Friday, May 26, 2023

Fish Pic Friday - Mia's Adventures

Mia@miass.adventuresss 🎣 Probably fishin… 🎣
Mia was born and raised in Miami Florida,She spent the majority of her childhood as a Competitive dancer, then later becoming an instructor. Her passion for fishing started the day she was invited to tagalong going fishing off the rocks of Government cut. She was asked to temporarily hold the rod when suddenly the drag started screaming. Tarpon on! Her eyes got big, unsure what to do, she held on for dear life and made it through the fight. The sparks went flying and she was hooked, eager to learn everything she could about fishing. Pursuing a job in the industry, she started working on an offshore boat while she continues to grow as a deckhand and angler. Her goal is to eventually become a captain running her own charter business as well as travel the world knocking off different species from her bucket list.
You wanted smiles? You got smiles.

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