Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - The Debt Ceiling Approaches, Scott Throws Hat In Ring

Now that the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to look more like a train than daylight, the principals are finally starting to get serious about the debt ceiling. At Da Wire, Dan Chaitin sees Biden And McCarthy Set To Meet After ‘Productive’ Chat On Debt Ceiling. Christopher Wozniak at Am Think wonders When Will the Debt Ceiling Debate End? Probably never, but the can will get kicked down the road again. At Breitbart, Yellen: 14th Amendment Can’t Be Appropriately Used to Raise Debt Ceiling. WSJ ed board, cited at Hat Hair says Biden's totally wrong on the 14th Amendment. Capt Ed. snarks "Surprise, surprise … Biden’s demagoguing on the debt ceiling. The renewed negotiations today suggest that even Biden realizes that this is a losing hand." Guy Benson at Town Hall agrees Biden Is Losing the Debt Ceiling Showdown. Sarah Arnold at Town Hall, Biden Insists He Is 'Blameless' If U.S. Defaults On Debt, Instead It Would Be MAGA Republicans’ Fault. Dave Strom at Hat Hair, Requiring people to work is mean! David Lanza at Am Think thinks about Democrat and media (but I redund) Debt Ceiling Scare Tactics. At Da Blaze, Joe Biden learned nothing from overseeing the last US debt downgrade, in fact, I'm quite certain he's forgotten most of it, which may be a good thing, since he's been wrong on everything from his time as a Senator on. Dave Strom at Hat Hair, Regime media strikes again "When you start your analysis with the claim that Biden is a dealmaker, you pretty much outed yourself as Karine Jean-Pierre, one of the least honest people in Washington."

At Da Caller, If You Liked The 2008 Crisis, You’re Going To Love Biden’s New Mortgage Rule. MRC TV, House Cmte.: “There Is No Such Thing as Debt ‘Forgiveness;’” Joint Resolution to Block ‘Biden’s Student Loan Scam’ Advances. From the Free Bacon, Joe Biden and the 'Impossible' Task of Refilling America's Oil Reserves. "Six months into admin's 'replenishment strategy,' Biden has purchased zero reserve barrels." 

Oil prices sit at $72 a barrel, and the Biden administration hopes to purchase reserve oil at anywhere between $67 to $72 a barrel. Republicans tried to fill the reserve to its capacity in the spring of 2020—when a barrel of oil cost as low as $15—but Senate Democrats blocked the plan, attacking it as a "bailout for big oil."

Hat Hair's Jazz Shaw, Hrmm... Biden sees an "imminent thaw" in China relations. I wonder why? His family's biggest customer. Breitbart, Another Joe Biden Lie: Claims He Formed ‘Quad’ Alliance with India, Japan, Australia (Trump Did in 2017). It's not a lie if you can't keep it in your head. PJM's Bob Spencer, How’s That Again, Joe? Biden Again Demonstrates His Abject Unfitness to Be President. At Am Con, Not Fooling Anyone, "Has the president really been helped by his media supporters?"

Dan Chaitin again, McCarthy Expects FBI To Share File On Biden Bribery Allegations, or else. 'Bonchie' at Red State hears a NEW, Second IRS Hunter Biden Whistleblower Comes Forward, Gets Threatened With Criminal Prosecution. Jon Levine at NYPo, Hunter Biden cried poverty but still flew to his child-support hearing on a private jet for at least $55K. Matt Margolis at PJM, Hunter Biden Cries Poverty During Child-Support Hearing. Da Caller wonders Is Joe Biden Ready To Sacrifice Hunter For The White House? He'll destroy Republican government first. 

Stacy McCain hears NAACP: ‘Stay Out of Florida, Negroes’ "That’s the real message, if you don’t mind me paraphrasing . . .  As Karen Townsend of HotAir.com points out, the purpose of this bogus “travel advisory” has nothing to do with the safety of African-Americans — who are far more likely to get killed in Detroit or Baltimore than anywhere in the Sunshine State. Instead, this is about smearing DeSantis in anticipation of his official announcement this week of a 2024 presidential campaign. The NAACP is no longer an independent organization, but a de facto adjunct of the Democratic Party." Joe Curl at Da Wire, Republican Mega-Donor Bails On Trump, Will Back DeSantis For President In 2024. At CTH, Never-DeSantis sundance is concerned that Fox News might be Coordinating with DeSantis ‘Never Back Down’ PAC? Hat Hair's KT cites a WaPo focus group: Biden is bad but Trump is worse for swing voters, it might be true, but then, it's the WaPoo. At Am Great Dan Oliver examines Donald Trump and the CNN Caper. "American politics ain’t beanbag, and maybe never was. It’s now a contact sport. Trump is as tough as a defensive lineman. But in 2024 he won’t be playing defense."

