Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Tucker Gets An Offer

Greg Byrnes at PJM, $100 Million Offer Made to Tucker Carlson for New Broadcast Role Town Hall's Leah Barkoukis records how Megyn Kelly Reacts to Latest Offer Tucker Carlson Just Got: 'That's Amazing'  "During “The Megyn Kelly Show,” Bet-David of ValuetainmentTV announced a $100 million deal plus equity stake in the company, a board seat, position as president of Valuetainment, and his own podcast and any other shows, documentaries, or movies on issues he cares about. The company would also offer to cover production costs." Dennis Kneale at NewsMax opines Tucker Was Fearless, Making Him a Target. At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.02.23 Transterrestrial Musings feats Tucker Carlson.   Town Hall's Julio Rosas thinks Media Matters' Leaked Tucker Carlson Clips Completely Backfires on Them and at Twitchy Media Matters exposé SHOCKER! Tucker Carlson is a normal, likeable person (video). Dan Oliver at Am Great has a great idea in Tucker Carlson and the Silk Purse "The former Fox News host should announce that he is running for vice president, and force Trump to pick him—but only if the former president agrees to six key conditions." At Da Wire, Dan Chaitin reports Tucker Carlson Set To Appear At Fundraiser This Week. Maybe we'll hear more then.

At PJM, VodkaPundit queries Are These the Worst 9 Seconds of Joe Biden's Political Career? Just wandering around lost. It'll get worse before the end. At Am Spec, Dave Catron says Biden’s Age Is Not the Problem Here! "We’ve all long known the real issue: his steady cognitive decline." Well, they're related, although his decline may have been accelerated by his brain aneurysm and surgery. At Rare, Biden Tells Muslim Guest At The White House To “Hush Up, Boy!” (Video). At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.02.23 STUMP morbidly runs the numbers, Is Joe Biden Likely to Die Within 5-6 Years? Probability of survival to election (2 years): 88%. Probability of survival to end of second term (6 years): 63%. So, Biden has a better than 50% chance of surviving to the end of a second term, but that’s really not a very high survival rate." Trump is slightly better.  Also Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Senile Dementia News.

Dan Greenfield at Front Page worries Biden to Make Sure Criminals in Jail Vote for Him, "New plan offers hiring quotas for criminals, billions in grants and jailed voter outreach." It's Democrats natural constituency. Hat Hair's Jazz Shaw notes Joe Biden hopes you forget about all of the vaccine mandates. Jordan Boyd at Da Fed listens closely to Biden: ‘Free Press Is A Pillar Of Free Society,’ Unless Your Name Is Tucker Carlson. From the Center Square, Biden Finds a New Way to Redistribute Wealth… and Misery "For the first time in the history of this nation, Biden plans to make home buyers with high credit scores and those buying better homes pay a penalty for having good credit and too much money. He wants to redistribute their wealth so he can make them miserable." MRCTV, New Mortgage Fees Kick in, Saving Lower Credit Scores Thousands by Charging Higher Credit Scores More. Hat Hair's KT hears Politico: It was Jill Biden who convinced Joe to run for re-election. Yes, dear! At NewsMax, Larry Bell wonders Will Voters Fall for a Repackaged Biden in '24?

Stacy McCain has a Baby Mama Lawsuit Update, "Dude: Unprotected sex with a stripper? Are you crazy?" Hat Hair's KT, Hunter Biden ordered to re-submit financial information... without redactions. At Da Fed, Margot Cleveland hopes Huge Development Means IRS Whistleblower Can Soon Explode Biden Family Scandals. "The House Ways and Means Committee granted two attorneys representing the Internal Revenue Service whistleblower authority to inspect Hunter Biden’s tax returns and related information." 

Anthony Blinken and Evan Ryan
John Solomon at JTN reports on Truth and consequences: After origins of Biden laptop letter exposed, lawmakers seek penalties. "Republicans float penalties for 51 letter signatories, ranging from impeachment to defunding security clearances and contracts." At Fox, Secretary of State Blinken denies role in Hunter Biden Russian disinfo letter: "'Wasn't my idea' "'I'm not engaging in politics,' Blinken tells Fox News'" Bwahahaha! At Breitbart, Blinken’s, Wife’s Emails to Hunter Biden Draw Fresh Scrutiny as Lawmakers Examine His Role in Laptop Cover Story “He said he did not email Hunter Biden, and now we have those emails. We also know that his wife, using her private email address when she was an employee of the State Department, was basically a conduit between her husband and Hunter Biden as well.” At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.02.23   Power Line It ain’t me, babe, Blinken edition, and Hunter Biden pleads poverty.

Jazz Shaw's nightmare, Michelle Obama 2024? Shudders.

