Saturday, May 6, 2023

Rule 5 Saturday - A Big Legged Woman - Theresia Fischer

This Rule 5 post inspired by I spent $160K on leg-lengthening surgery — it changed my sex life at NYPo
Surgery has heightened this woman’s modeling career — and sex life.

Theresia Fischer, who starred on Germany’s “Celebrity Big Brother,” has undergone two surgeries to lengthen her legs. She now stands 6 feet tall when barefoot.

The 31-year-old underwent two operations to insert adjustable telescopic rods into her tibiae (shinbones), adding an extra 5.5 inches to her height.

The total surgery cost was $124,000, but medications and physical therapy bumped her total bill up to $161,000 — all of which she paid with the modeling checks she hopes will increase after these procedures.

The leg-lengthening process requires a painful procedure in which a doctor breaks the femur in each of a patient’s legs and inserts extendable metal nails.

The nails are gradually extended over the next three months by one millimeter a day — eventually making the recovered patient several inches taller.
. . .
The surgery also entails a lengthy recovery process that includes “relentless” pain that stretches the nerves, muscle and tissue of the legs to an “almost excruciating degree,” according to GQ’s report.

It's not like she didn't have long legs before

Fischer, who has 202,000 followers on TikTok and 145,000 followers on Instagram, revealed that she felt the desire to have the procedures done after years of bullying, which unfortunately hasn’t ended. “I now feel happy and satisfied with my legs, but I’m hit by a wave of hate on the internet,” Fischer told a German outlet. . . .
While the leg-lengthening surgeries didn’t discourage the bullying, they did give Fischer a leg up in the bedroom.

“My sex is better now,” she said. “I have become very flexible with my legs and have more room to maneuver in bed.”

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