Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Trump 'Liable' in New York, Tucker's Return

In what amounted to a forgone conclusion, a New York jury of 9 Trump-haters found for what's her name, and, in a slight plot twist, decided that she lied when she accused Donald Trump of rape in the 80s (no date, not even a year, known because she, a professional writer, didn't bother to write it down), but told the truth when she accused him of unwanted touching, and libeled her by denying it in public.  Yeah, it's pretty hard to wrap your head around, but they can do it in New York. Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.09.23, EBL catches the drift of it with the title,  So Trump did not rape weirdo Jean Carroll, but he owes her millions of dollars for saying he did not rape her? Also via the Wombat, Eddie Scarry at Da Fed says E. Jean Carroll’s Original Claims About Trump Were Absurd, But That Didn’t Stop The Media From Amplifying Them. Cutie Pavlich at Town Hall, BREAKING: Jury Reaches a Verdict in Trump Rape Case. ABC, NBC cited at Hat Hair, BREAKING: Jury finds Trump liable for sexual battery on Carroll; UPDATE: $5M. Capt. Ed, "Yikes. That’s a massive loss, not just on the award but also on the politics around it. It’s worth noting that the jury rejected the rape allegation while concluding that Trump committed sexual battery, an assault of lesser degree than rape, plus also found him liable for defamation. Expect this to be appealed, but the verdict is going to do some damage." And that was the point. Hat Hair's John Sexton elaborates, Jury finds Trump liable for sexual abuse (but not rape) of E. Jean Carroll, awards her $5 million. At Red State,  BREAKING: Federal Jury Issues Verdict in Trump Rape and Defamation Case. Althouse, "A Manhattan jury on Tuesday found former President Donald J. Trump liable for the sexual abuse of the magazine writer E. Jean Carroll..." "The NYT reports. The jury has found that Carroll did not prove Trump raped her, but they did determine that he had sexually abused her. The jurors also found that Trump had defamed Carroll when he called her accusations false. They awarded her $5 million damages...." Sundance at CTH, New York Jury Finds Trump Not Guilty of Rape, But Guilty of Defaming His Accuser by Denying It. At TNP, Anal, Porn, & Trump and Brad Pitt Fantasies: E. Jean Carroll’s Facebook History is Truly Bizarre. "“Would you have sex with Donald Trump for $17,000?” she asked her followers, before going on to suggest that in her fantasy scenario, Trump may not be able to speak." At Da Fed, Margot Cleveland reports Defense Attorneys Allege Massive Misconduct In Georgia’s Crumbling Get-Trump Crusade

Catching up on Tucker Carlson's saga, PJM's VodkaPundit sees Tucker Laugh While the Bloodbath Continues at Fox News. Ace, Fox News' Demo Ratings In Tucker's Old Slot? 90,000, "That's horrific." Herr Professor Jacobsen at LI on the Latest Tucker Leak: “If you’ve got pronouns in your Twitter bio, you shouldn’t work here because we can’t trust you because you’re on the other side” "Fox-haters at Media Matters once again inadvertantly make Tucker look even better. Tucker: Liberals “they see this as war and we’re the main force on the other side”" 'Bonchie' at Red State adds Latest Leaked Video of Tucker Carlson Shows He Was Right All Along. From Breitbart, Brett Favre Calls for Boycott of Fox News: ‘I’m with Tucker.’  As always Anxious is anxious, first,  Tucker Carlson accuses Fox of fraud, contract breach and then Tucker Carlson ready to torch Fox News. Then, from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.09.23 at Twitchy,  Tucker Carlson’s Bringing His Show Back…To Twitter! and The Geller Reports Tucker is Back! Althouse, Tucker Carlson says he's back.  Sundance, Tucker Carlson Announces Venture with Elon Musk’s Twitter Broadcasting

Hey, it's Wednesday already, the day we expect to hear from Rep. Comer and crowd on the Biden corruption scandal. So how is that going? Ace, The DOJ Didn't Ignore Just One Whistleblower Accusation That Joe Biden Had Set Up a Foreign-Bribe-Collection Scheme Using Hunter Biden as the Bagman. It Also Ignored a Similar Accusation Made Two Years Before That One. "Straight-shootin' ham-and-eggers."  Capt. Ed at Hat Hair, If a Biden bombshell falls in the MSM forest ... where do you hear the blast? "Would the mainstream media report on those developments as bombshells – or let the Bidens get away with a hush-up plea deal? Come on, man." Fox, Hunter Biden arranged NYC meeting between VP Biden and Rosemont-connected business associate. "'Your Dad spent a lot of time with me, and even gave me a lift in his car!' Hunter's hedge fund client gushed in 2015 email"  Matt Margolis at PJM, Emails Prove Hunter Biden Arranged Meeting Between His Dad and a Client. At the Free Bacon, Hunter Biden Claims He Took Out Personal Loans To Pay Legal Team, Has Incurred 'Substantial' Debt. World's tiniest violin playing in the background. John Solomon and Ben Whedon at JTN are scandalized that Active CIA employee recruited signatories for Hunter Biden laptop letter, report shows. "The committees investigating the matter have sought information from the CIA, but the report indicates that the agency remains uncooperative." You should be, too. At NYPo, the divine Ms. Devine reports CIA fast-tracked letter that falsely suggested Hunter Biden laptop was Russia op. Yesterday it was suggest the ex-CIA signer might have broken rules by not getting agency approval. Well, it turns out, they pulled strings and got a rapid (one day) turn around on a process that normally takes months, so that they could get the letter, falsely alleging the laptop was a Russian op, out in time for Biden to use as a debate point. 

