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For those who haven't followed closely, this may be news. Sometime in his career, Donald Trump developed a slightly odd habit of ripping up documents when he was through with them. While probably a fine habit when a businessman (I understand the temptation, I had to throw away several filing cabinets worth of old proposals, manuscript drafts and other miscellany when I retired), this is a no-no in the Federal government, where each sheet is considered part of the permanent record. I think simple math will ultimately dictate digitization as the sheer volume of nonsense exceeds the capacity of the earth to hold it. Any way, the habit was well known, and dumpster divers in the White House were assigned to rescue his discards, tape them back together and preserve them and the poor J6 committee actually has been forced to peer at reconstituted documents.  Now, the media is trying to turn this into a re-impeachable offense. WaPoo, What is the Presidential Records Act, and how did Trump violate it? Huff Poo, cites at YaHoo!, Trump Reportedly 'Never Stopped Ripping' Up White House Documents And Breaking The Law.  Slate, Trump Reportedly Ripped Up Hundreds of Documents Illegally During Presidency But what-about how Pelosi felt 'liberated' after ripping up Trump's 2020 State of the Union speech, author says. Can we put her in jail now?

The National File reports AZ Rep. Mark Finchem Introduces Resolution That Disputes 2020 Election Results'Set Aside And Decertify'. At YaHoo! This Pro-Trump County Is Carrying Out a Wild Audit of Its Own 2020 Votes. Otero County, NM. Fine, all elections need to be checked, even the ones we like. Margot Cleveland at Da Fed features Exclusive Whistleblower Videos Show Systemic Issues With Pennsylvania Elections.  Politico, Trump was advised by 'snake oil salesmen,' former Pence chief of staff says, but From Da Caller, Pence’s Former Chief Of Staff Admits ‘There Were Significant Concerns’ With The 2020 Election

“You’re afforded a chance to challenge, you’re afforded the chance to bring legal challenges, but at the point of the Electoral College meeting on December 14, at that point the process is concluded. That’s why the Constitution wanted the states the ability to certify elections and not the federal government. It’s very clear, in fact, in the federalist papers. They warned about the threat of a federal government having that sort of authority.”

When asked at what point did he conclude the allegations about election fraud were baseless, Short replied he was not sure the allegations were baseless. “I’m not confident of that,” he concluded.

Kari Lake
Similarly, Stacy Lennox at PJ Media says All Republican Candidates Must Learn a Lesson From Arizona Gubernatorial Hopeful Kari Lake. Don't let them set the narrative:

In a socially distanced interview with ABC, a reporter decided to ask Lake about the 2020 election. The reporter asked Lake if Joe Biden is the current president and if Lake thought that Democrats stole the 2020 election. Rather than entertain this ridiculous binary, Lake turned the questions back on the reporter and asked what she thought about them. Then she added a few. “Do you think Joe Biden garnered 81 million votes? Do you think the election was fair?” Lake shot back.

Lake refused to give a simple answer to an obvious gotcha question. Instead, she described the conflicting views about the 2020 election in clear terms. Rather than adopting the left’s view of people who still harbor questions about the irregularities they saw, she calmly defended their suspicions. Using her on-camera skills, Lake came across as unflappable and articulate.

“The problem is that the American people don’t have all the answers because the media is part of the problem,” Lake began. “The media is not reporting it. The media has never reported our [Arizona’s] forensic audit fairly. They’re not reporting what is happening in Georgia. They are not reporting on these ballot traffickers that are being paid to drop off ballots. The media is doing a huge disservice to this country. The people aren’t getting the full story.”

Morgan Ortagus
JTN reports Primary challengers to Georgia GOP Rep. Taylor Greene pitch toned down conservative platform, "Greene raised nearly $7.5 million through the end of last year, compared to less than $120,000 combined from two top primary challengers. At WaT, Marjorie Taylor Greene says a GOP intraparty ‘civil war’ is necessary. Also from JTN, With Trump's backing, Ortagus muscles into Tennessee GOP congressional primary, "Trump pre-endorsement follows early MAGA support for GOP candidate Robby Starbuck, rankles conservative influencer Candace Owens." I wondered who was behind the hit jobs. Don't let perfect become the enemy of good. 

At Haut Hair John Sexton notes Politico is still worried that the GOP is gaining ground with Hispanic voters in Texas

NewsBusters catches Gerrymandering hypocrisy, CNN's Cillizza Hails Dem 'Redistricting'; Earlier Denounced GOP 'Gerrymandering'. Shocked, I'm shocked. The New York Intelligencer is concerned that Democrats Need More Than Redistricting Wins in 2022.
Anyone who takes this redistricting news and extrapolates that Democrats are likely to keep the House in November is really missing most of the trees that make up the forest. People hastily reading Wasserman’s Donkey-rific take on redistricting might have missed this proviso: “A 42 percent President Biden approval rating could still equate to several dozen losses in November, and Republicans remain overall favorites for the House majority.” “Several dozen” is a lot more than the “two to three seats” Democrats are expected to net from redistricting.