ABC, Tim Scott joins the 2024 Republican race for president and Capt Ed comments "I’m excited to see Scott enter the race for these reasons. I don’t think the GOP is temperamentally oriented to picking a nominee from the Senate in its current populist mood. That doesn’t mean Scott can’t contribute to a positive debate and challenge to the Democrats. He has a good chance of being on the ticket in one way or another." Also, Scott launches 2024 bid: Only I can fight the culture of grievance and victimhood! KT at Hat Hair Tim Scott secures another endorsement for President by a fellow senator. Tim Scott is a nice guy, and you know where they finish.

At the Con Brief, a Report that Fox News was Forced to Lay Off Entire Unit of Journalists In Wake of Carlson FiringChadwick Moore@Chadwick_Moore, "For the last year, I've been writing the definitive biography of @TuckerCarlson, based on thorough research and 100+ hours of interviews. But there's some info that can't wait for July 18: the scoop on why Fox canceled his show." Samantha Strayer at Am Great on Tucker, The Truth Tellers. "Once you see the matrix, there is no going back."

Matt Margolis at PJM is pissed that We Were Lied to About Dianne Feinstein's Health. Hat Hair's KT is unconvinced that Fetterman is just fine now that he's wearing his hoodie and shorts to work in the Senate. Da Caller takes notice Four-Term Democratic Sen. Tom Carper Announces Retirement. It's Delaware, so there won't be a seat lost, but I take it as an indication that he thinks the GOP will take the Senate.

But she looks 12
Ace takes note of WSJ: Jeffrey Epstein Attempted to Blackmail Bill Gates (About Affair With Adult Woman) "So Epstein is confirmed to be a blackmailer. And Bill and Hillary Clinton were pallin' around with him. That said, this leak feels like it came from Bill Gates' camp. Gates is getting a lot of heat over his association with the pedophile who did not kill himself. This leak seems designed to quell that and to reassure everyone that Gates wasn't interested in what Epstein was peddling at Lolita Island."

At Am Think Andrew Paquette thinks about Information Warfare in New York "Last April, I discovered an algorithm hidden in New York’s voter rolls. The algorithm linked county voter identification (CID) and State Board of Elections identification (SBOEID) numbers in such a way that it could be used as a third ID number. This could be used to clandestinely tag and track records of interest, such as phantom voters." Very fishy, but not proof of cheating. Madeline Hubbard at JTN, Kari Lake loses appeal over Arizona gubernatorial election loss. "Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter A. Thompson ruled Monday that Lake failed to prove her claims about the election." Atop Da Summit, Musk Demands AP Back Claims Or Retract Article Over ‘Unchecked’ Stolen Election Tweets.

At Da Wire, Former Trump White House Lawyer Predicts Bad News For The Former President "Ty Cobb, a former White House lawyer for President Donald Trump, said that he believes that the former president will get convicted in the federal criminal investigation into his handling of classified materials and that he will ultimately go to prison over it." Even though every President since Reagan has run afoul of the classified material rules. John Solomon at JTN reports Trump social media firm sues Washington Post for defamation, seeks $3.78 billion in damages "Suit come shortly after Fox News settled a case with Dominion Voting Systems."  Matt Margolis, Trump’s Social Media Company Sues Washington Post for Defamation, in Sarasota Florida. Althouse is happy that "E. Jean Carroll Seeks New Damages From Trump for Comments on CNN." "The NYT reports. She's doing what she obviously should, as I discussed here on May 11th. She has a judgment in her favor, and he is repeating the statements that have been found to be defamatory." At JTN, E. Jean Carroll seeks more damages over Trump's CNN town hall comments, "The former advice columnist's Monday filing stems from comments Trump made on a CNN town hall after the verdict in which he reiterated his denial of the event and contended that the trial had been unfair." Capt. Ed thinks "Carroll’s pushing her luck. She certainly hasn’t been shy about criticizing Trump in the media, and at some point courts will conclude that Trump has the right to answer that criticism. Another round of this might convince an appeals court to consider just what role Carroll has played in this mutual public condemnation, and whether or not that should play a role in considering the highly unusual waiving of statutes of limitation by the state of New York to allow this lawsuit in the first place. If nothing else, this might implicate New York’s expanded anti-SLAPP statute too, which exists to prevent the use of lawfare as a means to restrict free speech."

