Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Post Durham Day 2

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Durham report is still dominating the conversation. At Breitbart, Durham Report: FBI Should Never Have Begun ‘Russia Collusion’ Investigation. Vicky Taft at PJM, 'Breathtakingly Corrupt' FBI EXPOSED in Durham Trump-Russia Report. Roger Kimball at Da Spec, John Durham exposes the whole anti-Trump caper, "Will those responsible be held accountable? Fat chance." At Racket, Susan Schmidt has Eight Takeaways From the Durham Report and Matt Taibbi adds Durham is Too Late to Stop the Madness. "A Special Counsel report chronicles how intelligence agencies engineered a national hysteria, but its publication comes too late to reverse the damage"  Matt Vespa at Town Hall reports Peter Strzok Isn't Taking the Durham Report Findings Very Well. Twitchy links the Daily Wire: Peter Strzok buried a CIA memo warning Clinton might be trying to ‘FRAME’ Trump. Da Wire, ‘There’s Nothing To This, But We Have To Run It To The Ground,’ Anti-Trump FBI Agent Strzok Said: Durham. "‘For F***’s Sake, Man’ — British Intel Laughed At Peter Strzok’s ‘Thin’ Justification For Targeting Trump." Tristan Justice at Da Fed sees that the Durham Report Reveals FBI Vendetta Against Carter Page Behind FISA Warrants. “Page had been approached by the intelligence officers in an apparently failed recruitment effort,” the Durham report reads. Page’s refusal to work as a covert agent for the FBI seemed to provoke animosity within the agency that would later frame the prominent consultant as a covert agent of the Russian government." From News Max, Rep. Issa to Newsmax: Wray's Reaction to Durham Report Lacking and Capt. Ed notes "The FBI’s official statement offered no repentance, and no sense of urgency. They claimed to have fixed these problems with reforms in 2018-19, but Wray and the DoJ are still stonewalling House Oversight and Judiciary committees on materials demanded for investigations. That doesn’t exactly breed confidence in reform." At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.16.23, The Geller Reports The FBI is the Most Dangerous Domestic Terror Organization in America. From Da Wire, DeSantis Blasts Feds Over Durham Trump-Russia Report; Previously Pushed DOJ Prosecute Those Involved.

The great VDH at Am Great wants to Hang All the Members of the Liars’ Club?. I think he's just being hyperbolic, but . .  . it's not a bad idea. Chaz Cooke at NRO, How Can Anybody Take Them Seriously? Did we? Matt Margolis at PJM wonders What Happens to the Democrats Who Claimed They Had Evidence of Collusion? Nothing, of course. From the Free Bacon, Schiff Aide Threatened Researchers Who Refused to Investigate False Trump–Russia Links, "Special Counsel John Durham's report reveals Democratic efforts to push the Alfa Bank conspiracy." At Grabien, cited by Hat Hair, The Schiff Russiagate supercut: He's really seen the evidence, guys! Capt. Ed, "Other than the people within the FBI and the White House that aided and abetted Hillary Clinton’s dirty trick, there is no more corrupt figure in the Russiagate hoax than Adam Schiff. He has spent years lying about it, demagoguing it for personal and political gain, and yet the media never demanded that Schiff actually make good on any of these claims. In a properly functioning republic, Schiff would be trying to avoid prison rather than prepping a run for the Senate." From Twitchy, Jonah Goldberg beset by ‘tiresome pests’ reminding him he’d trust Comey over Trump any day and The Federalist calls out 61 hacks who should never be trusted again after Durham Report.

The New Neo contributes The Durham Report: in the eye of the beholder, "People on the right who have been following Russiagate since the start have long been aware of most of the allegations in the Durham Report. People on the left either don’t care about them, don’t believe them, or applaud them because they think it’s just fine to cut down every law in the land to get after the devil Republicans and especially the devil Trump," and More on Durham, the FBI, and Clinton vs. Trump; from Andrew C. McCarthy and Jonathan Turley. At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.16.23, Behind the Black,  says Surprise! The mainstream press still refuses to admit there was never any evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians and Steve Hayward at Power Line wonders Will There By Any Media Accountability? From Breitbart, MSNBC’s Weissmann: Durham Report ‘Big Fat Nothing,’ ‘Russia Interfered in the 2016 Election.’  At Da Caller, ‘It Does Exonerate Donald Trump’: Tapper Calls Durham Report ‘Devastating To The FBI’  "to a degree." Twitchy, Ben Shapiro lays out how BAD the Durham Report really is for Democrats and Luke Zaleski just can’t DEAL. 'Bonchie' at Red State sees Greg Gutfeld Hits It out of the Park on the Durham Report and What It Means

And finally, the Babylon Bee nails it, Media Admits They Lied About That Russia Collusion Thing But Are Totally Telling The Truth About Everything Else

