Thursday, February 24, 2022

NYC DA Drops Trump Case, Prosecutors Pissed Off, Resign.

In one of the more interesting events of the day, the new NYC DA dropped the ongoing case against Donald Trump on suspicion of hyping property values to get favorable loans, and two prosecutors resigned in disgust. Insty, NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONG: 

2 Prosecutors Leading N.Y. Trump Inquiry Resign, Clouding Case’s Future. “The resignations came after the Manhattan district attorney, Alvin Bragg, was said to have expressed doubts about the case, and amid a monthlong pause in the presentation of evidence to a grand jury.”

It’s a . . . Trumped-up . . . prosecution and everyone knows it. Some people do have a sense of shame.

At Da Mail, Two prosecutors leading Manhattan criminal probe into Trump RESIGN after new DA Alvin Bragg raised 'serious doubts' about case: Probe grinds to halt with NO witnesses questioned for a month. Althouse loves her some NYT in "The two prosecutors leading the Manhattan district attorney’s investigation into former President Donald J. Trump and his business practices abruptly resigned on Wednesday…". Capt. Ed at Haut Hair, Whoa: Prosecutors resign from Manhattan DA office over doubts about Trump investigationByron York@ByronYork, "This and the state AG case are politically motivated investigations. Does not mean they will not find something prosecutable. But they are politically motivated cases." Sundance, Two Lawfare Prosecutors Leading Trump Inquiry in New York City Quit, Manhattan DA Doubts There Is a Case. Andrea Widburg at Am Think thinks A partisan investigation into Trump seems to have dead-ended

Rassy's Daily tracking poll "for Thursday shows that 42% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Biden’s job performance. Fifty-seven percent (57%) disapprove." At HE, another POLL: Biden’s Foreign Affairs Approval Sinks to 40%. 40% support for WWIII? Sounds about right. AllahPundit at Haut Hair concerned, Yikes: Just 36% rate Biden's performance as "good" -- in New York. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.23.22, LI  Bloomberg Warns Democrats They’re Headed For A Wipeout In November, and at Da Caller, Mike Bloomberg: Democrats On Track For A ‘Wipeout’ In November. Pat Buchanan, Are Democrats Kicking Away Their Future?

From JTN's Natalia Mittelstadt, Election watchdog: 'Not ready for 2024' elections, 'still have many of the same problems' from 2020, "Georgia passed a law claiming they banned private money in elections," said Phill Kline, Director of the Amistad Project. "They actually codified it." Nothing ever really gets fixed. 

Also from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.23.22, Don Surber: As Putin Rolls Into Ukraine, NYT Praises Biden For Avoiding War, Democrats Lost The Farms, Now They’re Losing The Cities, and Democrat Redistricting Helps Republicans. Breitbart has a Midterm Analysis: GOP to Win House Based on Democrat Retirements Alone. Don't get cocky. But sundance at CTH reports a Republican Candidate Wins Closely Watched Jacksonville City Council Seat, MSNBC Haz Sad, "It seems like a small indicator, but Republican Nick Howland flipped a Jacksonville City Council seat in a special election seen as a “big test” for both parties in Duval County, Florida." KT at Haut Hair catches Two endangered incumbents admit Biden's America is bad in tv campaign ads. Warnock and Kelly. AllahPundit finds A political ad that's full of BS -- literally. WaPoo whines Rick Scott thrusts the GOP back into Romney-‘47 percent’ territory and AllahPundit wonders Is Rick Scott angling to challenge McConnell as Republican leader?

Also from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.23.22, at the First Street Journal, Bidenflation! and The Lid: CBS Lies About The Economy For Biden’s Benefit. Mary Chastain at LI, Gaslighting: CBS News Wants You to Think Ukraine-Russia Caused Our Economic Problems, "CBS News thinks we’re stupid enough to believe inflation, supply-chain issues, and high gas prices started right now because of Ukraine and Russia." To be fair, you have to be pretty stupid to get news from CBS. At Da Wire, a ‘New Scapegoat Just Dropped’: CBS News Clobbered Over ‘Propaganda’ Tweet Covering For Biden’s Economic Disaster

Ace, Leftwing Media and NeverTrump -- But I Repeat Myself -- Declare Criticism of Biden Treasonous, "I noted yesterday that the Treason Offensive had begun". David Harsanyi at NYPo, It’s illiberal for liberals to accuse Biden critics of treason. Robert Spencer at PJ Media, Pelosi Uses Ukraine Crisis to Push Failed Democrat Russian Collusion Narrative. Senile old biddy. Michael Knowles@michaeljknowles, "Donald Trump is now unique among the four most recent presidents in that he's the only one on whose watch Putin did not attempt to conquer a sovereign nation."

At Da Wire, ‘You Guys Out Of Your F***ing Mind? … He Can’t Talk Right Anymore’: Joe Rogan Talks Biden Decline, History Of ‘Lying’. Newsweak, Joe Rogan Reveals He Didn't Vote for Joe Biden Because He 'Can't Talk Right Anymore'. Politico, The 2024 presidential race has already started online. It never really stopped. At Da Beast, Trump wanted Lindsey Graham to take out McConnell. Graham LOL'd

Also from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.23.22, Weasel Zippers,  Biden Admits Gas Prices Will Continue Rising Because Of His Sanctions, and Parler Subpoenas Twitter Over Its Deplatforming

Morgan Ortagus
In some Rule 5 political news, the long knives are still out for Fox personality Morgan Ortagus; at the Tennessee Star, Ortagus Holds Out-of-State Fundraiser in D.C., Host Committee Includes Never Trumpers and Fired State Dept. Staffer and from Da Caller, GOP Candidate Sarah Stogner Fires Back At Critics After Straddling Oil Pump Naked For Campaign Video
Sarah Stoegner
“I want to put my clothes back on and have a serious conversation,” Stogner told KENS 5 News. “I want to talk about ground water. I want to talk about flaring. I want to talk about winterizing our infrastructure pipelines. But that’s boring. It doesn’t get clickbait.”

I still have plenty more in the digital fridge, but I'll try to get to that stuff in a while.  

The Wombat has a double stuffed Rule 5 Double Scoop Sunday: W*ng D*ng Sw**t P**nt*ng running at The Other McCain.

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