Saturday, February 26, 2022

Some Saturday Politics

Trying to get back on track today. It may or may not happen.

Biden's and the Democrats polls continue to drag bottom. Marist, "Majorities of Americans think Biden’s first year in office has been a failure (56%), he is not fulfilling campaign promises (54%), and he is doing more to divide the nation (52%) than to unite it. Americans are more than four times as likely to consider Biden’s first year to be a major failure (36%) than a major success (8%)." John Sexton at Haut Hair, Two new polls give Biden 'rock-bottom numbers'. Make that three. Fox, Biden's foreign affairs approval plummets to 40%: Gallup poll. But just wait until he tells us what a success his Ukraine policy has been at the SOTU this week!

CNBC has the sads, Fed’s favorite inflation gauge up 5.2% for biggest annual gain since 1983. Not found, the word "Biden." At the TampaFreep, Democrats Ask Biden To Tap Strategic Petroleum Reserve Again. Why not greenlight the Keystone Pipeline and fracking on US lands again? As Kevin Downey at PJ Media notes It's the End of the World as We Know It and I Blame Joe. Meanwhile, LA Times is providing covering fire for their ex-Senator, Where’s the love? Here’s why Kamala Harris’ California poll numbers stink. John Sexton again, Democratic moderates have a game plan for surviving the midterms.  ". . . the actual contents may not matter much. The point of this plan is to signal that moderate Dems have rejected all of the issues that have gotten the party in trouble lately, from defunding the police to mask mandates to inflation" In other words, lie like a rug. Also, Jamelle Bouie says House moderates are the Democratic party's real problem, but his readers aren't buying it.   But here's one, from the Western Journal, Democratic Legislator Announces She's Flipping to the Republican Party After Having a Realization: 'It Was in My Heart' “One of the things was that I am just totally pro-life, and I am about capitalism, and I am for funding the police. And so those things are what made me make my final decision,” From The Morning Rant at Ace's, Beto Attempts The “Trust Me I’m Lying” Strategy Regarding Guns.

Athena Thorne at PJ Media, hears Sen. Rick Scott Unveils 11-Point Plan to Rescue America, and It Is Glorious. Nothing there I disagree with, but, will he really implement it or just run on it? NYT, cited at Haut Hair, whines Courting GOP's mainstream and extreme, McCarthy plots rise to Speaker. "Plots?" Politico wish casts a Hard pivot toward Trump proves costly for red-state ally, "Utah Sen. Mike Lee faces a groundswell of opposition. His relationship with Donald Trump is at the center of it." "Groundswell" could mean two or three disgruntled Democrat reporters. KT at Haut Hair reports Republican Senator Jim Inhofe to announce early retirement, setting up a special election in Oklahoma. It should be a safe seat. Arron Kliegman at JTN, At this year's CPAC, the anti-establishment is the establishment, "With a growing base united against the left, Republicans look to 2024 with Trump in the driver's seat."  At 1945, Donald Trump Vs. Hillary Clinton In 2024? Why It Could Happen. Just say no. As the stomach turns from Paul Bedard at WaEx, Cheney rising: Second to Trump with all 2024 voters. Mike LaChance at Li reports Voting Data in Texas Suggests the Hispanic Shift to the GOP is Real, "Republicans are winning on the issues that matter most to Hispanic voters and are well-positioned to capitalize on Democrats’ extremely unpopular policies”

Kaelen Deese at WaEx, North Carolina GOP asks Supreme Court to block new congressional maps

The North Carolina Supreme Court recently found that the Legislature's version of the districts for the state's 14 U.S. House seats was unconstitutionally gerrymandered, prompting GOP lawmakers to redraw the map. A trial court Wednesday found that the changes were not sufficient and created an outside panel of experts to draw a replacement map.

Tim Moore, the Republican House speaker, announced the emergency appeal Friday and said he rejected the idea that the state court could reserve that power.

