Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Biden Voters Riot in Louisville After Police Officer Indicted

They wanted more, and more serious indictments if not immediate execution of the three officers.. Stacy McCain, Louisville Democrat Mob: ‘Burn It Down’ After #BreonnaTaylor Grand Jury Ruling

The Mostly Peaceful™ Protesters didn’t wait for dark to start breaking windows in Louisville, and I expect it to get much worse after nightfall:
Protesters vowed Wednesday to continue their fight for racial justice after learning that just one of three Louisville Metro Police officers who shot into Breonna Taylor’s apartment will be criminally charged in her death.
In an afternoon announcement, Jefferson County Judge Annie O’Connell said a Jefferson County grand jury has indicted former detective Brett Hankison on three counts of first-degree wanton endangerment.
The grand jury declined to bring charges against Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly and detective Myles Cosgrove, who were also involved in the March 13 shooting at Taylor’s south Louisville apartment. . . .
Louisville police had set up a 25-block perimeter downtown, and protesters walked straight out of the area. . . .
A crowd of about 300 continued to march down Kentucky Street, stopping once to reorganize. Some people made phone calls asking others to join.
Chants included: “Keep going” and “If we don’t get (Justice), burn it down” before the group turned right onto Shelby Street. . . .
The march reached Bardstown Road at about 3:30 p.m. and began moving south down the usually busy street lined with local businesses. A few people came outside businesses to raise their fists in support of the protesters. Others were seen locking the doors to their storefronts. At least one window was smashed. . . .
LMPD officers, who had been following protesters at the front and back of the march, lined up on Bardstown Road to block the crowd from moving any further. . . .
Immediately following the confrontation with police on Bardstown Road, multiple protesters were arrested, though it’s not clear how many.
About 75 police officers in riot gear remained on the street and taped off part of the road, blocking off Bardstown entirely a few blocks from its intersection with Cherokee Parkway.
Looking at the map of Louisville, I don’t know why the protest march would be headed that direction. Was there some site they aimed to reach? Cherokee Parkway goes north to I-65, and maybe the police roadblock was intended to keep the mob off the Interstate. Here’s a quote:
“People are heartbroken, and they’re pissed the f*** off, and I am too,” protester Logan Cleaver said. “Of course I hope that people get home safe and they can get home to their families at night, but I know people are mad, and they want s**t f*****d up. And to be honest, this place should burn tonight, tomorrow night and the night after.”
That’s your Democratic Party 2020 platform.

Was there ever any reasonable scenario under which they wouldn't be rioting tonight? Ace, Antifa/BLM Unload Mobile Riot Center, Start Taking Over Intersections

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