Virginia Kruta at Da Wire amused when Juan Williams Gives Impassioned Defense Of Hunter Biden. Newt Gingrich Finishes Him In Five Words “They were investing in Joe.” At RCP, Hugh Hewitt: Expect An LBJ 1968 Withdrawal From Biden Next Year. Matt Vespa at Town Hall claims The Issue That Gave Biden's Aides Heartburn in 2020 Is Back. "Trump’s attacks might not have all stuck, but the ones aimed at Biden’s age and mental fitness did resonate." Breitbart cites a Former Clinton Pollster: Biden’s Reelection Announcement Triggered Approval Rating Drop as voters realized he might be on the ticket. YaHOO! Biden Casts Himself as the Trump Beater. Polls Suggest That’s No Sure Thing.  Althouse notices The Washington Post Editorial Board closes in on Biden: "Biden no longer does press conferences. That’s not acceptable." Well, it's not my biggest beef with him. At Bongino, Brad Palumbo has a funny/tragic video Teleprompter Remains Undefeated in Battle vs. Biden and Biden Claims to Have Reduced National Debt by $1.7 Trillion After Increasing National Debt by $4 Trillion. Breitbart has a Report: White House Begging CEOs to Pressure Republicans to Cave on Debt Ceiling. Hat Hair's Jazz Shaw cites Rasmussen: Biden isn't reading the room on debt ceiling, spending. Breitbart, Senate Republicans Press for Spending Cuts Ahead of White House Debt Ceiling Meeting.  ETreports Biden, McCarthy to Negotiate Debt Ceiling as Default Looms At NewsBusters, Did Harvard’s Larry Tribe Really Just Advise Biden to Ignore Law on Debt Ceiling? Because it's OK when they do it. Hat Hair's Dave Strom hears Janet Yellen: we have to risk default to build windmills.

At I&I, Biden Unleashes The Regulatory Kraken — And There’s No Land In Sight. The Free Bacon reports Biden Taps Economist Who Bemoaned Gas Prices 'Too Damn Low' "Jared Bernstein's comments could hurt his chances at Senate confirmation" Hat Hair's Beege Wellborn, DHS memo details EXACTLY where/what enforcement & Border Patrol starts releases, so the cartels can work around them. 

And Biden's most notable challenger for the nomination? Atop the Summit, RFK JR.: CIA “Definitely Involved In The Murder” Of JFK "Says U.S. Intelligence has presided over a “60-year Cover-up.” John Hinderacker at Power Line says don't forget RFK, Jr. Is Crazy. Capt. Ed snarks He’s an improvement over an aphasiac Biden, but … that’s not saying much. Also at Power Line, Steve Hayward says Keep Your Eye on Cuomo  Capt. Ed responds "Never gonna happen. Cuomo burned his bridges among Democrats during his reign of — well, not terror so much as imperial hubris. It’s one thing to have a recognizable name, and in this Age of Shameless, not even a bad reputation is worse than no reputation at all. But Cuomo will not be able to build up the necessary base of allies after his malevolence in New York for more than a decade. He will be nothing more than a sideshow. Eliot Spitzer has a better chance at a comeback, and the odds of that are near zero."

The Peacock squawks Ron DeSantis bets big on his Disney feud "Interviews with voters, along with three polls, show strong GOP support for DeSantis over Disney in their fight, despite skepticism from some donors and strategists." Capt. Ed, "I’m pretty sure that the fight won’t last long enough to be a big worry for DeSantis in the fall of 2024. Disney’s legal position is weak, especially after the legislature acted to void Disney’s sleazy back-door, self-dealing “covenant” for Reedy Creek control. Disney’s been waging a PR battle hoping to make DeSantis worry about his electoral prospects, but all that shows is that Disney doesn’t grasp the situation as well as DeSantis does." Never-DeSantis sundance reports Steve Cortes Announces He Took “National Spokesman” Job (Money) From DeSantis PAC, Now Supports Ron DeSantis. You mean he's a politician? Also, Georgia Gov Brian Kemp Organizes Billionaire Bush Clan on Sea Island to Plot State for DeSantis, While GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger Meets With Zuckerberg CEIR Election Manipulation Group

At Da Caller, Republicans Will Focus On Four States In 2024, Mitch McConnell Says. "The GOP will seek to flip Senate seats in West Virginia, Montana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, the minority leader told CNN." Hat Hair's KT, McConnell to CNN: He's working hard not to "screw up" the 2024 races. At Am Spec, Arnold Steinberg says Republicans Are Still the Stupid Party! "What we have here is a severe shortage of political IQ." Hard to argue. At NYPo, Melania Trump says she ‘supports’ Donald’s 2024 campaign

