Thursday, February 10, 2022

The Masked Kerfuffle Continues

The mask and vaccine mandates kerfuffle's continue to dominate the news. From Star News, Nearly Half of Virginia Senate Democrats Support Legislation to Allow Parents to Opt Children Out of School Mask Mandates. At Wa Free Bee, Virginia Dems Abandon Liberal Schools, Vote To Let Parents Make Mask Decisions, "Bill could end legal challenges to Gov. Youngkin’s executive order". But it won't end media attacks on Youngkin, at Fox, Washington Post vs. Youngkin: Paper publishing near-daily pieces attacking new Virginia governor, and sometime multiples. I would guess a large number, if not a majority of WaPoo's ultra-liberal reporter and editors live in Northern Virginia. They resent the hell out of Youngkin for recapturing the state for conservatives. At the center of the rebellion, Loundoun County, Watch – Virginia Students Serve Lawsuit to Mask-Crazy Loudoun County School Board (Breitbart). Loundoun Times-Mirror, Students ‘serve’ affidavits to Loudoun County School Board during public meeting.  Elle Reynolds at Da Fed says God Bless The Hero Schoolkids Who Refuse To Let Mask Police Abuse Them. Just to prove how seriously they take it, Loudoun County Commonwealth's Attorney's Office hired a registered sex offender (Fox 5 DC) and Gabe Kamisky at Da Wire reports Virginia Dems Fight Repeal Of Bill That Said Sex Crimes In Schools Needn’t Be Referred To Police.

Elsewhere in the vaccine/school masking debate, from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.09.22 the Victory Girls note Stacey Abrams Apologizes For Her Maskless Mug. Somethings are better left masked. Matt Margolis at PJ Media, Stacey Abrams Tries to Explain Why She Went Unmasked in a Classroom Full of Masked Children. Jim Treacher,  Stacey Abrams Drops the Mask, "This week, Stacey Abrams made history: For the first time ever, she actually contributed something useful to society." Even AllahPundit at Haut Hair, think Stacey Abrams apologizes -- for the wrong thing

She doesn’t need to apologize for going unmasked at a moment when COVID cases are in freefall in her home state and when she’s presumably triple-vaxxed. She’s earned the right to make her own risk assessment at this point. She does need to apologize for not defending the right of kids, who are at lower risk of severe illness than most vaccinated adults, to do the same.

But she can’t. Abrams is facing the same political dilemma that other top Democrats are, trying to woo swing voters by relaxing precautions while somehow not pissing off their base of liberals, who range from reluctant to hostile towards that idea, by doing so.

Some Unvaxed California Kids are Banned From Attending Their Own Proms (TNP), from Da Wire, Security Guard At School Board Meeting Physically Removes Maskless Dad, Drags Him Out Of Meeting and School Board Members Try To Walk Out On Bosnian Immigrant Warning Against Tyranny; He Continues To Standing Ovation

Nat Cohn at NYT (cited by Haut Hair), Americans are frustrated with the pandemic. These polls show how much. Ace, 70% of the Country Thinks It's Time to Throw Off the Tyranny of the Karens. But The Party of Karens, Get This, Disagrees. KT at Haut Hair, House Democrats vote to block the Unmask Our Kids Act. At WaEx, DCCC chairman: Democrats need to ‘communicate a clear off-ramp’ on the pandemic. Tampa Freep, Predictable With Mid-Terms On Horizon, Virginia And New York Democrats Flip On Mask Mandates. Also from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.09.22  BattleSwarm: Midterm Variant Wrecking Blue State Mandates. Matt Margolis at PJ VIP, Democrats Now Trust the Politics, Not ‘The Science’ of COVID. InstyGOV. PRITZKER UNVEILS PLAN TO LIFT ILLINOIS MASK MANDATE FOR MANY BY FEB. 28. "The lifting of the mandate will not apply to schools, however Pritzker said." The people who derive the least benefit and the greatest costs. Kylee Zempel at Da Fed,  Science On Covid And Kids Hasn’t Changed, Only The Politics Has. Joseph Curl at Da Wire,  Democrats’ Mask Hypocrisy Hits New Heights. The Daily Wire Breitbart, Hawaii Will Not Mandate Booster Shots for Travelers. Damon Linker at The Week, (cited at Haut Hair) excuses the Democrats for bowing to the wind in The pathological politics of leaving the pandemic behind. Althouse reads the Slantic, "The strongest reason to keep up pandemic restrictions is that some people remain vulnerable. Those who are unvaccinated, for example...." Even Fauci, who fears his lost relevance, Fauci says ‘full-blown’ COVID-19 pandemic is almost over in US, AllahPundit hurt worst, Fauci proclaims: The pandemic phase of this virus is ending "Although, given Fauci’s track record, it probably means we’ll be battered by a terrible new variant in like a month." At the Babylon Bee, Leftists Deeply Afraid Things Could Go Back To Normal and Psaki Says Everyone Will Have To Show Proof Of Vaccination Before Receiving Free Crack Pipe

Capt. Ed at Haut Hair, CDC director: Now that we've got your attention ... nothing's changing and "Get ready to be scienced": Biden WH calls press briefing for COVID-19 update as Dem governors retreat; UPDATE: "Era of big COVID mandates is ending". Ace, Brandon Hastily and Dramatically Assembles His Covid Team to Announce... We're Still Doing All the Stupid Shit We're Already Doing, Nothing That Happens Will Ever Change Our Policies, "Covid: The Graveyard of Bureaucrat Nightmares."

Ezra Levant at the threadreader, I think I know how this trucker rebellion is going to end. Hear me out. 

