Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Did the FBI Stage the Jan. 6 Bombs?

But first, at Haut Hair Capt. Ed has some bad news for the reigning junta, a CNN poll: Majority of Dems reject Biden 2024. Why?  David Catron at Am Spec details How Biden and the Democrats Reignited Inflation, "Their wild spending created excess demand during a major supply chain disruption." CNS News reports Price of Unleaded Gas Up 40.8% Under Biden; Used Cars Up 40.5%; Beef Up 16.0%. Adam Vicari at Am Think thinks America Is Approaching Financial Doomsday, but to be fair, Republicans haven't fought as hard as they could have. Mike Miller at Red State, David Axelrod Basically Tells Biden to Stop Lying to America and Joe Will Ignore Every Word of It, "You simply cannot jawbone Americans into believing that things are better than they feel."  It's not a lie if you can't form a coherent thought. Michael Goodwin at NYPo has a tongue firmly in cheek ‘Peek’ inside the White House as bad news piles up for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris. It does kind of ring true, though. Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair, reads The Hill: Here's the shocking thing Democrats can do to salvage Biden's presidency

Thus, with just nine months until the midterm elections, Democrats must dedicate their focus to advancing centrist legislation that improves Americans’ quality of life and addresses their top concerns. Democrats should make a meaningful effort to work with Republicans on issues where compromise is possible, and push back on pressure from the far-left, whose policy positions alienate large swaths of the electorate.

I think we can safely rule that out. Sauron's Eye reports Republicans still back Trump but don't want GOP to punish disloyalty - CBS News poll, Fake news. If you add two categories together, "Look for ways to punish them now" (10%) , and "Support GOP opponents in primaries" (42%), you do, in fact, find a majority trying to punish disloyalty. On Da Hill, Lindsey (1.0) Graham says Trump 'hurting his chances' at reelection by focusing on 2020. Maybe, but he was still robbed. AllahPundit at Haut Hair is pissed that a GOP senator hints: When we're back in the majority, we might require Biden to get an annual cognitive test "I do think it’d be funny, though, if a Republican House and Senate passed a bill ordering Biden to prove that he’s not a few cards short of a deck and then Biden had to decide whether to veto it. A veto wouldn’t be a great look!"

At PJ Media Matt Margolis wonders Is the Biden Admin Trying to Hide a Report on Dominion Voting Systems? In Georgia. Yes, but why? Audacy reports that in Pennsylvania, RNC Sues Bucks County over Refusal to Share Vote Counting Information. Again with the coverup. For no crime, we're told repeatedly. Margot Cleveland at Da Fed has even more on  Systemic Voting Issues In Pennsylvania County Even More Extensive Than Previously Known. Robert Bluey at Da Signal on How the Left Upended Our Election Laws in 2020

Kat Scanlon at WaEx, AOC running out of time to challenge Chuck Schumer. I'll take AOC, she's marginally better looking, and much less effective. 1945 wonders Would Kamala Harris Overturn The 2024 Presidential Election? If she could get away with it. At Red State Kevin McCullough says Take Congress, Fix The Nation, Jail The Criminals

Jon Hall at Am Think thinks Mike Pence Fell Short on January 6. He could have opened and counted all the electoral votes, and thrown it to the house? I'm skeptical. 

The notorious never-Trumper Andy McCarthy (who, nevertheless still is a good legal commentator) at NR says Fix the January 6 committee. Not gonna happen. Jon Adler at Volokh Report explains Why Efforts to Throw Rep Cawthorn Off the Ballot Are Likely Unconstitutional. That's one of the things the J6 Committee hope to accomplish with Trump. 

At Am Great, the redoubtable Julie Kelly thinks The January 6 Pipe Bombs Look Like Another FBI Hoax. God, I hope not, but if so, it's time to nuke the Hoover Building from orbit and salt the green glass. An interesting coincidence, the woman who called in the first bomb worked for an FBI contractor. Another, Kamala Harris visited the DNC that day, and the SS/FBI "missed" the bomb in their sweep. Hmmm.

From Da Wire Rep. Pramila Jayapal Compares Refusing To Mask Up In The Elevator To … January 6. She should always wear a mask. Omicron is come and gone. New infections are negligible. 

Capt. Ed at Haut Hair, notes Senate Dems to Biden: What's taking so long on SCOTUS pick? They knew Breyer was leaving, he was pushed. They should have already had a pick lined up. AllahPundit pitches a fit when Manchin says If there's another SCOTUS vacancy close to the midterms, I won't allow it to be filled

Summit News has the   Video: Biden Declares “Personal Freedom” Comes Second To COVID Mandates, and nearly all other Democrat goals. Based Politics, No, Biden, Ending Mask Mandates Isn’t ‘Premature’. Capt. Ed, hears the DC mayor: We're canceling mandated vaccination checks tomorrow, but as Wa Free Bee notes, DC Keeps School Mask Mandates Despite Dropping COVID Vaxx Passes. So kids, who are virtually immune from the worst effects, are still be penalized the most. Why? AllaPundit is pissed when  McConnell blasts Dems for letting teachers unions set school COVID policy. "The only science that's changed in the last two weeks is the political science. The only data that's changed in the last two weeks is Democrat's polling data." Ace, notes Nobody Wore a Mask at the Super Bowl Yesterday -- Including Eric Garcetti, the LA Mayor Imposing the Mask Mandate on Everyone Else -- But Today All LA Children Will Be Forced to Mask Up, "One important question we'll have to investigate: If children are so resilient, why are adults so fragile and weak?" The Babylon Bee, Brilliant: L.A. Schoolchildren Dress Up As Super Bowl Celebs So They Won't Have To Wear Masks.
"Sorry, teach -- you can't make me wear that," said one girl who now resembled Miley Cyrus. "I'm rich and famous and I'm above your rules." One smart student dressed up as Gavin Newsom himself, so he was allowed to wear no mask, dine indoors, and even given a private lunch party at an exclusive lunch table just for him, while everyone else had to wear masks and sit six feet apart.

Nick Arama at Red State,  Ted Cruz Skewers AOC When She Posts Cringeworthy Tweet to Him, dancing maskless. True that. @aoc. Only Dems can be such shameless mask hypocrites. Dance while you make the “little people” mask up. #RulesForTheeButNotForMe.

Thaddeus McCotter at Am Great, Our Greatest Domestic Threat: Pro-Government Extremists. Matt Margolis at PJ Media, Woke Books From Scholastic Press Are Polluting Our Schools and Homes. You could delete "From Scholastic Press."

Sister Toldja at Red State has an amusing anecdote, Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears' Response to Someone Hiding Her Gavel Is the Stuff of Legends

Whether it was via a prankster or it legitimately went missing, the gavel that is normally used to bring the State Senate in order was nowhere to be found. So Lt. Gov. Sears decided to improvise – courtesy of a high-heeled shoe.

As she did so, Sears uttered a quote which, like the shoe itself, is the stuff of legends.

“One shoe can change your life. Just ask Cinderella,” she stated, according to Washington Post reporter Laura Vozzella, who tweeted out the below image of the now-famous shoe:

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  1. Gavel was probably stolen by the outgoing Democrats. They souvenired it to themselves.