Saturday, February 5, 2022

Forget It Jake, It's Baltimore

Julio Rosas at Town Hall, Baltimore Calls Tucker Carlson a 'Racist' for...Pointing Out Dems' Failures While Controlling the City

Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently highlighted the failures of Baltimore's education system and how students, who are overwhelmingly black, are falling behind in critical education skills while having to contend with the city's high crime rate.

In response to the segment, the Baltimore Sun Editorial Board and the mayor called Carlson a racist.
"To make his point, the host offered some choice segments courtesy of WBFF Fox45, the Baltimore Fox Television affiliate owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group, observing both low public school performance and the city’s high homicide rate. For those who haven’t watched Fox45 in years, take note. It is no longer the plucky news operation of the past, but more like a mini-FNC that prefers repeating the same right-wing narratives (Baltimore public schools are irredeemable and wasteful is an especially popular theme), often with a reporter shouting questions at an exasperated official walking away. There is no serious consideration of the role poverty, police misconduct, racism, historic redlining, substance abuse or mass incarceration has played in events. Not even in student absenteeism. That kind of nuance is so mainstream media."
Mayor Brandon Scott (D) also said Carlson pointing out the city's failures, while being governed by Democrats, was "racist vitriol."

"So the kids can’t read, more people are being murdered in Baltimore than ever in its history, people have allowed this to happen. They didn’t like it when we called them out for it," Carlson said in response on Wednesday.

And, still, lots of kids in Baltimore still can't read.  

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