Friday, May 19, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Another Day Another DIY

We're heading up the road today.

The Durham Report and FBI Malfeasance

Don't Miss The Most Damning Durham Finding
Durham Put the Nail in the Coffin. But Christopher Steele Says He Stands by His Dossier
Bitter ender: Steele insists his dossier "holds up well" – HotAir
Strzok Says Durham Inquiry ‘Never Should Have Taken Place’ – PJ Media
Will Rob Reiner and Robert DeNiro apologize for the Russia-collusion hoax? – HotAir
Anna Paulina Luna Introduces Resolution to Expel Adam Schiff from Congress
Ace of Spades HQ Floradia Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna Files Resolution to Expel Adam Schiff From Congress
FBI obtained Americans' bank records without subpoena: Whistleblowers - Just The News
FBI whistleblower says many in agency creating 'Orwellian' atmosphere that 'silences opposition' - Just The News
FBI whistleblower claims retaliation for raising concerns about accuracy of Wray’s J6 testimony - Just The News
Instapundit - DEMS DISRUPT BUT CAN’T STOP FBI WHISTLEBLOWERS: They tried every parliamentary objection, inquiry an
Witness Tristan Leavitt Schools House Weaponization Committee Dems on What Constitutes an FBI Whistleblower – RedState
Ace of Spades HQ Whistleblowers Report Retaliation, Intimidation Tactics, and Illegal Accessing of Bank Records Without Subpoenas by FBI to the Weaponization of Government Committee
The Biden admin is canceling whistleblowers – HotAir
6 Documented Instances Of Systemic Pro-Democrat FBI Corruption
Vivek Ramaswamy Promises To Pardon People Convicted In ‘Politicized Prosecutions’ In Latest Shot At FBI - The Daily Caller
Massachusetts federal prosecutor to resign amid ethics scandal

Politics as Usual

Hunter Biden's Shady Business Partners Called To Testify in His Arkansas Child Support Case
Hunter Biden's business partners head to Arkansas – HotAir
White House Report Card: Zogby says Biden ‘seems to have lost control’ - Washington Examiner
Feinstein "shockingly diminished," sicker than previously known – HotAir
"I screwed up": Fix the Court's fix – HotAir
President Ramaswamy? – HotAir
Update: Samuel Brinton facing new theft charges in Virginia –
It Looks As If Sam Brinton Has Stolen Even More Luggage – PJ Media

The Culture War

‘These Are OUR Kids’: KJP Slams Restrictions on Trans Surgery – PJ Media
Disturbing Democrat Trans Cult Thinks It Owns Your Children – PJ Media
AP reporter: Why has State Dept added mandatory pronouns to e-mail addresses? – HotAir
A Detransitioner’s Harrowing Journey Back From Gender Madness - IWF
A detransitioner's harrowing journey back from gender madness – HotAir
Champion Cyclist Slams 'Entitled White Wealthy Men' Pushing Transgenderism in Women’s Sports – PJ Media
NBC lionizes teacher who instructs kids on how to join Grindr – HotAir
Bud Light To Attempt Camouflage Makeover - Victory Girls Blog
Campus Diversity Is Campus Jew-Hatred - Seth Mandel, Commentary Magazine
Instapundit - BUT THEY’RE FINE WITH DIVERSITY OATHS: Biden admin calls for removal of criminal background questio

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