In congressional news, The Peacock trumpets Dianne Feinstein set to return to Senate after nearly 3-month absence "The California Democrat has missed 91 floor votes while recovering from shingles." I guess that bring the Senate back up to full weakness. Insty sees LAWFARE UNLEASHED: George Santos Is Charged by Federal Prosecutors in New York. "If “lies on the campaign trail” are a hanging offense, there aren’t enough lampposts in Washington to hold all the offenders.* But, of course, this isn’t meant to be evenly enforced. * That phrase is lifted from something Charles Krauthammer said about plagiarism." Of course, it could be something else, like corruption like Biden. John Sexton, Federal charges have been filed against Rep. George Santos. 'Bonchie' at Red State thinks Kevin McCarthy Makes a Boss Move Against Noted Anti-Semite Rashida Tlaib, more like chicken-shit move, but then, turnabout is fair play. 

David Strom reads between the lines and sees Those ethics complaints against Thomas? We are making them up. At RCP the unsinkable Mollie Hemingway questions Who Is Running This Coordinated Campaign To Delegitimize The Supreme Court? "It's obviously not just an effort by the media, but a larger effort by the left to delegitimize the Supreme Court. They feel this is the one institution that they haven't captured, they're upset that some decisions have not gone their way and they're trying to bully."

Mike Miller at RCP reports DOJ Seeks 25-Year Prison Sentence for Oath Keepers Founder for Role in Jan. 6 Attack on U.S. Capitol, Stewart Rhodes. The redoubtable Julie Kelly at Am Great sees J6 Jackals Circle Trump "The verdicts and rhetoric surrounding J6 trials are leading to one goal: the arrest and prosecution of Donald Trump." At Front Page, Barr Bars Trump "Deep State depravity on full display."

Tyler O'Neal at Da Wire, Republicans Demand Answers From NIH on Transgender Youth ‘Experiments’ Study That Left 2 Dead, Others Sterilized. Capt. Ed responds "Good Lord. Not only should the bureaucrats be canned, the study runners should be sued for malpractice. Apparently they didn’t stop the study even after the two suicides. Plus: It’s interesting and encouraging to see Dr. Rand Paul among the signatories." From MRC TV, Gov. DeSantis: It’s Not ‘Health Care’ to ‘Cut Off the Private Parts of a 14 or 15 Year-Old’ – ‘That’s Mutilation’. At HE, Statue of 'breastfeeding man' stands outside former Danish women's museum now devoted to 'gender'. Trish Randall at Am Think thinks We’ve Forgotten What Woman is -- and Isn’t. Not really, we all know, some are just pulling a power trick on the rest of us. At Am Con, The ‘Cis-’ Slur and the War on Normality. "Progressives want the power to police norms."

Inga Thompson
At Fox, Inga Thompson, 3-time Olympian for US, calls for cyclists to protest against UCI's transgender athlete policy. "UCI appeared to do 180 in regard to transgender participation policy defense."

At Fox again, The 3 likely ways Bud Light disaster might end – and only one is good news. "Budweiser-Dylan Mulvaney controversy is no longer about a boycott. It's a matter of executive survival." At NYPo, Clay Travis’ free beer experiment shows people ‘don’t want to be seen’ with Bud Light, the sissy beer. Dave Strom, Bud Light: you can't GIVE it away. Spuds MacKenzie rolls over in his grave. At The Freep, GOP Senators Want The Navy To Answer For Drag Queen “Digital Ambassador” Recruiter 'WTH were you thinking?'

Hat Hair's KT observes Oklahoma governor defunds PBS and makes no apologies. Yep, they're the enemy. At Da Caller, Curation Or Censorship?: Debunking The Left’s ‘Book Ban’ Narrative. It's book banning when you remove porn from school libraries, it's "keeping kids safe" when they exclude anything conservative. John Sexton wonders Is it time to cancel Richard Dreyfuss? No. Bob Spencer at PJM notes Oh Yeah, That First Amendment Thing: Biden's HHS Backs Down On Harassing Catholic Hospital

PM is elated that Texas parents vote to secure conservative school board majorities. At Twitchy, Randi Weingarten pushes a social media scrub tool and we all KNOW why. Hollaria Briden, Esq. @HollyBriden "Yo, teachers! Remember that time you wore your Che shirt and did a TikTok saying you want conservative parents to die? Or when you tweeted that four year-olds love your OnlyFans? Fear not - Randi has a helpful tool for hiding the real you." At Am Great, Rob Montz writes Tenure Is In Trouble for Professors on the Right. "The case against Amy Wax at the University of Pennsylvania Law School goes nuclear." It's been in trouble for years.

Greg Piper at JTN on that zombie, Disinfo Governance Board 2.0? New intel office targets 'foreign influence' to shield U.S. 'opinion', ""It's the basic rhetorical trick of the censorship age: raise a fuss about a foreign threat, then slowly, adjust your aim to domestic targets," critical journalist says." At NYPo, Elon Musk mocks Kamala Harris’ AI czar role: ‘Maybe someone who can fix their own WiFi router’ No, you know it's going to be all politics. 

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