Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Debt Deal Published

From Breitbart, Congress Releases Bill Text of Debt Deal. "House lawmakers will have three days to review the 99-page bill, called the Fiscal Responsibility Act, before they are set to vote for it as soon as Wednesday. The bill can be viewed here." Only 99 pages (double spaced with wide margins I assume? I'm impressed by their brevity. John Bresnahan@bresreports "New: A preliminary CBO estimate found that the Fiscal Response Act - the debt-limit package set to be voted on by Congress this week - could cut spending by $2.1T if proposed budget caps are left in place for full 6 years, per GOP sources."  As WaPoo notes, now McCarthy, Biden race to woo lawmakers to pass debt ceiling package. It seems to me from each parties perspective, the idea is to see how many defectors they can have, to help force the other side to contribute to the vote. Bipartisan in a negative sense. Yahoo! cites McCarthy: Student loan payment pause ‘gone’ under debt ceiling deal. At Based Politics, Fiscal conservatives blast debt ceiling ‘sell out’ 'Fake conservatives agree to fake spending cuts' according to Rand Paul. John Solomon at JTN reports DeSantis blasts McCarthy debt deal as inadequate when country ‘careening towards bankruptcy’, which can be true while still being the best deal McCarthy could swing. As PJM's Stephen Kruiser notes there is plenty of Blame to Go Around in Latest GOP Debt Deal Fizzle. Of course, Republicans aren't the only people upset. Breitbart cites the White House: Progressives Should Support Debt Bill Because of Items It Doesn’t Repeal, Avoiding Default. At WaEx, Liberal Rep. Pramila Jayapal denounces debt ceiling bill: 'Absolutely terrible policy' and Jim Himes says 'none of the things' in debt limit deal 'are Democratic priorities' and Debt limit: Joe Manchin snubs Biden and heaps praise on Republicans over pipeline approval  At NewsBusters, CNN Claims Work Requirements Are Offensive to Poor People. The City Journal considers The Debt Ceiling’s Geopolitical Stakes. "As the U.S. scrambles to shore up its position in the Indo-Pacific, unsound finances at home threaten its military readiness."

In economic news, Hat Hair's KT points out Bidenflation: Memorial Day barbecue staples cost more this year, they weren't bragging this year. At the Market Insider, Elon Musk warns house prices are set to plunge – and says commercial real estate is in meltdown

At Da Caller, ‘Nobody Wants Biden’: Wall Street Quietly Hopes Another Dem Wins The Party Nomination. From Da Wire, House Oversight Democrats Defend FBI Ahead Of Alleged Biden Bribery Scheme Document Subpoena. At his NYPo gig, Jonathan Turley points out Bidens offer ‘safe harbor’ to Hunter as he flails over scandalous reports. Varad Mehta@varadmehta "Is this the first time a mainstream outlet has called Biden out on his erasure of Hunter's lovechild?" Is Forbes really mainstream? At Am Think, Steve Young thinks 'It’s all about the money' -- The Dysfunctional Biden Family Legacy  and D. Parker wonders Is Michelle Obama going to replace Senator Feinstein to jumpstart a presidential run? At LI, Herr Professor Jacobsen hear Democrats: Save Us Michelle! "The fierce urgency of now may come into play if there is a realistic prospect of Trump returning to the White House or America becoming DeSantistan."

