke Czar will not be jailed with the women." He steals dresses along with the underwear. Politico whines about Republicans pouncing, GOP cooks up a new storm on gas stove rules. "Republicans will use a House hearing and a markup Wednesday to fan the flames over proposed DOE efficiency standards." Capt. Ed, "It seems very strange that a supposed journalistic enterprise thinks that congressional oversight and checks on federal agencies and their regulatory proposals are somehow strange and unusual."

At Da Mail, An ax to grind! Tucker Carlson is seen rebuilding his barn-turned-satellite studio after Fox News dismantled his remote set near Maine summer home - as loyalists quit the network to join his new secret venture. Capt. Ed, "That may explain why Tucker has kept a low profile since his announcement on Twitter. It will take a while to replace an entire studio, but once it’s finished, he’ll own all his own assets." 

Ace, in red italic CAPS (but no flaming skull), REPS. JORDAN, BIGGS, AND POSEY to WRAY: WE KNOW THE METRO CARD THE "DNC BOMBER" USED. WE KNOW WHICH CAR HE GOT INTO AFTER PLACING THE "BOMB." HOW CAN YOU KEEP CLAIMING YOU DON'T KNOW WHO THIS IS?!?! "It's a cover up. On Sunday, Jim Jordan threatened that he was prepared to begin trimming the FBI's budget over Christopher Wray's utter refusal to reply to legitimate Congressional inquiries. . . . My suspicion is that they know exactly who the "bomber" is, and it's either Antifa or one of their own ringers. And they just don't want to admit it. So the case will remain Officially Unsolved forever." Sundance, FBI Asst Director, “It just doesn’t add up” – that the FBI Doesn’t Know Who the J6 Pipe Bomber Is. It sure sounds fishy to me. Ars Technica, Widespread FBI abuse of foreign spy law sets off “alarm bells,” tech group says "Section 702 debate rages after another FISA Court opinion is unclassified."

From Twitchy, Jack Dorsey trips over tenure as Twitter CEO while sounding alarm about FBI, CIA, NSA Sean Davis@seanmdav "Welcome to the party. It’s a shame you worked hand in glove with the CIA and FBI to rig the 2020 election by censoring factual stories that made your Democrat friends look bad." Also, It took one Tweet for Elon Musk to level TruthSocial Elon Musk@elonmusk, "The only reason people even know this is because of screenshots posted on Twitter lol." At Based Politics, These 2 Democrat senators want to create a federal agency that regulates what you can say on the internet, Michael Bennet and Peter Welch. Althouse finds "I think that free expression is a complicated, broad, nuanced field, and I’m not a free-speech absolutist."  "Said Masha Gessen, with stunningly perfect clarity, quoted in "Why Masha Gessen Resigned from the PEN America Board/A conversation about balancing free-speech commitments in an era of war" (The New Yorker)."

Also at Althouse, "Target said that customers knocked down Pride displays at some stores, angrily approached workers and posted threatening videos on social media from inside the stores."
"Target declined to specify Wednesday which items it was removing but among the ones that garnered the most attention were 'tuck friendly' women’s swimsuits that allow trans women who have not had gender-affirming operations to conceal their private parts.... Target’s Pride month collection has also been the subject of several misleading videos in recent weeks, with social media users falsely claiming the retailer is selling 'tuck-friendly' bathing suits designed for kids or in kids’ sizes...."

From "Target becomes latest company to suffer backlash for LGBTQ+ support, pulls some Pride month clothing" (AP).

Power Line's Hind Rocket, Woke Capitalism Gone Wild. Ace,  Report: Target Is Now Hiding Its Transgenderism-for-Kids Clothing, Fearing a Bud Light Backlash but "Before getting to that, Jazz Shaw notes a Kaiser Permanente poll finding that most people support the GOP's position on, you know, men being men and women being women." Also, Of Course: Life of Brian Stage Show Forced to Delete Scene About Transgender Insisting On His "Right" To Get Pregant. "Remember, it's the right that's responsible for censorship. Although the right is concerned with books that government funded schools can offer to children, whereas the left is censoring private speech so that adults can't hear it. Which they insist is the right speech to censor." At Campus Reform, 2,500+ sign petition to hold Republican students 'accountable' for daring to screen Matt Walsh film, 'What is a Woman?' Tom Jipping at Da Fed reports Ontario Bill Would Banish Freedom Of Speech From LGBT ‘Safety Zones’,O Canada! PJM's Chris Queen thinks The Pride Cult Really Hates Judeo-Christian Values

Mary Chastain at LI notes Pro-Abortion NYC Prof Holds Machete to New York Post Reporter’s Neck, Chases Him Down the Street, “Get the f–k away from my door, or I’m gonna chop you up with this machete!” Lawrence Person's Battleswarm. Q: What Does It Take To Fire A Black Female SJW Professor? A: Holding A Machete Against A Reporter’s Neck. But was she really fired, or just moved into the bureaucracy? It's not clear.

Jonathan Turley, “It’s Time to Pay”: Democratic Members and Activists Demand Fulfillment of Past Promises from Reparations to Sanctuary Cities, for years of voting for the Democrats, and only getting more poverty. Sarah Arnold at Town Hall, Republicans Savagely Put Joy Behar In Her Place Over Comment On Black Conservatives Clay Travis@ClayTravis "Noted expert on black men, Joy Behar, says Tim Scott and Clarence Thomas, two actual black men, don’t know what it’s like to be black in America."

From Da Caller, New Study Debunks Major Dem Talking Point About ‘Domestic Extremism’ And The Military

Among a survey of nearly 1,000 veterans representative of the national population, RAND, a nonprofit firm that conducts research for the Department of Defense (DOD), found no evidence to support the notion that veterans are more likely to support or be a part of extremist groups than Americans in general. Concerns that extremist groups may single out veterans for recruitment into their organizations, and the seemingly disproportional representation of veterans among the Jan. 6 Capitol protesters, prompted calls to investigate and address a perceived problem of extremism in the military.

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