Thursday, February 17, 2022

Back From Fishin'

I met Pete down at the dock at Flag Harbor just about sunrise, and as soon as everyone else arrived we took off for the usual winter fishing spot.
Immediately after we arrived, the bite was going. We all got a fish or two, nothing ginormous. 
After that, the bite slowed considerably, although we caught a few more here and there. At one point we had to go over to shore to "rescue" a local boy we know who had gone in to look for shark's teeth. The tide fell, and he ended up on the wrong side of the sand bar. It only took a few minutes to tow him off with his anchor line.
Back to fishing. At one point, Pete looked at the fish finder and said " I see three fish", then two of us hooked up (not me!). 
Mike's fish turned out to be the one we were after, 41 inches. Pete mugs while Mike holds the fish, which was put back momentarily. 

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