'Bonchie' at Red State,  The Supreme Court Drops the Hammer on Democrat Redistricting Games and Sets up a Coming Death Blow, as WaPoo whines Supreme Court stops lower court order requiring Alabama to draw a new district voting map favorable to Black residents

It must be pledge week at PJ Media VIP, Matt Margolis Will Biden's Chief of Staff Be Made the Fall Guy? and Vodka Pundit, Biden Attempts Reset #3 in Two Weeks, Fails Comically. Reboot the operating system! Cited at Haut Hair,  and also paywalled, the Financial Times says Joe Biden must confront the left’s cultural over-reach. But he won't. From Da Caller, Here Are All The Times The Biden Administration Has Called For Tech Censorship. At Fox News, Newt Gingrich says Nancy Pelosi turned the House of Representatives into a dictatorship

Just one more on Stacy Abrams forcing masks on chillens Matt Margolis, Stacey Abrams' Campaign: Racism Behind Criticism of Her Maskless Photo. But what's Elissa Slotkin's excuse? Da Wire, ‘Doing Her Own Stacey Abrams’: Vulnerable House Dem Takes Maskless Selfie At Campaign Event With Masked Attendees. Chris Queen at PJ Media, Is the Tide Turning Against Mask Mandates for Schools?. Slowly. HE, Delaware to Lift School Mask Mandates. Breitbart, Some Blue States to End Mask Mandates, Joining Biden’s Pivot Before Midterms. NYPO, Adams, Hochul pressed to lift school mask mandates following New Jersey decision. Insty, OLD AND BUSTED: Follow the Science . . . The New Hotness? Follow the Polling! Democrat Govs. Drop Mask Mandates as Biden Holds Tight to His Science. Virginia Kruta at Da Wire finds CNN Medical Expert Says It’s Time To Lift The Mask Mandates — To Preserve ‘Medical Authority’, not because it's the right thing to do. But at PJ Media Richard Fernandez wonders Can Politicians Quit the Power Habit? No, but they might well switch it to something else, say kill switches in cars. For your safety, of course. 

Matt Purple at Spectator World sees Trumpism without Trump, Glenn Youngkin’s brass-knuckled conservatism, "The man who campaigned in a fleece vest has become a herald for the new post-Trump right" We like a man who fights; they'll never say anything good about you anyway, unless you die or leave office. Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.07.22, Behind the Black sees Pushback: Huge increase in homeschooling in VA. From TNP,  School Tells Kids to Stop Sending Valentines Featuring White or ‘Gender Normative’ People. Joy Pullman at Da Fed Reports Red State Public Schools Encourage Kids To Go Transgender Behind Their Parents’ Backs

“School administrators in Coeur d’Alene manipulated an 11-year-old girl into believing she was a boy and should undergo gender transition surgery,” Miller writes in a study overview in The American Mind. “The elementary school counselor had coached the young girl into believing she was transsexual and instructed her how to tell her parents about her new identity. According to a recorded phone call between the counselor and parent, the principal and other school officials had known about this and began calling the girl by a boy’s name while purposefully choosing not to inform the child’s parents.”

Helen Raleigh at Da Fed, The Backlash Against Leftist Extremism In Schools Is Even Hitting San Francisco

At Breitbart, Rubio admits January 6 Committee Is a ‘Complete Partisan Scam. The sad part is how long it took him to say it. Politico worries about The GOP’s Jan. 6 committee dilemma: Disband it, or turn it on Dems? "Reshaping the Capitol riot probe into a political weapon if Republicans take the majority is an idea with high-profile conservative fans — but an uncertain fate." It's already a political weapon, the question is who's hands it will be in. At NN, Former Top House Lawyer Warns Democrats: ‘Just Wait until Republicans Take Over'. A not-so-timely revelation from NewsMax, National Review Backs Cheney, Kinzinger; Opposes Trump, Derek Hunter at Town Hall on The Liz Cheney Delusions. A hero in her own mind. AllahPundit considers Barney Frank recommendation that  Liz Cheney should go independent and Wyoming Democrats should back her in her House race and rejects is as unworkable. "I’d give her a one percent chance of being reelected if she takes Frank’s advice. Versus a zero percent chance of being reelected if she follows through on running in the GOP primary. So I guess his logic is sound." Also, AllaPundit not impressed when DeSantis ducks question on Trump/Pence dispute over January 6. At Breitbart, Chris Christie Walks Back Claim Trump ‘Incited’ January 6 Capitol Riot.

At Am Great the redoubtable Julie Kelly confronts the difficulties of the J6 defendants getting a fair trial in the Peoples Republic of Washington D.C. in No Shot at a Fair Trial for January 6 Defendants in the Swamp.

The furor over the Breyer 'resignation' (he was pushed) is down to a dull roar. Via the Wombat, at the Volokh Conspiracy, Neil Siegel on "The Trouble With Court-Packing"   An I&I/TIPP Poll: Americans Don’t Agree Biden Supreme Court Pick Must Be One Gender, One Race. The Wa Free Bee reports Supreme Court Frontrunner Was a Zealous Advocate for Gitmo Terror Suspects, "Ketanji Brown Jackson pushed conspiracy theories about Bush administration policies, records show." Goes to judicial temperament. Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair, Durbin already working Collins to vote for SCOTUS pick. I'd already written her off, but if she votes for KetanjiX after voting against Kavanaugh, she needs to go.

A little late, the Wombat posts Rule 5 Sunday: Return From Reno Double-Scoop Edition.

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