"The United States Constitution is clear — state legislatures, not state judges, are responsible for setting the rules governing elections,” Moore said in a press release. “By striking the General Assembly’s congressional map and redrawing their own, with the help of Democrat partisans, the courts have, once again, violated the separation of powers."

From Star News,  Lawsuit Alleges Michigan Secretary of State Allowed Facebook to Sway 2020 Election. That was the point, after all. Meanwhile, TNP reports on how Mark Zuckerberg’s Election Interference Chief Now Runs Joe Biden’s White House Tech Team. At WaEx Dave Drucker   Nigel Farage tells CPAC to stop complaining about 'stolen election'. Try winning the next one. But that's hard if they're still allowed to cheat with abandon. 

Apparently my jubilation over the demise of NYC Trump probe was premature; WaPoo Bragg taps new attorney to head Trump investigation after two lead prosecutors quit. Some interesting speculation at The New Reform Club regarding The Manhattan District Attorney’s Trump Probe:

Pomerantz and Dunne know they have, at best, a weak case. Perhaps, they have no case at all. They are consummate legal professionals and are wholly unwilling to make knowingly false representations before the judge—who has oversight over the grand jury and who has lawful authority to extend the grand jury’s term. If so, why the resignations? Perhaps because Bragg has told them: “Do whatever is necessary to extend the life of the grand jury, and swear out whatever certification you must before the judge—Do it or you are fired.” So, instead of being fired, Pomerantz and Dunne resigned.

Pomerantz and Dunne are bound by ethics rules in regard to grand jury testimony secrecy. But, apparently, someone is talking to the media. This is how we will know who wants the grand jury probe terminated and who wants its life extended. If Bragg shops around for new prosecutors and they decide to restart the investigatory process before a newly impanelled grand jury, then that likely means that Bragg wants—and has always wanted—the investigations to go forward. Otherwise, it was Bragg who was for closing the investigation down.

In the mask wars, Anxious finds CDC loosens masking guidance. Is it because the "science changed" (really, the data show infections sharply declining), or does Joe Biden want to claim victory over WuFlu before SOTU? Both could be true. Capt. Ed at Haut Hair, Science changing? CDC to finally "loosen" mask guidelines ... after Dem governors bail. Sundance at CTH, CDC Expected to Drop Mask Guidance That Nobody Pays Attention To. Ace, The CDC To Relax Masking Rules -- Just Before Brandon's State of the Union. Breitbart, Rand Paul to Force a Vote on Bill to End Mask Mandates on Planes: ‘Science Isn’t Changing, but the Polls Sure Are’   At WaEx, Target lifts mask requirement for employees and shoppers, but think of all the Karens! AllahPundit  Surprised at a Major gap between households with and without kids in support for school mask mandates. People with kids see the futility of school mask mandates. CBS 1, North Carolina Gov. Cooper (D) vetoes ‘Free the Smiles Act.’ Twitchy finds it amusing ‘Interesting timing’: AMA and NEA push back on the CDC’s new relaxed mask guidance because of course they do. Kavita Patel M.D.@kavitapmd "And Just Like That...within minutes our map went from this. . . . 

. . . .to this"

I'm convinced, we're done until and unless a new variant comes around. But Dr. Wu at the Slantic hopes We Might Not Need Annual COVID Shots "The vaccines will need an update at some point. But not every variant of concern will warrant one." Ace, CDC: Gee, Maybe Young Men Might Be At Risk for Myocarditis From Covid Vaccinations Like Those Conspiracy Theorists We Pressured Internet Monopolies To Deplatform Accurately Claimed, "I could swear this was a Conspiracy Theory That Would Get You Deplatformed just last week.". MN Sun, Exclusive: Minnesota Health System Denying Kidney Transplant to Unvaccinated Woman. and at Behind the Black, Today’s blacklisted American: 9-year-old boy denied kidney transplant because donor hasn’t gotten COVID jab. Comply or die. Also at Behind the Black, Pushback: Federal court grants injunction against United Airlines COVID shot mandate

