Tuesday, February 8, 2022

She Aborted the "Devil's Child"

Karissa & Kristina Shannon 
 NYPO, Playboy Playmate claims she aborted Hugh Hefner’s ‘devil child’ at 19

A 2009 Playboy Playmate, Karissa Shannon, claims she aborted Hugh Hefner’s “devil child” at age 19 after the late Playboy baron reportedly plied her with alcohol, forced her into unprotected group sex and impregnated her when he was in his 80s.

And the model told The Post that she “pities” the fact that Hef is now dead because he “got away” with upending the lives of so many vulnerable women — including her own. Karissa Shannon  says she felt like she was carrying the “devil’s child” after she was unexpectedly impregnated by Hugh Hefner at age 19.

“It was like the devil was inside of me,” Shannon, 32, told the Mirror of Hef’s spawn. “I didn’t want anyone to know I was carrying an 83-year-old man’s child.”


The platinum pinup, who regularly appeared on Hefner’s E! reality series “The Girls Next Door” alongside her twin sister, Kristina, allegedly learned that the smut magazine magnate had gotten her pregnant when she took a blood test before undergoing breast augmentation surgery in 2009.Karissa Shannon said she felt like she was carrying the “devil’s child” after she was unexpectedly impregnated, allegedly by Hefner. 

“I was disgusted with my body and felt like there was an alien inside my stomach,” she told the Mirror, insisting her unborn child had indeed been fathered by Hefner.

“I wasn’t having sex with anyone else, so it only could have been his baby,” Shannon continued. “I just wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible. I didn’t want Hef to find out, and he never did.”

Her charge against Hefner comes alongside a deluge of abuse and sexual misconduct allegations made in the damning new A&E documentary “Secrets of Playboy.” Throughout the series, Playmates, employees and members of Hef’s harem finger the fallen erotica icon for allegedly exploiting unsuspecting women behind the once-impermeable walls of his Playboy Mansion.
When a girl reach the age of eighteen
She begins to think she's grown
And hat's the kind of little girl
You can never find at home

And the allure continues, Olympians Lisa Buckwitz, Janine Flock pose for Playboy
Olympians Lisa Buckwitz and Janine Flock are making headlines just as the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing get underway.

Buckwitz, a German bobsledder and skeleton racer, and Flock, who hails from Austria, posed nude for Playboy Germany’s Olympic issue, which dedicates a sultry cover of each athlete.

Buckwitz, who won gold in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, posed naked in a silk green blouse that was unbuttoned, exposing her breasts.

The 27-year-old Buckwitz also wore a gold body chain that wrapped around her waist and dangled across her butt and left thigh. She stood tall in the cover photo, leaning against a mirrored door with her black stiletto pressed against the glass. 

Flock, who competed at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, posed nude while sitting in a chair, covering part of her breasts with a fur blanket.

In accompanying interviews with Playboy, Buckwitz and Flock discussed the beauty of “natural bodies” and preached that women are deserving of feeling confident in their own skin.

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  1. I suspect a lot of women regret some of their past behavior, particularly in the context of being playboy bunnies.

    Or, they are now trying to cash in on the more salacious aspects, just like they all tried to cash in as bunnies, years ago. Once a high maintenance slut, always a high mantienance slut.

  2. Let me add this ... Unsuspecting? How stupid were these girls?