Monday, February 7, 2022

Oregon, My Oregon

Tina Kotek
Post Millennial, Oregon gubernatorial candidate expressed support for violent Portland rioters

With Pulitzer Prize-winning, former New York Times journalist Nicholas Kristof being deemed ineligible to run for Oregon governor, Tina Kotek, who resigned as Oregon Speaker of the House in January to focus on her campaign, has been eyed as a potential Democratic shoe-in candidate for the seat.

Kotek though, has been revealed to have voiced her support for the Portland rioters that wrecked havoc in the city spanning a number of months in 2020. In a letter to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, she condemned the usage of tear gas on rioters during the night of June 30, 2020.

KATU 2 said that the Portland Police Bureau stated they used CS gas, a type of tear gas, to disperse the crowd after some threw commercial grade fireworks, rocks, and full cans and water bottles, injuring some of the officers.

In her letter, Kotek said the use of CS gas was "an unnecessary escalation by the PPB against people excercising (sic) their freedom of assembly and freedom of speech," according to KATU 2.

"What needed to be protected last night?" Kotek writes. "An empty office building? Was this need more important than the health of neighbors, of children in a neighborhood, of people returning home from work?"

She added regarding the rioters, "The declaration of an "unlawful assembly" did not seem warranted. The declaration of a 'riot' was an abuse of the statute. Therefore, the ensuing actions by the PPB were unlawful."

The full version of this letter has since been removed from Facebook, where it was originally published.

Sadly, she'll probably win. Maybe it will speed the Greater Idaho movement outside the Portland zone. 

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