Monday, May 22, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - And We're Back

Yeah, we're back, after a 300 mile detour on the way home to see the New River Gorge. Neat, but a long way around. I won't even pretend today's offering is comprehensive.

Da Caller risks treason by pointing out how University Housing Biden Center Took Funds From Firm Controlled By China’s ‘Supreme Organ Of State Power,’ Docs Show. One wonders how the get 10% to "the big guy." Also, Former Trump Officials Sound Alarm Over Biden Family’s National Security Risk. 1945 says Joe Biden Should Be Impeached. He should but he won't be. At Hat Hair, President Loon

At NRO, Biden Says He Has Authority to Invoke 14th Amendment as Debt-Ceiling Negotiations Stumble. They're not stumbling, he tripped them. At the Free Bacon, Libs Hardest Hit: Biden Spending Cuts Could Lead to Spike in STDs admits Politico. 

PJM's Ben Bartee sees Kaitlan Collins Parlays Cringe Trump Town Hall Into Primetime CNN Slot. They really need him.

Hat Hair's KT reports Nervous NAACP issues travel advisory in Florida

The NAACP insists that black people are at risk if they visit Florida because of the policies Governor DeSantis has signed into law. The group says that black Americans, people of color, and LGBTQ people are entering a state that is openly hostile toward them. Heh. Haven’t any members of the NAACP ever been to South Beach? Key West? Let’s be clear – this is targeted at family tourism and especially those planning a trip to any of the Disney properties. Busy parents don’t have a lot of spare time to keep up with news from around the country. The NAACP wants to misinform them as to what the governor has signed into law in order to demonize him. The long knives are out.

At NewsBusters,  MSNBC Previews DeSantis 2024 By Labeling Him 'Pro-White Supremacy.' When all you have is a hammer. . . And the Victory Girls see Casey DeSantis Becomes Politico’s Target.

At Breitbart, Tucker Carlson’s Net Favorability with Republicans 62 Points Higher than Fox News’s. Well yes, but people are more generally popular than things. Melisa Mackenzie at Am Spec speculates about  Life After Tucker Carlson: Is Fox News Finished? "Fox seems to be hurting more than Tucker." Yes, but the Murdoch family still has "fuck you" money. And they are.

Dan Greenfield at Front Page explores The Dirty Money Behind the Lynching of Clarence Thomas. "The money that brought down banks is trying to bring down a Supreme Court Justice."

At Da Fed, John Davidson thinks The Unspoken Warning In The Durham Report us that American Self-Government Is Collapsing. "Durham is right, as is Cleveland. The abuse of power laid out in the report is terrifying, not just because what the FBI undertook in 2016 amounted to an attempted coup, but because it’s unclear how to prevent it from happening again." 'Trust us' just doesn't cut it anymore.  From Spiked, The FBI is a danger to democracy "By obsessing over ‘Russiagate’, it let its anti-Trump prejudices get ahead of the truth." Dave Strom at Hat Hair asks The FBI or the Stasi? Jude Russo at Am Con wants to Hang the DJ "In the wake of the Durham report, we must ask whether our state security apparatus is compatible with republican government." At I&I, Durham Report Is Utterly Damning, So Where Are All The Indictments? Why bother, if you can't convict an obvious Russian agent (Igor Danchenko) in a DC court because that would damage the Democrats, there is not hope. Virginia Kruta at Da Wire takes note of a ‘New Level Of Denial’: Jonathan Turley Rips Into WaPo’s Last Defense Of ‘Russian Collusion’ “With the release to the Durham report, the media went into total spin mode,” Turley tweeted. “However, the Washington Post (which won a Pulitzer Prize for reporting on the Russian collusion) set a new level of denial with a column by Philip Bump …” At NYPo, FBI dropped 4 probes into Hillary Clinton, family’s non-profit ahead of 2016 election: Durham report. Only 4? Bob Spencer at Front Page, is amused by Your Tax Dollars at Work: When the FBI isn’t Framing Presidents….. "It’s holding a ‘Happiness Seminar’ for agents."

At Breitbart, Weaponization Committee: FBI ‘Disparaging Whistleblowers’ After Revoking Their Security Clearances. Mary Chastain at LI cites one of the FBI whistleblowers, ‘The FBI Will Crush You’: Whistleblower Tells Future Whistleblowers to Come to Him or Congress to Expose Corruption “This government will crush you and your family if you try to expose the truth about things they are doing that are wrong.” Eggs and omelets. Also,  Rep. Sanchez Tries to Discredit FBI Whistleblower With His Twitter Account…Except It’s Not His, "Sanchez acted like she “got” Marcus Allen but the account does not belong to him."  At Da Caller, Harold Hutchison sees a ‘Target On Their Backs’: Ex-FBI Agent Explains Why More Feds Don’t Speak Up About Abuses and Laurel Duggan, FBI Used Cash Bonuses To Encourage Agents To Wiretap More Americans, Whistleblower Says. Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair finds Da Beast disingenuous Whistleblowers admit accepting aid after they were silenced.

