Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Is the Biden Crime Family Really Going Down?

Stacy McCain takes note of Comer's warning of Wednesday action on the Biden crime family, ‘Smoking Gun’ on Biden Corruption? 

Generally speaking, I don’t hold my breath waiting for some scandal to gain enough traction to bring down a Democrat, because the mainstream media are so biased in terms of what constitutes a “scandal” that Democrats are nearly bulletproof in this regard. Nevertheless, House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-Kentucky) seems very confident that he’s now got ironclad proof that the Biden family were running a pay-for-play influence-peddling scheme . . . This may just be too much for the mainstream media to ignore.

I'm pretty sure they're up to the challenge. At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.08.23, Victory Girls, Comer Claims To Have Biden Family Evidence. Ace, Are Charges Against Hunter Biden in the Offing? "What the fuck is an "offing"? What a Jive Turkey word. To answer the question, though: No, of course not. But the federal prosecutors who are in the direct chain of command under Hunter's dad are playing make-pretend, to make it "look good."" 'Bonchie' at Red State reports Hunter Biden Associate Told to Start Singing or Face Jail Time. Matt Margolis at PJM wonders Is Joe Biden Going to Pardon Hunter? After the election, I'm sure. He also has a Report: DOJ Ignored Bribery Allegation Against Joe Biden in 2018. "According to the New York Post, the second accusation of bribery against Joe Biden pertains to Hunter Biden’s position on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy firm." Andy McCarthy at NRO, cited at Hat Hair says Biden's re-running the Obama fix for Hillary at the DoJ. Ace again, Mike Morrell, the Hillary-Connected Ex-CIA Head Tasked by the Biden Administration to Cook Up the "51 Intelligence Officials" Letter, Also Lied to Those Officials to Get Their Signatures "Why don't you believe these Regime-Approved Officially-Credentialed Government Experts, you rubes, conspiracy theorists and assorted other bumpkins?" Also, the ex-CIA guys who signed the letter failed to run it by the "company" for approval, which would have taken months, and my make them vulnerable to prosecution, which of course the Biden admin will fail to prosecute. "Former Navy SEAL Matthew Bissonnette was forced to pay the federal government $6.8 million for violating pre-publication and non-disclosure obligations when he published his book "No Easy Day," about his role in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden." Hat Hair's Jazz Shaw reports Blinken facing possible contempt of Congress charges over his role in the letter story. 

At Fox, Biden accuser Tara Reade posts cryptic message about death before potentially testifying to Congress "Reade's cryptic message came after Dr. Gal Luft, who claimed to have info on the Biden family, was arrested." Hat Hair's John Sexton claims Some Dems are nervous about a recent poll showing people have doubts about Biden's fitness for office. But, at the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.08.23, De Tech Guy says The Question that Really Matters in Election 2024 wasn’t asked in the ABC Poll "Ah but the real question is what is the margin among those ballots are submitted at 1 AM or later the day after the election? #Election2024. As long as Biden continues to lead among that group in key Democrat districts in swing states he's looking good." Steve Hayward at Power Line thinks Slow Joe’s Meds Are Not Working

Vox Populi says RFK Jr is Better Than Trump "On at least two issues, anyhow. Robert Kennedy Jr. comes out hard against the surveillance state on Twitter."

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.08.23, The Geller Reports  Tucker’s First Speech After Fox: ‘Manufactured’ Media Lies Can End Democracy. Jazz Shaw wonders Are Tucker Carlson and Elon Musk cooking something up? It would be an odd pairing, but they both have an overwhelming interest in free speech. At Ace's a Claim Tucker Carlson Tried to Get Fox Hatchet-Woman Irena Briganti Fired "Not sure if I believe this Rolling Stone "scoop," but I guess it's worth the link."

The New Neo (cited at Hat Hair), Closing arguments in the Carroll v Trump trial show "travesty" of ignoring statutes of limitation. Capt. Ed, "The New York legislature decided in its wisdom to open a new window around the statutes of limitation, so it’s legit in the legal sense, but I share Neo’s opposition to it. Those exist for a reason, as stated in this post. However, this is a defamation trial rather than a rape trial, and the most recent defamation took place well within the statute of limitation for that civil complaint — thanks to Trump’s inability to refrain from public comment. Still, all of these defamation claims hinge on whether Trump sexually battered Carroll in a dressing room at an undetermined date and time, and that kind of ambiguity is what those statutes are supposed to prevent." At Althouse, "There are no witnesses to call to prove a negative." "Trump's lawyer said in his opening statement, quoted in "Jury in Carroll's civil case against Trump to hear closing statements" (WaPo). Closing statements are expected to begin today."

J.B. Shurk at Am Think on the J6 trials, Federal Government Burns the Whole House Down "Watching this bad theater play out as if it resembled anything close to real justice always feels like a gut punch. " At Twitchy, Stochastic terrorist Roland Martin: Only way to stop mass shootings is ‘to completely wipe out’ GOPDJ Tommy Boy@TommyBoyDetroit "Well that sounds like inciting violence against political opponents to me. When do we start HIS trial???"

Also at Twitchy, NAILED IT: Elon Musk just needs one tweet to make NYC/Lefty protesters look MONUMENTALLY dumbElon Musk@elonmusk "Why didn’t they protest when the children were murdered at the Christian school? They are disingenuous." At the Daily Fetched, Elon Musk Asks Why the Media Misrepresents Interracial Crime Stats “To Such an Extreme Degree.” From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.08.23, The Geller Reports Over 50% of Joe Biden’s Twitter Followers are Fake, According to Audit. At Da Fed, Sam Mangold-Lenett says Elon Musk Couldn’t Fix Twitter Even If He Wanted To. "Despite being the owner and CEO of Twitter, Musk does not run the company."

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