Friday, February 4, 2022

Friday Political Frolic

Quite a scattershot load today. First, on the question of student load forgiveness, Matt Vespa at Town Hall asks Dear Young Biden Voters, Did You Really Think This Was Going to Happen?. It's far too big a business, and while young people shout loud, businesses speak with money. At Rumble, Mark Levin RIPS Dems: You Brought Us Biden Knowing Damn Well He Wasn’t Capable Of Doing The Job. Thank goodness. AllahPundit at Haut Hair has an orgasm at the thought, GOP activist on Michelle Obama: "God help us. She could beat any of our candidates." On Da Hill, Michelle Obama: Democrats' 2024 'break glass in case of emergency' candidate. But she's content to be queen without all the hard work.

At Fox, AOC tells Schumer to make Sinema's life 'as difficult as possible'. At Da Mail, AOC tells Schumer to make Sinema's life 'as difficult as possible' after moderate who killed Build Back Better and Biden's voting rights plan complained Senate votes were too slow and Robert Spencer at  PJ Media, AOC Calls on Schumer to Make the Lives of Sinema and Other ‘Obstructionists’ As ‘Difficult As Possible’. Babies gonna whine. I assume Schumer knows better. 

At Da Caller, Kevin McCarthy Plots An Investigation Avalanche If GOP Retakes House, as well he should, but these things rarely work as well as their proponents hope. 

Morgan Ortagus
More on Morgan Ortagus from PM, The Battle for TN-5: Trump Defends Ortagus Pick and Suggests Robby Starbuck Voted for Obama… Except He Didn’t?. I don't get the animus. But she did support Jeb once upon a time, but you have to forgive old mistakes like that.  From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.03.22, Ted Noels at Am Think thinks (no, not yet) he knows Why Donald Trump Should NOT Be the Republican Nominee. Trump was too nice. 

It is this urge to call in experts, as he did with the Wollman Skating Rink, that makes Donald Trump a poor selection to Drain the Swamp. The Donald is simply too trusting, and it bit him in the unmentionables. Rather than a competent business manager, we need an assassin in the White House. You simply cannot be polite when the task at hand calls for explosives rather than scalpels.

 From Da Wire, ‘Not Black Enough’: Virginia Republican Blasts Black Caucus After He Claims They Rejected His Entrance, Fox, Black, Republican Virginia delegate says Black Caucus rejected him. If you didn't vote for Biden, you ain't black!

Politico reports De Blasio, newly departed from office, eyeing congressional run, "De Blasio’s allies believe he could perform well among Black and Latino voters in parts of the district, though he has remained unpopular among conservative white voters and progressives, according to polls." NYPo, Please, Blas — run for Congress from Staten Island. We’re begging you, "Nothing would please New Yorkers more than a chance to humiliate ex-Mayor Bill de Blasio by rejecting another of his idiotic quests for political office."

Breitbart claims an Exclusive — Sen. Tom Cotton Opposes Media Cartel Plan: ‘Would Mean More Censorship of Conservatives’, Of course it would. Austin Bay, The Best Media China Can Buy -- Or Blackmail.  At Da Fed, J Christian Adam explains how The Real Foreign Interference In Our Elections Is Happening At Your Local DMV, in the form of motor voter. 

Sundance at CTH wakes up to the reality that U.S. Senator Ray Lujan Suffers Stroke, Creates Issue for Biden and Democrat Agenda. But Fox informs us Biden praises McConnell as 'man of honor' ahead of Supreme Court confirmation, but will he let the opportunity slide? Dennis Weisman at Am Think discusses Biden's Supreme Court Tradeoff. Quality or politics? Politics wins every time. Caitlin Sutheland at NYPo sees A shady liberal funding network is pushing Biden’s hand for SCOTUS pick. Money talks. Nick Arama at Red State sees Biden Starts Talking About Race Again, and It Goes off the Rails "I said, 'Mom, why are all those kids— it was then called colored— why are all those COLORED KIDS in that bus?" Let's be fair, I remember when that was the polite form too. John Sexton at Haut Hair reads  Politico: John Roberts should retire too.  "There are so many problems with these argument that I don’t really know where to begin." Nope, not gonna happen. He may hate Trump, but he doesn't love Biden. At Am Spec, Rabbi Fischer says Whoopi Goldberg for Supreme Court Justice, "Joe Biden has found his nominee — but he’s got only two weeks to complete the deal."

At Town Hall, Terry Jeffrey questions Justice Breyer's Interpretation of Cruel and Unusual

At the PI, Biden Judge Nominee Gets Grilled While Facing GOP Sen. John Kennedy’s Infamous ‘Bar Exam’ I look forward to his turn with Biden's nominee. 

Insty, ANALYSIS: TRUE. Georgetown Law’s actions against Ilya Shapiro lack credibility: Criticizing racial discrimination is protected by the university’s ‘Speech and Expression Policy.’ "The only actual principle involved here is that Georgetown will not tolerate disagreement with the Democrat/Lefty narrative of the moment. It’s a disgrace." From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.03.22, Transterrestrial Musings posts In Support Of Ilya Shapiro,

Also at PI, Trump Rips Lindsey Graham – ‘Lindsey’s A Nice Guy, But He’s A RINO’ for saying he opposed commutation of J6 sentences. Lindsey 1.0 is back. Insty, RULES FOR THEE, BUT NOT ME: 
Devon Archer is Hunter Biden’s long-time business partner. He was convicted in 2018 on two felony counts of securities fraud. And since his trial that led to the convictions began in 2016, Archer has roamed the world, according to Just the News.

“His travel log, enumerated in the court documents, reads like the travels of an American secretary of state: Russia, Mexico, China, Spain, Italy, the former Soviet republics of Kazakhstan and Ukraine, the money laundering capital of Latvia, Hong Kong, London, Singapore and the French Antilles, to name a few,” Just the News reports.

It’s good indeed to be one of the privileged elite. If you are a January 6 defendant, the charges you face aren’t remotely as serious as securities fraud. Even so, don’t expect anything less than seizure of your passport, extended detention, (or regular reporting of your location to the court if you aren’t jailed pending trial), and multiple other restrictions on your goings and comings, until you are convicted and then promptly imprisoned. 
At Da Caller, in Loudoun County, Maskless Students Suspended For Minimum Of 10 Days, Could Face Trespassing Charges, and Loudoun County Educators Allege ‘Hostile Work Environment’ As Districts Threaten To Terminate Maskless Teachers. At WTOP, Youngkin, Miyares ask to join suit challenging Loudoun Co. school board’s decision to uphold mask mandate, while Bacon's Rebellion reports Democrat Consultant Revels in Raunch Attack on Virginia Kids "Ben Tribbett is the founder of a Northern Virginia Democratic consulting firm called Pocket Aces Consulting."

But in a rare sign of a return to sanity, John Sexton reports Schools are embracing phonics to improve reading scores.

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