Jordan Boyd at Da Fed notes Biden’s DOJ Refused To Prosecute Disgraced U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollins For Lying Under Oath Months Before Her Corruption Scandal Broke. The redoubtable Julie Kelly at Am Great recommends we Look Ahead, Not Backwards, to Hold the Justice Department Accountable, "The minimal tools to, at the very least, embarrass top officials and expose the existing rot within the Justice Department are in the hands of House Republicans. They would do well to use them." Also at Am Great, Roger Kimball thinks we should Abandon the Swamp. "The only hope for the republic is to downgrade the place of Washington in our public life. The business of Washington is to make government bigger—forever. That is not what the people want."

Here’s a bit of unsolicited advice that I have for the former president should he be elected again: Stay out of Washington as much as you can. Stop the newspapers. Have your mail forwarded. Washington really is a swamp and it will consume you. And here are a few particular bits of advice:

1) Have the inauguration in Mar-a-Lago.

2) Govern from Florida as much as you can.

3) If you decide to indulge in the theater of the State of the Union Address as it has evolved, deliver it from, say, Kansas.

4) Disband the FBI. We should never have allowed a national police force to come into being.

Move the bits of the government you can’t actually destroy to other parts of the country.

Do these things instantly—the day you take office. The deep state will howl. The bureaucrats will oppose you. The lawyers will sue you. Do it anyway. Act first, deal with the consequences later.

PJM's Athena Thorne thinks Deep State Quietly Starting to Fear the Worst: the Return of the Trump Wrecking Ball and this time he won't be so polite about it.

Richard McDonough at Am Think thinks The Trump Rape Accusation was A Team Effort

At Twitchy, The AP got BLASTED by Twitter after claiming Fetterman’s sloppy clothes are a sign of progress.

At WaEx, Biden Title IX transgender sports rule ignites 156K comments: 'Voices in opposition.' 

Insty, STEVEN HAYWARD: “I don’t know whether it is an overstatement to suggest people with ‘gender dysphoria’ have a mental illness, or whether there is a social contagion at work (like the anorexia epidemic among young women a couple decades ago that ultimately faded out to a large extent), but scenes like this state legislator in Nebraska aren’t reassuring that there’s a rational defense of the trans-phenomenon. . . . This video is about one minute long, but it seems much longer.”

  John Hinderacker at Power Line, Is DEI Training Unconstitutional?

It wouldn’t be if it were imposed by a private party, although there might be other problems with it. But can a government entity require its employees to assent to a series of political propositions, and to take what is effectively a loyalty oath? I don’t think so.

That’s why my organization has moved to participate in the case of Henderson v. Springfield R-12 School District, now on appeal in the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, as an amicus. The Henderson case is horrifying, and yet typical of what is going on in contemporary America. Plaintiffs are school district employees who were required by the district to undergo “anti-racism” training. The district’s “training” was a series of Maoist struggle sessions. The evidence and allegations in the case include the following. :

1) The District commanded the employee Appellants that they “must commit to” the District’s description of equity and anti-racism;

2) The District defined anti-racism as requiring proactive advocacy against what the District defines as racism;

3) The District told employee Appellant Henderson that her views on American race relations were “confused and wrong”;

4) The District told employee Lumley that she was wrong that people can only be racist based on skin color, and her failure to acknowledge that means Lumley should engage in “additional self-reflection”;

5) Appellants’ co-workers “berated [Lumley] during training for opposing equity and anti-racism”;

6) The District told Appellants that “white people failing to speak out against racism,” as the District defines it, “constitutes white supremacy”;

7) The District required Appellants to attend the “training to receive professional development credit and financial compensation,” and that “failure to attend the training would result in less pay”;

8) The District asserted during the training that “equity and anti-racism generally require advocacy and proactivity”;

9) The District “taught that white supremacy is not just a label for the KKK—it includes anyone who believes in colorblindness or says that all lives matter”;

10) Appellants alleged and argued that the District “warned staff that denying one’s white privilege is in itself white supremacy”;

11) Appellants alleged they were literally required to speak in response to cues using survey-type responses indicating agreement or disagreement with principles of anti-racism; and,

12) Appellants alleged that they were forced to complete multiple choice questionnaires with particular answers in order to complete training modules (their preferred answers were rejected by the module).

I can easily imagine the Smithsonian brass attempting this. 

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