The PM hears Trump campaign fundraises for ballot harvesting operations in battleground states. "We recently alerted you that a Soros-linked Super PAC has begun targeting 6 battleground states with a $75 MILLION spending blitz to buy Crooked Joe the White House." The only way it will ever get banned is if Republican exceed Democrats at it. Matt Boose at Am Great says Republican Voters Don’t Want a Trump Knockoff,  "It comes down to this: DeSantis is just not presidential material," but Dave Catron at Am Spec warns of Trump, DeSantis, and the Dangers of Blind Loyalty. "Too much is at stake in 2024 to allow emotion to affect our votes." Josh Hammer at Newsweek attempts to make The Case for Ron DeSantis. Charlie McCarthy at NewsMax claims Trump, DeSantis Tied in Florida as NY Daily News sees Trump and Ron DeSantis spar over GOP war on ‘woke’ Disney. Ed Driscoll at Insty, BETO O’ROURKE COULD NOT BE REACHED FOR COMMENT: Rolling Stone tries to paint Ron DeSantis as evil for “bringing the ax down on furries,” makes huge campaign contribution instead. Althouse reads the NYT and finds "The rapidly ballooning field, combined with Mr. Trump’s seemingly unbreakable core of support, represents a grave threat to Mr. DeSantis..." "It's a relentless dynamic: The more opposition Trump gets, the more dominant he becomes. His antagonists only dilute themselves. It's a matter of math."

At Breitbart, Dianne Feinstein Confused by Sight of VP Kamala Harris Presiding over Senate. Hat Hair's Capt. Ed points out "This is an unfortunate tradition in the Senate. Both Strom Thurmond and Robert Byrd were reportedly non compos mentis at the end of their long careers in the upper chamber. What is a bit non-traditional is the media attention about it for a Democrat. The national media seems surprisingly interested in pressuring Feinstein to resign and to force Gavin Newsom to replace her, something he reportedly would love to avoid if possible." At Front Page, Video: O’Keefe Catches Fetterman Staffer Admitting List of “Puppet” Journalists. "How Dems keep getting away with just about everything." I'm sure this is not unique to Fetterman or even Democrats, but since journolists mostly lean hard left, they get a better shake.

Ben Bartee at PJM hears Trump National Security Adviser: Deep State Will 'for Sure' Rig 2024 Election. KT McFarland, who has her own story of having the FBI try to intimidate her.  Why wouldn't they, none of them have been sanctioned for it yet.  At Front Page, Durham Believes FBI Should Have Never Conducted the Trump/Russia Investigation in 2016, "But why let them off easy over it?"   Britanny Sheen at Red State worries about The Rise of AI: How Artificial Intelligence Is Set to Transform the 2024 Presidential Race. ChatGPT is  a known liar, and therefore a perfect politician.

ET reports About 1 Million Viewers Stopped Watching Fox News After Tucker Carlson’s Exit. Jeff Dunetz at Da Lid, Fox Prime Down One Million Viewers Per Night Since Booting Tucker: OUCH! That’s Gonna Leave A Mark "It's Going To Cost Them $$$$" But, somehow, I'm not worried about the Murdochs going hungry.

At PM, House GOP investigates Bank of America for handing over customer banking records to FBI during Jan 6 probe.  At Am Great the redoubtable Julie Kellypoints out Three Years Later, No Justice for BLM Insurrection in D.C. "D.C.’s lead prosecutor has turned a blind eye to a six-month campaign of terror in the nation’s capital in 2020 so he could keep his sights on the mostly nonviolent protesters
of January 6, 2021,"and the great VDH,  says It Was Always Only About Power With the Left, "For the left-wing elites, the cause is but a means to personal and professional power." The TN Star hears Newt Gingrich wonder Where Are Woodward and Bernstein When America Needs Them? Covering up Democrats scandals, of course. 

Stacy McCain pretends to be  astonished at the audacity of CNN, Warning of Weather ‘Misinformation’. 'Hey, that's our job!' Red State's Nick Arams regales how Elon Levels Liberal Matt Yglesias With a Question About Free Speech He Can't Answer. But sundance at CTH interpretes it as Musk Admits He Doesn’t Control Platform Censorship Decisionmaking – Watch the Twitter Financials. Reuters reports China deletes 1.4 million social media posts in crack down on 'self-media' accounts. How far behind is the Biden administration?

