Sunday, February 6, 2022

Forget It Jake, It's Baltimore

Ashe Schow at Da Wire, 77% Of Students At One Baltimore High School Read At Elementary, Kindergarten Level

More than three quarters of students at one Baltimore high school are reading at an elementary level, with many reading at a kindergarten level.

Fox Baltimore reported that a teacher at Patterson High School, one of the largest high schools in the city, came forward with information showing 77% of students at the schools were found to have an elementary school reading level. Patterson has a 61% graduation rate and a $12 million budget. The teacher has not been identified to protect them from retaliation.

“iReady assessments are given in Baltimore City Schools to help determine at which grade level a student is performing in math and reading. The scores are not made public. If the media requests them, the district will redact most of the results. But Project Baltimore obtained the results for all of the students tested at Patterson High School,” the outlet reported. “In reading, 628 Patterson High School students took the test. Out of those students, 484 of them, or 77%, tested at an elementary school reading level. That includes 71 high school students who were reading at a kindergarten level and 88 students reading at a first-grade level. Another 45 are reading at a second-grade level. Just 12 students tested at Patterson High School, were reading at grade level, which comes out to just 1.9%.”

When Fox asked the teacher how a student with such a low reading school could make it to high school, the teacher said “They’re pushed through.”

But I'll bet they had their Critical Race Theory down cold. 

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