Saturday, May 13, 2023

Rule 5 Saturday - Sara Thornton

This week's Rule 5 lovely is Instagram "influencer" Sara Ann Thornton.

Searching the internets I found more on who she isn't than who she is. For example, she's clearly not  this Sara Thornton: Sara Thornton : the story of a woman who killed
In February 1989, Sara Thornton was jailed for life for killing her violent, alcoholic husband. 18 months later, her appeal was turned down. In the same week, Joseph McGrail walked free from court, having murdered his alcoholic wife, a woman who, in the words of the judge "would have tried the patience of a saint". This prompted Sara to go on hunger strike and for women's groups everywhere to campaign for her release. . .
Nor is she this Sara Thornton (weather forecaster)
Sara Thornton is an English broadcast journalist and weather presenter. Born in Yorkshire, she was raised in the United States, returning to England to study for her A Levels. After a university education, she studied for a post-graduate diploma in Broadcast Journalism, and then joined the BBC as a trainee news reporter. Posted to BBC East, she then joined ITV Anglia region as a news reporter.

But whoever she is, she visits a lot of beautiful places, and has beautiful friends (and an ass or two).

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