Monday, February 7, 2022

Politics Delayed, Not Politics Denied

Running a little lot late today; with oncoming rain in the forecast, we decided to do our walk early. Meanwhile the state of the nation continues its long slide. At Wa Ex, Biden's Klain's stumbles prompt calls to replace impeach White House Acting President chief of staff. Rick Moran at PJ Media hears a Question For Vulnerable Democrats: Should I or Should I Not Campaign With Biden? Not in a swing district. Wa Free Bee, Dem Governor Not Sure Biden Should Seek Reelection, assuming he makes it that far. Nick Waddy at Am Great, Joe Biden: No Longer the Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread. Meanwhile, atop Da Hill Alex Bolton sees that Schumer faces brewing war and progressives ramp up primary threats. But the Peacock attempts to magnify Republican divisions, Republican anger over 2020 a wild card in midterms, "I think there are a lot of people who are saying it's rigged and there's no point in even going out and voting," a GOP statehouse candidate said. "I hope that doesn't happen." Hollywood in Toto cites Adam Carolla: VP Kamala Harris Is a ‘S*** Show’. JB Shurk at Am Think wonders Has the US Government Declared War on Its Citizens?. Elle Reynold at Da Fed find the Lincoln Project Releases Trump 2024 Campaign Ad accidentally. Politico prays Can Dems defy history?

Becky Downs at Town Hall notes the Cook Political Report Declares a Democratic Edge in Redistricting Scorecard and NYT (cited at Haut Hair) suggests “The parties are ... taking the voters out of the equation”

At Da Mail, 'Capitalism is not a redeemable system for us': AOC says capitalism does not benefit the vast majority of Americans and is a system run by a wealthy minority. At Town Hall, Landon Mion, AOC Says Capitalism Is Not a 'Redeemable System' for Most Americans. It's just brought more peace and prosperity to its citizens than any other.

Anxious is anxious that Manchin endorses Murkowski's re-election bid. Fox, Democratic Sen. Manchin endorses Republican Sen. Murkowski for re-election, "'I think the country’s fared better with us working together than not,' Manchin said." Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair, Manchin: Why yes, I'm endorsing Murkowski. Sundance at CTH, Democrat Senator Joe Manchin Endorses Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski for Reelection

Senator Murkowski lost the 2010 primary, then abandoned her party affiliation and ran on a write-in platform permitting thousands of Democrats to vote for her in a subsequent three-way general election. Murkowski is a Democrat Party installed Republican member of the UniParty, the most obvious example of the illusion of choice in politics.

As a result, Democrat Senator Joe Manchin is not exactly doing anything out of bounds here when he endorses Democrat installed Senator Lisa Murkowski for relection.

At NYT cited by Haut Hair, Manchin: Overhaul of Electoral Count Act absolutely will pass. I think he's right. At Breitbart, Christie: Trump ‘Told the Truth by Accident’ — He Wanted the ‘Election to Be Overturned’. Well, sort of. He thought the election was illegally stolen and should have been overturned. Margot Cleveland at Da Fed informs us of a Lawsuit which Claims Foreign Powers Sought To Interfere In 2016 Election To Help Hillary Clinton. The best election Kazakhstan could buy. 

Fox Business, Beijing Olympics: Coca-Cola quiet on Uyghur genocide after criticizing Georgia election law, "Coca-Cola stays quiet about China's genocide of Uyghur Muslims." China is a much bigger market than Georgia. From NYPo, Memphis BLM founder Pamela Moses sentenced to 6 years for illegally voting. Jazz Shaw, of all people, in making excuses for her in Memphis BLM founder sentenced for voter fraud

At WaEx, Pennsylvania GOP refuses to endorse Senate candidate. Letting their own voters choose is a novel position. 

NYT's captive conservative Ross Douhat, Jeff Zucker didn’t save democracy. Don Surber, Chris Wallace gets Trumpenfreude

Trumpenfreude is that feeling you get when you watch someone fall who tried to bring President Donald John Trump down. I stopped counting at 118.

But this week -- a year after Trump left office -- was a spectacular week of Trumpenfreude. It began with CNN firing Jeff Zucker. It continued with a jury convicting the Creepy Porn Lawyer of swindling Stormy Daniels. And now it ends with Chris Wallace whining about Zuck's departure and having no staff in his new gig at CNN-plus.

On the Breyer seat, David Catron at Am Spec explains Why Biden Will Pick a Radical Replacement for Breyer, "He needs a major confirmation fight with the Republicans in order to whip up his base." Insty, 

  “If it looks like President Biden’s nominee will divide the Senate strictly along party lines, some will argue that the Vice President cannot break the tie. Back in 2020, noted Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe advanced this position in a Boston Globe op-ed, anticipating a possible 50-50 vote on the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett. (She was ultimately confirmed 52-48.)”

I predict that if it comes to that, Tribe will cave under pressure, as he did over NAFTA.

Also, BILL TREANOR TAKE NOTE: NY Times Columnists Agree: Georgetown Law School Should Not Punish Ilya Shapiro For His Tweets. When even the NYT crowd thinks you’re too woke.

In a great moment in liberal hypocrisy, at NYPo, Stacey Abrams slammed for maskless pic surrounded by masked kids. AllahPundit at Haut Hair let down, Photo of the day: Stacey Abrams poses maskless -- surrounded by kids forced to wear masks

The craziest part? Abrams posted the photo herself. Democrats are so oblivious to their double standard about VIPs going unmasked while kids bear the burden of covering up, even with conservatives already running attack ads about it, that Team Stacey simply didn’t see the political peril in posting it.

