Friday, May 12, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Tucker for President!

Matt Margolis at PJM thinks The Biden Crime Family Must Be Held Accountable. At WaEx, Hunter Biden investigation: Four key takeaways from new GOP report into family's 'influence peddling'. Geoff Dickens at Newsbusters claims 11 Brand New Biden Family Scandals the Networks Are CENSORING. At Da Fed, Evita-Alfonso Duffy notes Four-Year-Old Navy Seems To Be The Only Biden Not Gobbling Up Foreign Cash. Capt. Ed at Hat Hair says Biden Inc knew their "clients" were CCP intel fronts -- and so did the FBI. Breitbart, DOJ Does Not Deny Existence of Record Alleging Criminal Scheme Involving Joe Biden, they just won't let Congress see it. Ace, FBI Refuses to Turn Over the Document Accusing Biden of a Bribery Scheme, Defying a Legal Congressional Subpeona. "Weird how they constantly leaked negative claims, mostly false, about Trump, but will unconstitutionally defy a Congressional subpoena to protect their Precious Pervert." PJM's Greg Byrnes says Christopher Wray Needs to Comply With House Oversight Committee Subpoena; He's Not Above the Law and wonders Is Christopher Wray Covering up for the Biden Family or the FBI Itself? As VodkaPundit at Insty noted, embrace the healing power of "and." At Town Hall, Cutie Pavlich says It Sure Looks Like the CIA Helped Biden Win the 2020 Election. It sure does. 'Bonchie' at Red State points out how LEAKED Emails Show Biden State Department Sought to Protect China During Spy-Balloon Fiasco. A politician that stays bought? From the Wombat's  In The Mailbox: 05.11.23 Am Pow, ‘There is no way Joe Biden can make it to election day next year…’

Paul Bedard at WaEx, Bidengate: 69% see a serious scandal, 63% payola. Am Great's Nice Deb sees ABC, CBS, NBC Devote ZERO Seconds to Oversight Committee’s Bombshell Findings on Biden Family Corruption. I would also point out that in the last two days, WaPoo has been totally silent on it as well. Stephen Kruiser at PJM, thinks the Santos Arrest Provides Cover for Biden Crime Syndicate News. Squirrel! Hat Hair's Jazz Shaw says Santos isn't going anywhere.

At Da Mail,  Republicans will take legal action against a Secretary of State for first time in HISTORY on May 24 after Antony Blinken refused to hand over Afghanistan withdrawal memo warning Taliban would rapidly take Kabul when troops withdrew. Most transparent admin evah! Hat Hair's KT, Biden campaign unveils national advisory board with a familiar chair, ex-Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Ace, Jeffrey Epstein's Calendar Leaked; No Big Deal, But He Repeatedly Met the Now-Director of the CIA in His Home, "Also meeting with Epstein: leftwing ideologue Noam Chomskey and Obama's White House counsel." Are we sure Q-Anon is a conspiracy theorist? PJM's Ben Bartee sees Deep State Technocrats Convene in D.C. Spy Museum, Collude to Rig 2024 Election.

Ace, Biden Flinches on Debt Limit (Though Doctors Say It Might Have Just Been a Transient Neurological Event). "Via Katie Pavlich, Biden seemed to back down from his prior statements that he would rather plunge the country into an unprecedented default rather than accept any budget cuts." Beege Wellborn at Hat Hair worries New EPA climate rulz drive a stake thru the heart of natural gas & coal power plants.