26. To save the U.S. economy from a trucker rebellion, Joe Biden will lift his trucker vaccine mandate. Trudeau will have to follow, though he will be so enraged he'll probably punch through the drywall. I can't see much further into the future than that.
Kyle Griffin@kylegriffin1, "Republican Troy Nehls went on a Twitter rant this morning, accusing the Capitol Police of "illegally" entering his office." The Columbia Bugle @ColumbiaBugle "Nixon went down for less than Pelosi is doing on a daily basis. Her Capitol Police are spying on Congressional Republicans!"

Ronna McDaniel at Town Hall says The Media Is Distorting Republican Censure of Cheney, Kinzinger. You could put the period after "distorting." At BPR, sore loser Kinzinger predicts ‘civil war’ coming, says our ‘basic survival at stake’ after being censured by own party. AllahPundit whines when RNC chief on censuring Cheney says Disagreement is welcome but you can't side with Nancy Pelosi. Tristan Justice at Da Fed finds Cheney consorting with her true constituency, Liz Cheney Snubs Voters To Mingle With Reporters Instead, Calling Constituents ‘Crazies’. David Zucker at Am Think thinks McConnell joins Cheney and Kinzinger in giving aid and comfort to the swamp's denizens. at JTN, John Solomon and Aaron Kliegmann investigate Liz Cheney's Hunter Biden problem: Husband's firm reps China companies, dictatorial regimes, "Philip Perry is a partner at Latham & Watkins, which works on behalf of foreign entities, including some flagged as threats to U.S. national security." Henry Rogers at Da Caller, reports on how Trump Tears Into McConnell Again, Says He ‘Does Not Speak For The Republican Party’. At the Business Insider, Ted Cruz breaks with Mitch McConnell and says it's a 'mistake' for Republicans to call January 6 an 'insurrection'. Worse, it's a lie. A Big Lie. 

Jack Shafer at Politico is upset at How the Right Learned to Love Saul Alinsky, "Canadian truckers and Capitol rioters are getting cheers for the leftwing tactics conservatives once decried." At Fox. Rand Paul opines, All Americans — including those arrested in the Jan. 6 riots — deserve due process, "Sen. Rand Paul calls out progressives who refuse to fight for a right to a speedy trial for those arrested in the Capitol Hill riot." At Da Blaze, Brandon Straka reveals harrowing story of ‘egregious amount of harassment from the federal government,’ "I still believe America is worth fighting for". His main crime seems to have been to found the "Walk Away" from Democrats movement. From JTN, Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis produces over 9,000 pages to Jan. 6 committee, "Ellis was subpoenaed by the House Jan. 6 committee last month." I hope each one said "Fu*k You." Henry Rogers again, Group Of House Republicans Pushing To Keep The J6 Commission If They Win Back Majority and put the shoe on the other foot. 

Any proliferating “narratives” the Biden administration deems “false or misleading” qualifies as a “terrorism threat” according to a recent National Terrorism Advisory System bulletin released by the Biden administration’s DHS, and has received sharp backlash online after warning that Americans are expressing unwelcome beliefs on issues such as the Chinese coronavirus and election fraud pose “an ongoing threat to the nation.”

Capt. Ed,  Oh my: Biden job approval falls below 40% in RCP aggregate for the first time. RJ Girdusky at Nat Pop,  Is Biden's Midterm Going to be Obama 2.0? Hopefully, worse. Joh Sexton at Haut Hair quotes Outgoing Rep. Cooper: 'Democratic Party in Tennessee is basically facing extinction' because of self-righteousness. At Fox, Republicans urge Biden to take cognitive test, say his 'mental decline' has 'become more apparent'. Heh. 

Mediaite is incensed that Trump Clogged White House Toilets By Flushing Documents Per Maggie Haberman’s New Book. Denver Gazette, National Archives asks DOJ to review Trump White House record-keeping: Report. CNN, National Archives seeks Justice Department investigation of Trump's handling of White House documents. I don't recall them being anything but supportive when Hillary bleach bitted, hammered, and otherwise destroyed thousands of documents. 

Sophie Mann at JTN reports a Vance pollster: Ohio Senate bid tanking, voters see 'Trump Hater,' changes needed 'ASAP,' report. At Star News, Records Shock: House Hopeful Morgan Ortagus Does Not Live in the 5th Congressional District "Residency in the district is not a requirement for U.S. House of Representatives elections, however." Breitbart, Donald Trump Endorses Katie Arrington for Congress in South Carolina.

At JTN, Arizona lawmakers give early approval to restrict mail-in voting, "Lawmaker says bill would return Arizona elections to absentee voting as it had before the state established mail-in voting in the 1990s." Democrats hurt worst. 

Rick Moran at PJ Media, North Carolina Elections Board Says It Could Ban Rep. Madison Cawthorn From Running "because of his alleged role in the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol building." It's bullshit, and won't survive a court challenge, but of course, it's the same tactic they intend to take with Trump, Robert Spencer at PJ, The Latest Democrat/RINO Plan to Prevent Trump From Running Again in 2024. PA Star, Pennsylvania Senate Committee Passes Federal Constitutional Convention Legislation, "On Monday, the Pennsylvania Senate State Government Committee approved a resolution calling for a “Convention of States” to amend the U.S. Constitution to check congressional power and federal spending. "

Reported at Wa Free Bee, New York Democrats Sued for ‘Brazen’ Effort To Split Jewish Vote, "Map would dilute Brooklyn Jews' voting power and create 'a partisan advantage' for Dems", the same charge that Democrats are making for Blacks in Alabama. Ted Noel at Am Think thinks he has One Way to Fix the Gerrymander Problem, greatly expand the size of the House of Reps. Only if they keep their total earning constant. 

Also from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.09.22Wes Walker And Jeff Dunetz at Da Lid claim The  UKRAINE Logic Dems. Used to Impeach Trump Means They Must Impeach Biden. Well, yes. But they won't. But a Republican House might. 

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