Adjust your tinfoil hats and enjoy sundance's series on Why the Durham Report Matters Part One, Remember the Russian Diplomats Expelled by Obama? Part 2, the FISA Court Silo and SSCI Vice-Chairman Mark Warner. Part 3, Durham Did Not Touch the Julian Assange and DNC Hack Claim, More Silos. Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they aren't out to get you. Ryan King at WaEx, Durham report: Jim Jordan urges Congress to use 'power of the purse' against FBI. John Solomon at JTN, Was the Mueller investigation ever necessary? Durham report suggests not. "Finding of no evidence of Russia collusion calls into question Rod Rosenstein’s epic decision that changed course of Trump presidency." Margot Cleveland at Da Fed says Merrick Garland’s J6 Juries Prove Durham’s Point: Conservatives Can’t Get A Fair Trial In D.C. No justice, no peace. Capt. Ed, "I agree with Cleveland on the nonsensical performative fainting by media outlets over Durham’s observations. I’m not offended by Durham’s complaint about politicized jury pools either, and I wonder why media outlets that spent the last three years shrieking about that very issue as one pressing reason for “criminal justice reform,” suddenly need smelling salts and a fainting couch when Durham brings it up, with somewhat more reason to do so."

James Bovard at NYPo sees that The FBI just got caught in yet more massive, outrageous FISA abuses. VodkaPundit at Insty, DEFUND THE FBI: FBI improperly used warrantless search powers more than 278,000 times in 2021, FISA court filing reveals. “U.S. citizens covered in that improper effort included people involved in the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021; George Floyd protesters during the summer of 2020; and donors to a failed congressional candidate, the filing said.” UPDATE (FROM GLENN): This wouldn’t happen if there were consequences. But there aren’t. By design." Clarice Feldman at Am Think calls them A Cabal of Sociopaths. At Front Page, ‘FBI True’ Series – But What’s the Other Half of it? "The real ugly - and treasonous - part." Margot Cleveland again, notes that the FBI Office Handling The Hunter Biden Investigation Failed The Russia-Hoax Test. The Divine Ms. Devine at NYPo  says the FBI gets an ‘F’ in trust due to recent scandals, but shows absolutely no remorse. Why would they? It hasn't cost them anything yet. James Lynch at Da Caller hears ‘We Have To Exercise Our Authority’: Jim Jordan Threatens To Cut FBI Funding After Whistleblower Testimony. Gregory McCants at Am Think thinks about the 51 People Who Should Never Have Clearances Again. At Based Politics, a FLASHBACK: Rand Paul was the only Republican who opposed confirming Christopher Wray as FBI Director "An interesting piece of history in the wake of the Durham Report." He's been right more often than he's been wrong, and that's unusual for a politician.

At Outkick,Trans High School Track Runner Robs Female Athlete Of State Championship Bid  and Hat Hair John Sexton notes Trans athlete will head to state finals after coming in 2nd in girls' 1600 race. Forget it Jake, it's California. From Da Caller, ‘Contradiction of Title IX’: Experts Sound Alarm Over Biden Effort To Rewrite Key Civil Rights Law. Like the famed Vietnamese village, they need to kill women's sports to save it. 

Jazz Shaw sees a Mississippi school in trans trouble over graduation dress code and wonders what all the fuss is about and A different kind of pronoun dismissal the odd case. At the West Jour, Two Women Are Told They've Broken the Law by Criticizing Male Attempting to Breastfeed a Child: Report, but Australia has a rudimentary understanding of freedom of speech. 

