Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Dead Dog Biden Still Slidin'

Slidin's Biden continues collapse, Capt. Ed at Haut Hair, Politico: Slidin' Biden hits new Morning Consult low on pandemic, and that ain't all. Stacey Lennox at PJ Media, Republicans Hold a Massive 13 Point Lead on a Generic Ballot–Don't Underestimate Their Ability to Blow It. Amen. Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media agrees, Republicans Could Still Ruin Everything. Leah Barkoukis at Town Hall, Democrats Discover What Battleground Voters Really Think of Their Party "Some voters in battleground states even described the Democratic Party as “preachy,” “judgmental,” and “focused on culture wars,”" Wa Free Bee highlights 7 Issues Dems Are Losing on Ahead of the Midterms. Glenn Ellmers at Am Great has a Top Priority for the Midterm Elections: Make Them Pay! "Will there be righteous and necessary recriminations for the Democrats’ COVID policy disasters? Republicans, don’t screw this up again. "

One of the foremost issues? Capt. Ed, BREAKING: Bidenflation shocker as producer price index jumps 1% in January, 9.7% in past year. Front Page, Bidenflation Continues to Surge Out of Control "But the president says Americans should have “peace of mind.”" I'm not reassured. Sundance at CTH, January Wholesale PPI Inflation Doubles Economic Expectations, Diesel Fuel Jumps 9.4% in January Alone, 56.5% For Year. Ace, Producer Price Inflation Rose 9.7% Year-to-Year. Matt Margolis at PJ Media LOLs at CNN's Claims Most Americans Are Benefiting Economically, Despite Inflation. I&I asks (and answers) Are You Better Off Than You Were A Year Ago? (Not likely), and takes on the Fed’s Voodoo Monetary Policy. Capt. Ed (again), Latest Dem desperation: How about a gas-tax holiday to fight inflation?, while John Sexton, also at Haut Hair wonders about the State of the Union: Should Biden act humble or try to take credit for the economy? He's got a lot to be humble about, but lying is central to the Biden approach to politics, so I'm going to guess the latter. At Da Mail, Biden says he put a dead dog on a Republican woman's doorstep while serving as a Delaware county official and promises to 'work like the devil' to bring down gas prices in National Association of Counties speech.

Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.15.22, Da Tech Guy: Five Things The Left Would Have Gained If They Didn’t Steal The Last Election

Sundance, Another One, New York Rep Kathleen Rice Becomes 30th House Democrat Announcing She Will Not Seek Reelection. On Da Hill, Democratic Rep. Kathleen Rice to retire from the House. NYPo, NY Rep. Kathleen Rice is the 30th House Democrat to bow out of 2022 race. Because being in the minority sucks. Capt. Ed, Mason-Dixon: DeSantis suuuure looks like a lock in November ... thanks in part to Biden. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.15.22, the Babalu Blog explains Why Hispanics reject leftist policies and are moving to the right, "Tradition, Family, and Love of America." Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair, Uh oh. New poll of Californians shows Gavin Newsom is in (more) trouble

At Da Fed, Bill Doyle on How No-Excuse Absentee Voting Allows Special Interests To Manipulate Voters. Nice Deb at Am Great, Trump: ‘I Was Proven Right About the Spying, and I Will Be Proven Right About 2020!’ KT at Haut Hair, AOC whine A return to Jim Crow is "already happening" in Texas and Florida

Wa Free Bee notes  How Mark Kelly Gets Around This Self-Imposed Ban on PAC money. He just gets it second hand from other Democrat Senators. At Bongino, Matt Palumbo catches Dimwitted MSNBC Host Chris Hayes Steps on Rake, Hilarity Ensues. Thinking foreign donations were for Trump, not Hillary. 

At Da Hill, Rubio: White House records at Mar-a-Lago 'not a crime, I don't believe', and if they are, I'm pretty sure outgoing administrations violate it to one extent or another every time. 

Bonchie at Red State, One of the Best Accounts on Twitter Just Got Banned for Doing Absolutely Nothing. Twitchy, Twitter suspends Defiant L’s, which posts screenshots of tweets, for breaking the rules. Pointing out Democrat hypocrisy without comment is a violation of Twitter community standards. 

Ace, BLM Activist, Gun Control Fanatic, and "Journalist" Attempts an Assassination of a Mayoral Candidate in Louisville, "The New York Times immediately published an op-ed linking Sarah Palin to the attack because why not." A black BLM activist "journolist" shot at, and grazed the clothing of a fellow Democrat, a Jew. AllahPundit at Haut Hair, Poll: Two-thirds of Republicans say Mike Pence did the right thing on January 6, but... finds problem with the methods. 

In the mask wars, ‘How are parents not revolting?’: Fairfax Education Association president says it is ‘good news’ Covid cases are high so kids are forced to mask up. Outkick notes how Leader Of California Teachers Union Insists On Masking Children, Attends Rams Game Maskless. At Da Wire, ‘You Can Wear The Mask On Your F****** Balls!’ School Board Member Screams At Maskless Man Giving Public Comment . From HE, an EXCLUSIVE: Glenbrook North Student Lights a Fire with Dissident Action on masks. Emina Melonic at Am Great cites Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang in The Child Catchers, "What are these hostile masking policies aiming to accomplish?" Liz Bruenig at the Slantic, Kids Have No Place in a Liberal Democracy, "In liberalism, as in life, children throw things into chaos and uproar." The Intelligencer, cited at MSN, looks approvingly at The Colorado COVID Playbook. Jazz Shaw again, NYC Mayor fires more than 1,400 unvaxxed workers. I don't care, it's NYC, and they probably voted for it. At PJ Media, Richard Fernandez call it The Crazy Years. At NR, Kevin Williamson, who is generally sensible about anything but Trump, decries The Forever Emergency.

The generally (though not always) unspoken proposition was that if the country were freed from the moral burden of having Donald Trump in the White House, then the epidemic would subside. But the viruses that cause respiratory infections are not, as it turns out, morally sensitive. Rather than succeeding in his promise to “shut down the virus,” President Biden had to endure waves of new infections and new variants, and stood by helplessly as the body count ticked upward and upward until the number of deaths on his watch exceeded those on Trump’s. Of course that is a dumb metric from a rationalistic point of view, but what matters in politics is not epidemiology but mythology. We live by the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.
From the San Fran Chronic, S.F. school board recall: Alison Collins, Gabriela López and Faauuga Moliga ousted. Trimming the left wing. Kaye Smythe at Da Caller observes how School Boards Try A Victim Defense For Their Overreach and from Kendall Tietz at Da Caller, Texas School District ‘Equity Specialist’ Admits CRT ‘Lens’ Is Used, Calls For Dismantling ‘Systemic Racism’ At The ‘Student Level’. Twitchy finds a Black teacher who whites are both afraid of and attracted to compares white people to rats

At Wa Free Bee, How the American Bar Association Just Radicalized Law School, "Law students now required to learn about their duty to 'eliminate racism'" An early example of O'Sullivan's Law

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