Hat Hair's KT says All eyes on Kaitlan Collins and CNN's town hall with Trump.  Paula Bolyard at PJM identifies Trump's Achilles' Heel. "It’s obvious to everyone with half a brain that Trump won’t get a fair shake from CNN. Why does he keep prostrating himself before these dishonest left-wing media hacks?" Noah Rothman at NRO, cited at Hat Hair, wonders Can GOP primaries abide a debate about Trump as well as a debate with him? Paul Bedard at WaEx predicts, Trump expands lead, poised for 'electoral landslide'. Sundance at CTH sees President Trump Extends Polling Lead, DeSantis Continues Shrinking, Ramaswamy Leaps Ahead of Haley and Pence.

Tom Jackson at Hat Hair VIP, thinks Legislators help DeSantis nail down persuasive campaign platform. Bill Otis from Ringside at the Reckoning says Ron DeSantis Again Demonstrates the Right Instincts, "Where a candidate stands on the death penalty is a good barometer of his attitudes on criminality, accountability and standards." At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.02.23, Louder With Crowder: Ron DeSantis: We’re executing convicted pedos in Florida now. Never-DeSantis sundance queries Why Now? Florida Republican Legislature Sealing Ron DeSantis Travel Records from Public Review. At Breitbart, Glenn Youngkin States He Won’t Run for President ‘This Year’.

At Breitbart, Schumer Accuses ‘MAGA House Republicans’ of Risking Default with Spending Cuts Bill but then, White House Caves: Joe Biden Asks Kevin McCarthy to Negotiate Debt Limit. At Town Hall Matt Vespa explores Here's the Number of GOP Votes Dems Need to Pass Their Debt Ceiling Plan. Joe Klein at Front Page, Biden vs. McCarthy, "Will Biden negotiate on debt in good faith?" Probably not, but I predict they will do something by June 1. CNN, cited by Hat Hair, Manchin to Dems: Why not talk now about spending cuts? At WaEx, Manchin hints he might abandon Democrats ahead of 2024. Shit or get off the pot, Joe. At Am Con, Napoleon Linarthatos worries about Murphy's Financial Law, "The United States’ finance policy is following in Greece’s footsteps. . . . Both countries’ ruling classes are equally juvenile, self-centered, and disconnected from the consequences of their beliefs and actions." Sundance catches Interior Secretary Deb Haaland Testifies It’s Better to Get Rid of Jobs in USA, Live in Poverty and Save the Planet – Even if Rest of The World Doesn’t Do It.

Shawn Fleetwood at Da Fed encouraged as Court Rulings Give North Carolina And Florida Republicans Major Wins For Election Integrity.

TNP reports Rep. Matt Gaetz Assaulted at Florida Festival by Occult-Inspired Biden Donor. Newsweek is butthurt that Woman May Face Jail Time for Allegedly Throwing Drink at Matt Gaetz. At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.02.23,  Twitchy has A Video Tour Of Minneapolis Before & After The 2020 Riots and Insurrectionists Occupy Texas State Capitol To Disrupt Vote On Child Castration & Mutilation Ban. Nick Arama at Red State is satisfied as Trans Activists Disrupt Proceedings in Texas Capitol, Police Deliver a Decisive Response. At Althouse, A state judge who previously served in the legislature as a Democrat rules against the Democrat who was ousted from the legislature by Republicans. "I'm reading "Judge Rejects Montana Lawmaker’s Effort to Return to House Floor" (NYT)." "It's somewhat encouraging to see a judge decide against a political figure from the party he is/was associated with, but — to resist overpraise — this was probably an easy case."

At Da Fed, Margot Cleveland hopes Lawsuit Against Key Speech Silencers Threatens To Blow Open The Censorship-Industrial Complex. Am Great's Scott Greer  explains The Conservative Case for Getting Sued Into Oblivion. "For all its faults, a high standard for defamation protects controversial conservative speech. We shouldn’t assist our enemies in chipping away at it."  Bobbie Weissberg at  Minding the Campus thinks Protecting Free Speech is the Wrong Strategy "A non-confrontational strategy just reflects cowardice. Quackery is quackery, and we will not defeat it by ever more high-sounding rhetoric about the life of the mind." At Da Caller, ADORNEY: Elon Musk’s Latest Move Shows How Twitter Encourages People To Live Outside Reality, all the fuss over blue checks. At Twitchy, Thomas Jefferson University pres. condemned … for questioning ‘The Science’ (with Twitter likes); Updated. Thomas Jefferson rolls over. Dave Strom, Journalist browbeats Med school Dean into abject apology Alex Berenson@AlexBerenson "HOLY MOLY. The president of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia may be about to lose his job. Dr. Mark Tykocinski is a 70-year-old immunologist with an spotless academic record. His crime appears to be liking my tweets. Academic freedom is dead." Hat Hair's Beege Wellborn, Physicians? Y'all better heal your ownselves. Ace, Randi Weingarten Is Lying About Working to Re-Open The Schools, Says... CNN and Lori Lightfoot "Randi Weingarten testified before Congress, perjuring herself so hard that a criminal referral is warranted. She claimed that all during the pandemic, she and her fellow teachers union officials were working every day "trying to get schools open.""