You might have heard President Trump had a Town Hall at CNN, and a lot of lefties are whining about it. Sundance at CTH posts a Full Replay, CNN Broadcasts Trump Townhall, The Culmination of Their Seven-Year Effort to Destroy President Trump, CNN Leaves in Tears. From the Wombat's  In The Mailbox: 05.11.23 Twitchy,  Former Producer Whines CNN Left Collins “Helpless” Against Trump’s Lies, Da Tech Guy, The Good Trump As Seen on CNN, The Geller Reports TRUMP DESTROYS CNN AT CNN TOWN HALL, Left-Wing Melts Down, Power Line, Trump vs. CNN, and Victory Girls: CNN Trump Town Hall Becomes a Slug Fest. At Hat Hair KT notes CNN issues statement in defense of Kaitlan Collins and its town hall with Trump. Mediaite, CNN’s Anderson Cooper Defends Trump Town Hall – Adds, ‘You Have Every Right… To Never Watch This Network Again’. It's a deal! NYPo, Donald Trump’s CNN Town Hall live updates: Liberal journalists, AOC blast network over event: ‘Lost total contol.’  Nick Arama at Red State sees  Trump on Fire: Drops Kaitlan Collins on Jan. 6, Ukraine and Classified Docs.  Twitchy (again) ‘Thanks CNN’ trends after Trump makes libs regret they gave him a forum. At the Babylon Bee, CNN Host Sues Trump For Assault And Defamation After Town Hall

At Ace's Quick Hits, "Business Insider has a big scoop! Tucker Carlson is running for president! Oh wait, no, Tucker Carlson was just jerking their chains."

Megyn Kelly talks about Fox employees being asked by the company to turn over their personal phones in the Dominion case. Some on-air talent refused and hired their own lawyers to keep their private texts private. Tucker Carlson did as the company asked and turned his phone over to them. And now, Kelly says, Fox is leaking texts from that phone -- which he gave to them to hold in confidence -- to destroy him.

At Twitchy, Occupy Democrats really STEPS in it pretending Tucker Carlson will care about being banned by Tribel "I didn't even know that existed. I'm sure he's crushed — Mariana (@lonestarherd) May 10, 2023" Chicks on the Right says NBC Is Concerned About Who Is Going To “Police” Tucker Carlson’s Show On Twitter.

At RCW, DeSantis Allies: Nominating Trump Hands Biden Control of Congress. Never-DeSantis sundance, Ron DeSantis Spent $500,000,000.00 For This.

Mark Judge (you may remember him from the Kavanaugh nomination) at WaEx writes of The American Stasi and the war on the Supreme Court. Daniel Oliver at Am Great, The Media Assault on Clarence Thomas, "The senior justice is the sort of man who can tell what a woman is. In Wokeville, such men are dangerous. That is what the whole ethics “scandal” is really about."

At Red State, Nick Arama has Dershowitz, Turley Weigh in on Trump Case - Then There's Eric Swalwell's Reaction NEWSMAX@NEWSMAX "@AlanDersh: "This is an appeal that should be won and I would expect would be won if the defendant's name was not Donald Trump." Never-Trumper Andy McCarthy at NRO thinks Trump’s Propensity and Silence Decided the Case. Jacob Sullum at Reason has a list of 8 Reasons Why E. Jean Carroll Won Her Sexual Abuse and Defamation Lawsuit Against Trump. Matt Margolis, points out Trump’s ’Nut Job' Accuser Helped Get Law Passed That Allowed Her to Sue Him repealing statute of limitations. At Twitchy, YIKES: E. Jean Carroll tweeted a bunch of creepy stuff including ‘sex tips she learned from her dog’. Ace, Tara Reade, the Woman Who Plausibly Accused the "President" of Sexual Assault: I Want to Make One Thing Clear. If I Die Before I Testify to Congress, It Was Joe Biden Or His Democrat Fixers Who Killed Me. At the Volokh Conspiracy, Volokh helpfully points out a Libel Suit Against Rep. Maxine Waters Can Go Forward.

Elon Musk@elonmusk "Excited to announce that I’ve hired a new CEO for X/Twitter. She will be starting in ~6 weeks! My role will transition to being exec chair & CTO, overseeing product, software & sysops." Sundance is not happy that Elon Musk Hires Ultra Woke Linda Yaccarino as CEO of Twitter – Former Head of NBCUniversal Advertising – WEF Board Member – Pioneer of DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) Wokeism. It is a mistake to confuse Elon with a conservative; he's not, but he is pro-free speech, and that's refreshing.

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Late Night With IJN Atago and FMJRA 2.0: Toward Compliant Towers posted on time and under budget at The Other McCain.

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