Breitbart observes Top Signer of Hunter Biden Laptop Letter Makes D.C. Magazine’s ‘Most Influential People’ List. No accountability there. Althouse likes Jonathan Turley, "The brilliance of the Biden team was that it invested the media in this scandal at the outset by burying the laptop story as 'Russian disinformation' before the election." "That was, of course, false, but it took two years for most major media outlets to admit that the laptop was authentic. But the media then ignored what was on that 'authentic laptop.'" From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.16.23, the Victory Girls report IRS Whistleblower And Team Axed From Hunter Biden Probe.   At NYPo, IRS removes investigative team from Hunter Biden probe in move whistleblower calls ‘clearly retaliatory.’ Mary Chastain at LI, Rep Comer: Nine of 10 Whistlebowers in Biden Family Business Investigation are ‘Missing,’ WH Intimidating Them. "Comer said he knows who is intimidating the whistleblowers." Ace, Joe Biden's Consigliere Merrick Garland Punishes IRS Whistleblower and Entire Team Investigating Hunter Biden's Taxes By Removing Them From Case "The whole purpose of appointing a special prosecutor for cases in which senior members of an administration are personally involved is to insulate the prosecutor from the kind of political interference we're seeing right now. That's why Merrick Garland refuses to appoint a special prosecutor in a case regarding the president's son -- he wants to interfere. He does not want to give this power to a prosecutor with his own budget who answers to no one but his own conscience." At NYPo, Secret Service’s shady protect-Biden dodges make ‘em ALL look guilty.

At Am Think, Matt Kane is Debunking the ‘Trump can’t win the general’ Myth" and John Green sees Bill Barr Goes after Trump Again. At NewsMax, am Emerson Poll: Trump Getting Strong Backing From Women. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.16.23, Twitchy: Trump Accuser E. Jean Carroll’s Resurfaced Social Media Posts Shred Her Credibility. Dave Catron at Am Spec examines The Democrat Plan to Pump and Dump Trump. "They badly want Trump to be the GOP presidential nominee, but they should be careful what they wish for."  At Am Great, Dan Gelernter calls Trump-Kennedy: The Only Solution to Voter Fraud "Republicans and Democrats have run their course. Throw the bums out. All of them." Not. Gonna. Happen. At Hat Hair, Salena Zito claims The Great Underestimation of DeSantis Starts to Unravel. Sarah Hoyt at Insty, THE SECOND MOST UNLIKABLE WOMAN IN AMERICA: It sure looks like Michelle Obama is being pressured to run for president, forcing Biden out of the 2024 race.

At Slate, cited at Hat Hair, Does Feinstein know she's been away for almost three months? "When the fellow reporter asked her what the response from her colleagues had been like since her return, though, the conversation took an odd turn. “No, I haven’t been gone,” she said." Capt. Ed, generously, "I’m trying to think of some context in which this would make sense, but … it’s not coming to me." Ace.
Rolling Stone: Dianne Feinstein Is Mentally Unable to Serve as Senator; It Is Her Aides Who Actually Make All of "Her" Policy, Not Feinstein Herself; This Has Been Going On For a Long While, and "Journalists" Have Conspired to Cover It Up. "Usually I'd say "don't trust Rolling Stone" but in this case, they certainly have leftwing sources and they're acting against their typical partisan interest. (Of course, their current partisan interest is to drive Feinstein out of the pretense of holding office so that a real c0cksvcker can be appointed to fill her seat, like Adam Schiff.) This is grim stuff. Her handlers are basically playing Congressional Weekend at Bernie's just so they don't have to update their resumes."

Douglas Schwartz at Am Thinks sees QAnon 2.0? in the recent "Patriot Front" sighting. PJM's Stephen Kruiser sees an Idiot Congressman Learn This Isn't the Best Time to Be an FBI Fan Boy and Paula Bolyard notes Townhall Journalist SCORCHES Adam Schiff Stooge Who Questioned His Credibility During Antifa Hearing

At Da Wire, TN House Republicans Ask For Release Of Nashville Shooter’s Toxicology Report, Writings. MSN, Hulsey wants shooter’s ‘manifesto’ released before special session. But at WBIR, Covenant School files motions to intervene in the release of shooter’s writings. "The church’s attorneys filed the motions on Friday, May 12." Surely they can find a compromise that protects the church's privacy in matters that don't pertain to the shooting.

Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair notes Wyoming sorority sisters continue to "live in fear" of trans member. "Artemis Langford is a hulking, 6-foot-2, 260-pound presence who the young women say stares at them constantly and has been seen becoming sexually aroused while looking at them. This may be a temporary condition, but the sisters have gone to court and are suing the university for potentially placing them in danger." I guess I don't understand how sororities work, how did he get in there without the support of chapter members? 

Bob Spencer at Front Page on the Bud Light Nosedive "Wokeness kills." Hen3ry Rogers at Da Caller recalls Miller Lite’s Chief Of Marketing Has Spent Years Flopping From One Liberal Cause To Another.

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