Friday, February 11, 2022

Beach Report 2/11/22 - Mako My Day

It was over 60 F at home, and in the lower 40s at the beach, thanks to a 10-15 kt wind blowing out of the southeast over the water. Georgia and Sky are a tiny speck down the beach.
The surf zone was just a bit rough to look in, and the beach mostly bare, so fossil hunting was slow, only 10 teeth (and a crab claw and a piece of stingray barb). 
I did stumble onto this 1 3/8" White Shark tooth washing in the surf. It's a little worn but not too bad. We used to think this was a Mako shark, and it's still commonly called that, but current taxonomy places it in the direct line of ancestors of the Great White Shark.

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