Monday, May 2, 2022

A New MD White Perch Record

New record White Perch
 Chesapeake Bay Mag, Unexpected Catch Breaks White Perch Md. Record

Robert “Bob” Hudson, who lives in Ocean Pines outside Ocean City, recently landed a 1.85-pound white perch, a weight that broke the previous Atlantic division record in Maryland.

Hudson and a friend were headed out clamming, but noticed some active fish in the Bay and changed their plans. They had no rod on board, so the two headed back to shore to find gear.

According to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Hudson used “a beginner light spinning rod and a “Roy Rig”—a locally popular lure that is basically a rubber shad body rigged on a lead head.” After just two casts, Hudson caught the record fish.

More typical White Perch

“Look at the size of that,” Hudson said after reeling in the white perch. “We never see (white perch) in the middle of the bay.”

Hudson’s record catch was weighed on a certified scale at Crabs to Go by Sarah Stephan and officially confirmed as a white perch (Morone americana) by a DNR biologist.

Hudson’s white perch broke the previous state record, held by Ryan Timmons with a 1.7-pound white perch caught in 2016. We wonder what would’ve happened if Hudson had stuck with his original plan of clamming for the day.

He’ll be awarded a plaque from DNR.

A diminutive relative of the Striped Bass (Morone saxatilis), White Perch might be called the People's Fish in Maryland. So widely distributed and common that there are no size or number limits on them, they are delicious, if a little small. 

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