 At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.02.23Bud Light effect? Coca-Cola gets the message, votes AGAINST woke proposal to target pro-life states, American Thinker: A Woman is not a Cat, It Takes a Village?,The Geller Reports 1 in 4 High School Students Identifies as LGBTQ, Hollywood In Toto, Rockers Dee Snider, KISS’s Paul Stanley Oppose ‘Gender Affirming’ Surgery, Legal Insurrection UVA Student Claims BLM Activist Ruined Her Life Over a Misheard Remark, North Dakota Bill: Students Cannot Use Bathroom of Their Choice, Teachers Can Ignore ‘Preferred Pronouns’, Shark Tank: Florida, Where ESG Goes To Die,Weasel Zippers: WH Absurdly Claims “Illegal Migration” Has “Come Down By More Than 90%”, Palestinians: It’s “Racist” To Say That Israel Made The “Desert Bloom”, and Oklahoma Becomes 16th State To Ban Trans Procedures On Kids, The Federalist: White Man Calling Himself A ‘Lesbian Indian’ Forces Alphabet Activists To Turn On Their Own Talking Points, Why I’m More Scared Of American Social Media Companies Than TikTok, California’s Rainbow Color Revolution Just Felled Tennessee, And It’s Not Stopping There, Report: Unable To Meet Recruiting Targets, The U.S. Navy Is Turning To Drag Queens For Help, and Stephen King’s Fiction Is Just Clumsy Left-Wing Moralism Now.

At Bounding into Sports, Male Swimmer “Lia” Thomas Now Goes After Feminists Who Refuse To Conform To Trans Agenda, Accuses Them Of Pushing “Transphobic Beliefs”.  From Breitbart, ‘Monty Python’ Star John Cleese Rails Against Men in Women’s Sports: ‘Unfair Advantage.’  Hot Hair cites Da Wire, John Cleese: Maybe everyone should watch Life of Brian again. Da Caller disgusted that Trans Woman ‘Not Guilty’ Of Indecent Exposure Charges After Using Women’s Locker Room, Court Rules. Claire Fox at Compact explains how and why A ‘Trans’ Pedophile Stole My Name. Dave Strom at Hat Hair, The science says "get 'em while they're young!" "It’s hard to believe that some physicians wait until age 8 or 9 to begin the process of gender transition for children. The “science” says you should start much, much earlier. As we all know 2-year-olds begin the dangerous contemplation of suicide if their parents force them to wear blue or pink diapers, the colors of which fail to match their internal sense of gender identity." Tristan Justice at Da Fed amused at how White Man Calling Himself A ‘Lesbian Indian’ Forces Alphabet Activists To Turn On Their Own Talking Points. Brandon Morse at Red State is hopeful The Transgender Activist Community Is About to Be Taught a Long Overdue Lesson. PJM's Steve Kruiser wonders Will Trans Madness Weariness Play a Big Role in 2024? Dave Strom, That's NOT FUNNY! Comedy club denies entry of TERF M.P.

Waco Herald Trib (cited at Hat Hair), "Halo effect": Bud Light boycott now impacting other Anheuser-Busch brands. Dave Strom, Bud light sales are cratering...along with other A/B beers. Get woke, go broke. Victory Girls, Why The Bud Light Transgender Backlash Matters. Am Great's John Collins thinks he knows The Untold Story of the Bud Light Fiasco "The “Real Men of Genius” at Anheuser-Bush have screwed the pooch in more than just one way."

On the Summit, Colorado: 27 Democrats Vote Against Making Flashing Kids A Felony, "Claim it will lead to banning of drag shows and “attacks” on transgender people" and Chelsea Clinton Comes Out In Favour Of Porn For School Kids, "Says “bans” on sexually explicit books are “harmful” to children."  Mark Tapson at Front Page, The Top Ten Woke Lies, Part 4 "The next two in the series."

Matt Vespa is amused when NYT Details What Happens When There's a 'Right-Wing' Takeover at a College. The Dersh, cited at Hat Hair, Good news: Harvard has a Council on Academic Freedom. Bad news: It needs it. At Campus Reform, Princeton University invites students to learn about ‘Pleasure Practices' from 'Fat Sex Therapist’ and 'I guess we need a conservative:' LI trained student wins campus vice presidency. At Insty, LAW SCHOOLS FACE AN INFLECTION POINT WITH Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. "Universities and faculties in particular should take decisive action to prevent [DEI administrators] from subverting the core principles of academic inquiry. At this inflection point, I propose a five-course action plan. . . ."

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