The Little Mermaid's Halle Bailey
'Buck Throckmorton' at Ace's MORNING RANT: AB Distributor Abandons Bud Light to Promote Alternative Light Beer; Other Musings on Being a Franchisee/Distributor for a Woke Corporation. At Twitchy NBC News says conservatives are celebrating backing Bud Light and others into a corner. Damn right! Matt Margolis, Dylan Mulvaney Identifies as Author, Appears To Be Writing a Book. Will it admit to being a scam artist? The Victory Girls think Mulvaney Is Even Sicker Than We Thought. I don't thinks it's sick at all, just an opportunist using an opportunity. Dan Greenfield at Front Page examines The CEO Behind Target’s Corporate Culture War and concludes "CEO Brian Cornell has turned over the chain to criminals and perverts." At Da Wire, ‘Another Company Needing Bud-Lighting’: Kohl’s Ripped For Infant LGBT Merchandise. Breitbart reports Kohl’s Faces Boycott Calls Over Pride Onesie for Babies Following Target, Bud Light Backlash. PJM's Matt Margolis looks at 'The Little Mermaid': What the Media Isn’t Telling You About the Film's Box Office Performance "No one will say this was a bad performance, but a little context is necessary. Despite all the hype surrounding The Little Mermaid, and the benefit of a long weekend opening, it failed to top The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s opening weekend domestic box office of $204.6 million. Comparing apples to apples, The Little Mermaid made $95.5 million, excluding its Memorial Day take. Ouch." Town Hall's 'Becca Downs thinks People Are Not Buying LA Dodgers' 'Christian Faith' Event After Team to Honor Anti-Catholic Drag Queens.

Hat Hair's John Sexton reports Two trans athletes did not show up for California state finals “Adults have created this problem,” said Oaks Christian coach Wesley Smith. “Adults need to fix this problem.” From Da Caller, NV Dems Pass ‘Last-Minute’ Amendment To Fine School Boards For Bathroom, Sports Policies "which would fine school boards if they adopted policies restricting biological boys from entering girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms, as well as participating in girl’s sports." Brandon Drey at Da Wire recounts ‘I Was Attacked Because I Didn’t Want To Have Sex With Him’: New Jersey Female Inmate Details Alleged Assault From Trans-Identified Male Transfer

Capt. Ed is looking forward to The fight for Virginia -- and for parents and children -- in November 2023. At the College Fix, Boston University students must take writing class with ‘social justice emphasis’Capt. Ed says "It’s not education. It’s indoctrination. And as one former English professor tells the Fix, any time you go from education to ideological indoctrination, “intellectual standards deteriorate.” That’s because intellectual standards are no longer valued, and are in fact an obstacle." I figure, like most open propaganda efforts, at some point, it will lead to rebellion. At Da Wire, ‘Sinister, Nefarious, And Dangerous’: Federal Government Watchdog Slammed For Memo Urging Woke Language

"I spent the first 5 years of my career getting absolutely OBLITERATED by you fools for being boy ish and dressing how I did & constantly being told I’d be hotter if I acted like a woman," she explained in a since expired Instagram story. "And now when I feel comfortable enough to wear anything remotely feminine or flirting, I CHANGED and am a sellout," she lamented, calling out haters who comment on her appearance.

"‘What happened to her’ oMg iT’s nOt thE sAmE biLlie she’s just like the rest bla blah…You guys are true idiots. LOL I can be BOTH you f---ing bozos. LET WOMEN EXIST," she wrote, mocking her critics.

Jewel Kilcher

Also at Fox,  Jewel's twist on national anthem at Indianapolis 500 fails to resonate with fans, panned as 'disrespectful' I listened, and it's weird, but not even close to Hendrix level weird. Relax, it's not really sacred.

Ace, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chair of the Joint Chiefs General Milley Both Lie to Congress, Claiming the Military Doesn't Support Drag Queen Story Hours

This is perjury. There are drag shows announced on the regular at military bases.

This story is from March 29th. I'm not sure what brought it to the attention of David Strom on Wednesday, but I'm glad he highlighted it.

Lying to Congress is only a prosecutable offense when Republicans or conservatives do it. 

The Wombat came through with Late Night With Rule 5 Sunday: Double-Scoop Swimsuit Edition! and FMJRA 2.0: Das Herz Von Groenland.

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