My mea culpa for that last photo
At the Daley Gator, Gator Doug calls it  Your big fat Leftist hypocrisy of the Day. That's punny! Breitbart, Abrams Campaign on Maskless Photo Surrounded by Masked Children: ‘Stacey Trusts Science’  Mary Chastain at LI, Stacey Abrams Pulls Race Card When Criticized Posing Maskless With Masked Small Children. 'Bonchie' at Red State thinks Stacey Abrams Digs the Hole Much Deeper Over Her Deleted Picture "Stacey Abrams’ campaign said she *explicitly required* kids to put masks on so she could take hers off. " Capt. Ed at Haut Hair, Did Team Abrams can their social-media director over mask-scandal bumbling? Maybe. Not Abrams, but I'm sure she'd approve, Kevin Downey at PJ Media reports PINKO ALERT: Kindergarten Kids in Masks Forced Into BLM School Parade, and That's Just the Beginning. NYPo ed board, Dems are disregarding their own mandates they expect us to follow. Megan Fox at PJ Media reports the N.Y. School Board Photographed Unmasked Inside for Legislative Event, Parents Livid.  At Am Think Andrea Widburg thinks she has An Obama photograph proves the lies of 'climate change' and COVID. I'm inclined to forvive the mask violation; he's outside, and the workers are likely forced to mask in the presence of any customers. Jesse Kelly@JesseKellyDC
I just want to remind you this is how they all acted from the very beginning. Long before there was a “vaccine”. The congressional gym stayed open. Yours didn’t. You couldn’t get a hair cut. They did. You couldn’t gather with family. They did.

Time! It’s Time to End Mandatory Masks in Schools, When Bill Maher is the voice of reason, at Breitbart, Maher: Making Kids Wear Masks ‘Is Unnecessary and Horrible,’ and Hurts ‘Their Education, Their Sanity, and Their Social Skills’. The Center Square, Coronavirus school closures hurt low income, minority kids most, study finds, "Wisconsin study shows marked drop on proficiency tests scores for all students, with disadvantage students performing the worst." Jazz Shaw, Illinois court strikes down state's school mask mandate, Rick Moran, Illinois Judge Strikes Down State's Mask Mandate. NYT (cited at Haut Hair), NJ governor to end school mask mandate in move to "normalcy", and AllahPundit whines It's happening, maybe: New Jersey to drop school mask mandate for first time during pandemic." The “maybe” refers to the possibility I mentioned yesterday of Democrats across the country finally throwing in the towel on masking kids. The party is badly exposed politically." At LI, Hundreds Of Students at CA High School Arrive Maskless to Protest Gov. Newsom Hyopcrisy. I predict the last place to drop mask mandates will be Loundoun Country, VA, just to be in defiance of Gov. Younkin. Twitchy, Totally UNHINGED: Loudoun County Public Schools’ email sent to all principals reads like an authoritarian nightmare (screenshots).

Chris Rufo at NYPo, Critical race theory is about to segregate America like an open-air prison yard
First, schools that have adopted critical race theory reject individualism and colorblindness; to achieve an authentic identity and gain collective power, individuals must identify first and foremost with their racial group.

Second, as in the prison yard, some public schools have begun segregating teachers and students for training sessions, classroom exercises, field trips and even playground activities.

Third, many schools that have adopted critical race theory explicitly teach that children belong to categories of “oppressor” or “oppressed” based on a racial hierarchy, and then tell students that they must tear down society in order to “decolonize” the land, settle racial scores and direct the spoils to their compatriots.

Theresa Manning at Am Great say Banning Critical Race Theory Does Not Threaten Academic Freedom, "Virginia’s ban and those like it represent the American public defending itself from belligerents—and none too soon.

NYT proudly asserts Jan. 6 Panel Adopts Prosecution Tactics for Its Investigation. YaHoo! What does Ivanka Trump know about Jan. 6? Congress is asking. Almost certainly nothing, but the J6 committee wants to harass her on account of her father. At Breitbart, Pat Buchanan: Dems Using Jan. 6 ‘to Destroy Donald Trump’ — ‘Same Thing’ Happened with Nixon. NN, Jan 6 Committee: 'Devastated for Our Democracy' over Jeff Zucker's CNN Ouster. There goes their mouthpiece. 

From JTN, Trump applauds RNC censure of renegade Reps. Cheney, Kinzinger. "RNC voted to censure Cheney and Kinzinger for participating in the Democrat-led House probe into the Jan. 6 Capitol riot." MSNBC whines about Liz Cheney, January 6 and Trump's grip on the RNC. Atop Da Hill, Murkowski criticizes RNC calling Jan. 6 attack 'legitimate political discourse'. So, what she's doing is following a lie started by the NYT. Is she uninformed, misinformed or just evil?

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel on Friday tweeted a photo of a story by The New York Times regarding the RNC’s censure, the headline of which read “G.O.P. Declares Jan. 6 Attack ‘Legitimate Political Discourse.' ”

At the Slantic, David Graham, calls it The End of the Republicans’ Big Tent, "The party has no tolerance for dissent within its ranks." Jon Tobin at Da Fed claims Liz Cheney Marks The Last Stand Of The Ancien Regime Republicans. I hope so, but I doubt it. 

Sundance at CTH, Sunday Talks, All GOP Club Members Asked if They Support Mike Pence Remarks on Friday. NR, cited at Haut Hair, The RNC should take a lesson from Mike Pence

Insty, I DON’T KNOW, BUT YOU CAN BE SURE THEY HAVEN’T THOUGHT IT THROUGH, BECAUSE THEY’RE MORONS: wretchardthecat@wretchardthecat "Just curious. If they lock up the truckers, what happens to the supply chain? . . . UPDATE: From the comments: “The state preference for BLM riots over the truckers just goes to show that the BLM and antifa riots of 2020 were government policy. State sponsored violence.”"

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