Sunday, February 6, 2022

How Low Can Joe Go?

How low can Joe go? Move over, Carter. From Mike LeChance at LI, Biden’s Presidency is Entering the Polling Danger Zone of ‘Worst President Ever’ "“Most voters think President Joe Biden is one of the worst ever to hold the office, and rank him below his two immediate predecessors in the White House.” Miranda Devine at NYPo Blames Democrats for soaring crime, fallen police officers, entirely fair. Matt Margolis at PJ Media, Democrats Lost Their Majority in the Senate (For Now) and That’s Kind of a Big Deal. Nicholas Ballasay at JTN, warns Democrats Open border, Hunter Biden deals, FBI surveillance abuses on oversight agenda if GOP takes House, "Texas Republican Rep. Lance Gooden says "impeachment" would be on the table, specifically citing the Biden administration's secretive facilitation of transportation and resettlement of illegal immigrants around the U.S."

At OutKick, ESPN Guy Says China's Genocide is No Worse Than Red States Requiring Voter ID – OutKick. AllahPundit at Haut Hair  on ESPN panelist: How can we judge China's genocide when voting rights here are under assault?

But beyond that, we saw recently that for a certain sort of left-wing bien pensant, whataboutism that equates China’s persecution of minorities with injustices in the U.S. is a badge of supreme wokeness. What starker way is there to signal how much you despise red states’ efforts to tighten voting requirements than to draw a moral equivalence to the horrors in Xinjiang?

Any progressive rando can lazily parrot the line that reducing early voting from three weeks to two is “the new Jim Crow.” Those who really care are willing to compare it to actual concentration camps.

Maybe that’s the new endpoint on the spectrum of American wokeness. There’s woke, then there’s extremely woke, then ludicrously woke, and finally anti-anti-genocide.

ESPN is still a sports network, right? It's been a while since I checked.

Jonathon Turley takes on Gerrymandering, 'Dismantling Democracy' to save it: How Democrats rediscovered the joys of rigging elections. Hans Bader at Liberty Unyielding, NC Supreme Court overturns Republican gerrymander, likely to impose Democratic gerrymander. Fox, Obama, Holder slam GOP states for gerrymandering, but silent as Democrats do the same thing, "Dems flipped more seats than Republicans through redistricting so far: FiveThirtyEight" and  Midterm elections: GOP redistricting setbacks prompt lawsuits, gerrymandering accusations, "Election map controversies continued this week in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina and Pennsylvania." Breitbart warns Republicans Defeated by Eric Holder’s Nationwide ‘Gerrymandering’ Plot.

Trump broke them. HuffPoo, reflects at Yahoo! 'I Was Right And Everybody Knows It': Trump Responds To Pence With Tiresome Fraud Lies. Another example from Politico, Trump’s ‘circular firing squad’ threatens GOP midterm gains, and Da Beast, Trump Fixated on ‘Fucking Weird’ Senate Candidate and His Sex Life. WSJ cited at Haut Hair, Why is the GOP wasting time dividing its own supporters? WaPoo, The significance of Pence’s rebuke of Trump. I think we can write off Pence as Trump's next running mate. At WaPoo Barney Frank opines How Liz Cheney could force voters to defend our foundational principles. I was shocked to hear he was still alive. 

The Peacock worries A Jan. 6 suspect died. Now the FBI has to prep for conspiracies. Insty responds, WELL, IF THE FBI HAD PROVED ITSELF TRUSTWORTHY, AND HADN’T ENGAGED ON A DOCUMENTED CONSPIRACY AGAINST PRESIDENT TRUMP, MAYBE THOSE “CONSPIRACY THEORIES” WOULDN’T FLOURISH  . . ."See, once you get caught lying and cheating, and then lying about the lying and cheating, people don’t trust you." Da Blaze, Capitol Police claim Jan. 6 emails and videos are not public records; assert 'sovereign immunity' to Judicial Watch suit. What don't they want us to see? John Solomon at JTN, Bannon Bombshell: New filing accuses feds of snooping on one of his defense lawyers

Bannon's motion seeks to force prosecutors to turn over all records, including subpoenas, that show prosecutors efforts to obtain Costello's records.

The motion also suggests a need for more discovery on how the grand jury that indicted Bannon was instructed and what the lead FBI agent in the case told jurors.

The defense argued that lead agent did not tell the grand jury that Bannon had sought a one-week delay in responding to the subpoena, a fact that might have convinced the jurors he did not intend to obstruct the congressional probe.

Michael Barone on Returning to Normalcy on School Masks. Victory Girls, Schools Nationwide Bitterly Clinging To Masks And Vax. YouGov, cited at Haut Hair, Half of parents want final say over whether kids wear masks in school. At PM, Teachers lock out California students after they stage mask revolt, "Hundreds of students in the Oakdale Joint Unified School District banded together and started protesting against their school mask mandates on Thursday. They wound up marching on the district headquarters demanding change." NYPo warns, Don’t hold your breath for end of mask insanity.

Becky Noble at PI, Democrats And Teachers Unions Fight Against Curriculum Transparency Bills. Rick Moran at PJ Media, Democrats and Teacher's Unions Fight to Keep Parents From Finding Out What Their Kids Are Being Taught. Gee, I wonder why?

At Da Wire, Virginia Kruta  finds that Winsome Sears Proposes Starting The ‘You’re Not Black Enough’ Caucus After GOP Delegate Is Barred From Black Caucus

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