And a good segue into education, Brandon Morse at Red State, has Hidden Footage Shows Angry Texas Teacher Saying Conservative Christians 'Need to Get COVID and Die'. Gabe Kaminsky at Da Wire, San Francisco School Board Members Who Were Recalled Blame ‘White Supremacy’ and Ace, Recalled San Francisco School Board Member: I Hope the Asians Who Voted Me Out of Office Are Happy They're Advancing the White Supremacist Cause. Arcamax, Schools in Rochester, Minnesota, monitor parents' social media posts and have twice contacted critics' employers. I'll bet it's pretty wide spread. KHOU Houston, 3 Aldine ISD aides fired after video shows them watching boy with autism being attacked by student. Also from Gabe Kaminsky, California School Officials Arrested For Allegedly Not Reporting Three Sexual Assault Cases. At Am Spec, Scott McKay claims Our Teacher Shortage Is a Sign of a Dead Educational System, "Time to start funding education options with a pulse — like, say, parents and children themselves." At City Journal, Chris Rufo stokes The Fight for Curriculum Transparency, "Parents have the right to know what public schools are teaching their children."

CBS 6 in Virginia is unhappy that the Youngkin report finds 'inherently divisive concepts' in Virginia schools. CRT under various guises. From the Wa Free Bee, Federal Judge Rules Virginia School’s Race-Driven Admissions Policies Unconstitutional. Good. 

Fox, LA DA George Gascon knew about trans child molester Hannah Tubbs jail calls before sentencing, deputy DA says, "California trans child molester Hannah Tubbs, 26, was sentenced to 2 years in a juvenile facility." Stacy McCain, Re: ‘Hannah’ Tubbs

When this case started making headlines — and it’s 24/7, rotating with Ukraine, as the top story on Fox News — I didn’t want to write about it because what is more absurd than a child molester claiming to be transgender so he can get leniency from a liberal California DA? The whole thing struck me as so inherently silly that there wasn’t much opportunity to make jokes about it. Like, it’s already a joke, what can I possibly say about it? But then I learned that this case was more serious than what I’d thought at first. This creep, James “Hannah” Tubbs, is a career criminal who committed a heinous assault:. . .
The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors issued a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Mr Tubbs . . .
The suspect had a conviction in the state for Assault With A Deadly Weapon in Kern County, California, and was previously alleged to have sexually assaulted a minor in a case that has never been brought to prosecution.
In 2019, Mr Tubbs came to the attention of Los Angeles County after he was arrested on suspicion of Battery in Idaho and his DNA was entered into a crime database.
During his time on the run, Mr Tubbs amassed a lengthy criminal record, which includes Assault With a Deadly Weapon convictions and Drug Possession and probation violations in Idaho and Washington, where he also has a pending misdemeanor case.
OMG, he assaulted a 10-year-old girl in a public restroom?

Have I mentioned lately that you can purchase a 7-horsepower wood chipper from Amazon for $619 through our associates program, which pays me a modest commission on all products purchased through our affiliated links, at no cost to you? Because perhaps you can think of a good use for a wood chipper, and once you’re done with that job, maybe take a look at Los Angeles DA George Gascon as the next job.

Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair, Texas moves to prosecute trans medical procedures on children as child abuse. It's bound to provoke outrage from the left, but it's true. Transgender madness verges on the silly at Front Page, The Bitty Bug Transgender Circus, "A miniature, knitted prosthetic penis arrives to save your female toddler from being misgendered," but what do they have for males? At Am Spec, Woke Witches: Feminist Film Teaches Teens That Masculinity Is Cursed, "“The Craft: Legacy” is basically Man-Hating 101." So kind like a fictionalized "The View?" 4 witches hating men?

That's enough, I still have two small digital bins to organize, ingest and regurgitate, the Supreme Court nomination and Jan 6. fallout, but neither of them are pressing, and this should give you something to chew on for now. 

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