Tuesday, February 22, 2022

A Political Status Post

Madeline Leesman at Town Hall has  a New Poll of California Voters Spells that Bad News for Democrats. I don't believe they'll lose Californian, but if it's turning more purple, they're apt to lose other states. At Am Spec, Rabbi Fischer identifies Biden-Pelosi Democrats’ Seven Deadly Sins: D.R.E.A.M.E.R., "D = Defund the Police, R = Race Relations, E = Education, A = Afghanistan, M = Mexico Border, E = Economy and R = Religion." Also at Am Spec, David Catron says Sorry Democrats, Your Problem Isn’t Messaging, "The voters know the difference between specious talking points and effective policies." Althouse catches Anxious"Searching for a strategy to avoid a 2022 midterm disaster, advisers to President Biden have discussed elevating a unifying Republican foil not named Donald Trump...." " [T]here's close to a consensus that Democrats can't hold Congress by focusing on Trump.... Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) told Axios: 'I wish that we could just find one face that we could point to, such as with Donald Trump... maybe a composite.'" That's what they need, a fictitious opponent, say, Emmanuel Goldstein. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.21.22, the Shark Tank reports Demings Irked By Defund The Police Narrative Against Democrats. Hey, lay down with BLM dogs and wake up with fleas. Ace, Surprise! Clinton's Attorney Marc Elias Takes Over BLM "How serendipitous that Hillary Clinton has reached a fat, bloated tentacle into BLM and incorporated it into the octopoidal parasite that is Clinton, Inc.!"  Capt. Ed at Haut Hair, Once more, with feeling: Dems deluding themselves into irrelevancy over progressive majority "myth".

Breitbart, Bidenflation Runs Hot Sending Rents Soaring Across the Country. Even NPR admits Inflation has many retirees worried about outliving their savings. Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.21.22, Weasel Zippers, Now You Can Watch U.S. Wages Fall In Real Terms.

Lighter moments in politics, First from KT at Haut Hair, Texas GOP woman candidate loses major endorsement after posting seminude Tik Tok video. Heck, I'd vote for her. At NYPo, Former stripper Alexandra Hunt running for Congress as soft-on-crime candidate. Nothing wrong with a former stripper as long as we can see her full resume. 

Alexandra Hunt (r)

At WJ, Dem Candidate Offers Up Pathetic Excuse After She Drunkenly 'Attacks' 12 Year Olds, Vomits in Hamper Who thought mixing wine and pills was a bad idea, raise their hands! 

Abby Broyles (D)

NonDoc’s Matt Patterson and Tres Savage reported the party was held Feb. 11-12 at the house of a parent who had, according to federal records, donated $2,550 to Broyles’ doomed 2020 senatorial race.

They cited multiple accounts of Broyles becoming intoxicated and berating the eight girls in attendance. Among the insults logged in addition to the incendiary “Hispanic f*****” were “acne f*****” and “judgy f*****.” 
Nancy Mace
AllahPundit at Haut Hair is happy, Nancy Mace on Trump backing her opponent: "I'm gonna win without him"; Update: Mulvaney endorses. Hey, at least she didn't get drugged up, throw up in the hamper, and call little kids 'Hispanic f******.'

Politico hopeful, Republicans wince at Wisconsin GOP crack-up. From JTN, Colorado Secretary of State sues election clerk to turn over data copied from voting machines "No, you can't see how we did things!" At Fox, Scott Perry opines, Democrats know stripping election safeguards would extinguish fair elections, but that's their intent, "A roadmap for Republicans to stop the 'Right to Cheat' bill and save our democracy." The Wa Free Bee details how How Eric Holder Tipped the Scales in North Carolina’s Redistricting Fight, "A North Carolina judge who received $200,000 in contributions from former attorney general Eric Holder's partisan redistricting network could soon cast the decisive vote in a legal battle over the state’s congressional maps." At Breitbart, Vermont Towns Open Voting to Foreign Nationals, Offering Ballots in Foreign Languages

At Am Great TF Malloch whines  about Judas Pence "Mike Pence isn’t fooling anyone and will be neither president nor Donald Trump’s running mate in 2024." Well, he wouldn't be my choice, but I can't muster up that level of hate for him. Not as long as there are people like the Week agitating about The naked ambition of Trumpist Republicans

Regarding the Capitol incursion, The redoubtable Julie Kelly at Am Great thinks Trudeau Style Tyranny Is Already Here, "As freedom-lovers justifiably recoil at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s crackdown, Americans worry it could happen here. They’re too late. It already has." 

What the Trudeau regime is now unleashing against the truckers and their supporters has been underway in America for more than a year. Using January 6 as a pretext, the Biden regime is brandishing its authority to crush political dissent. Now, it appears Trudeau and his apparatchiks are stealing the U.S. Justice Department’s playbook of power and pain.

Volokh at the Volokh Conspiracy sees how a Court in Civil Case Holds Trump's Jan. 6 Speech Could Be Constitutionally Unprotected Incitement

As to intent, I'm skeptical that Trump specifically intended to get members of the audience to act criminally, and not just to engage in lawful protest, simply because such criminal action was clearly politically and practically bad for Trump. There was no real chance, I think, that a criminal attack would get the members of Congress to go along with Trump—members of Congress may be cowed by the threat of political retaliation (indeed, in some situations they are supposed to be), but I very much doubt that they would be cowed by even the threat of violence.
. . .
But the bigger point is beyond Trump, I think. As we saw in the twelve months ending with January 6, 2021, political violence is hardly unique to one particular political dispute or one particular side. And any standard for upholding civil liability for such speech (if it's ultimately accepted on appeal) will surely be applied far beyond this case, especially since nothing in the plaintiffs' theory is limited to speech by the President, or speech about elections, or speech that leads to an attack on the Capitol as such, or for that matter speech that stems from erroneous factual claims as opposed to correct factual claims or for that matter expressions of opinion. (The courts' decision, after all, deals with the incitement exception and not the libel exception.)

 Not complete; gotta go. Maybe more later?

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