From Da Signal,  Leaked Policy Exposes Fox News Stances on Woke Ideology. Capt. Ed, "Tucker’s team just dropped the big one. The sources include one of Tucker’s former producers, who claims that the network came down on them like a ton of bricks after Tucker used masculine pronouns for Dylan Mulvaney. I’d guess that negotiations are either not going well between Fox and Tucker, or that Tucker and his team want to even the score after weeks of negative leaks about Tucker, presumably from Fox News sources." Ed Driscoll at Insty, CONSERVING CONSERVATISM MOST CONSERVATIVELY: Leaked Policy Exposes Fox News Stances on Woke Ideology. "Fox News employees are allowed to use bathrooms that align with their gender identity, rather than their biological sex, and permitted to dress in alignment with their preferred gender. They must also be addressed by their preferred name and pronouns in the workplace. . . . Exit quote: “‘They want you to think it’s this place that supports traditionally conservative values,’ a former producer for ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ told The Daily Signal. ‘But in reality, they’re pushing this nonsense behind the scenes.’” Ace, No Surprise: Behind the Scences -- and Sometimes In Front of the Cameras -- FoxNews Is All-In on Gender Ideology.

Nick Arama at Red State, Bud Light's Efforts to Buy Back Their Own Supply Show Just How Badly They're Tanking. VodkaPundit at Insty, THE BIG MISTAKE WAS MADE BACK IN 2015: How Bud Light Blew It. “Anheuser-Busch works with 385 independent distributors, or wholesalers, across the country. Many of them are family-owned businesses that have carried Anheuser-Busch products for generations. The move of the company’s sales and marketing hub from St. Louis to New York in 2015, several years after Anheuser-Busch was acquired by global giant InBev, has been a point of contention. Some wholesalers have pushed the brewer to move those marketers back to St. Louis, arguing that executives in New York are out of touch with the drinkers of the company’s flagship brands. Anheuser-Busch also has marketers based in St. Louis, Austin, Miami and Los Angeles.” UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Sort of like how Boeing started downhill when it moved its executive offices from Seattle to Chicago." Ace, Human Rights Campaign Strips Tranheuser-Busch of Its Top "LGBTQ+ Rating" For Failure to Validate and Re-Validate and Re-Re-Validate Dylan Mulvaney and Target: We Want Some of That Sweet, Sweet Bud Light Marketing Action, So We're Selling "Women's" Bathsuits With Room to Tuck a Penis, And Also, We're Partnering With a Satanist. "Target's Board of Corporate Geniuses took a look at the huge loss of sales Tranheuser-Busch was enjoying and decided to grab some of that for its own shareholders." Beege Wellborn at Hat Hair wants to know What happens when Target hires a transgender Satanist to design their Pride merchandise? Dan Chaitin at Da Wire, LGBT Groups Balk On Dodgers Pride Night After ‘Queer And Trans Nuns’ Troupe Disinvited. At Outkick, Dodgers Re-Invite Anti-Catholic Drag Group To Pride Night, Issue Apology "After “much thoughtful feedback from Los Angeles’ diverse communities” the Dodgers have decided to re-invite the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to its 10th annual LGBTQ+ Pride Night. They also issued an apology to the drag group, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and their friends and families." Capt. Ed, "So disappointing. The Dodgers damned well know NOW that SPI are a group of anti-Catholic bigots, and that’s the side they chose. Now we can choose accordingly, too. After 60 years of bleeding Dodger Blue, I’m done with them." Beege again, If it weren't for bad moves, Disney'd have no moves at all. "Whatever dope they’re smoking – or whatever smoking dope is running the production side of the house – dude. Put out the blunt and wave goodbye to the box-office."

Suzanne Somers
Hollywood in Toto hears Now, It’s Time to ‘Cancel’ Problematic ‘Three’s Company’ "Collider dissects beloved '70s sitcom in a pitch-perfect woke parody."

Bearing Arms' Cam Edwards takes note of Third-grader's "Come and Take It" hat at center of new federal lawsuit. At the College Fix, Education professors use ‘viral’ Reddit meme to rant about white supremacy in hockey. At Am Great That McCotter says The GOP Must Practice What It Preaches on Free Speech. "The greatest temptation is to forsake the principle because one does not like the speaker or what he espouses."

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