Sunday, September 13, 2020

Some Sunday Morning Russiagate

Not much new on this Sunday morning, but a fair amount of older issues still being rehashed. For example, McEnany calls out White House press corps for lack of interest in Mueller team wiping phones "'They simply don't care,' press secretary tells Sean Hannity"  (Fox).

"Now we learn what Mueller's team was doing," she said. "Several dozens, think about that, several dozens of devices returned damaged, wiped clean, some of them intentionally so. One of those devices was Andrew Weissmann's ... who was rebuked 9-0 by the Supreme Court for prosecutorial overreach and misconduct -- and Lisa Page too, among these offenders.

"Muller is saying, 'We'll prosecute you for process, while we, several dozens of us, are engaging in the same kind of obstruction.' That is uncalled for."

She's such a meanie. Certainly, the WaPoo hasn't published anything about it, and I suspect you would find the same thing if you could search the NYT archives. On Da Hill, Tal Axelrod deigns to take note that Johnson asks DOJ watchdog to investigate Mueller team phones over erased information

From Matt Vespa at Town Hall, Are There Durham Indictments Coming? Fox News Reporter's DOJ Source Told Him to Set His Alarm Clock I certainly hope so. Strzok and Comey are my first choices. 

John Solomon at JTN on the Flynn story Ex-judge reviewing Flynn cases urges guilty plea be upheld.

AP tries to keep the "Russia, Russia!" narrative alive with Biden audio first shared by ‘Russian agent’ thrives online, desperately trying to conceal the fact that Biden threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine if they did not fire a prosecutor looking into the company that Hunter Biden was on the board of. There are lots of weasel words.


Assange is an odd case. I can see nothing he did that seems other than as an investigative reporter of sorts. We don't prosecute reporters who publish classified data that they get from other sources. Otherwise, the entire Washington press corps would be in jail. Obama pardoned his partner in crime, Bradley aka  Chelsea Manning, the  US Army soldier who actually sent the classified data to Assange. Why does DOJ have such a hard on for him?

2. Chris Cuomo and Stormy Daniels

On Wednesday, Carlson released another tape. This time, the recording concerned a conversation between Cohen and CNN host Chris Cuomo. Carlson condemned Cuomo for manufacturing a “scripted drama, written for the Democratic Party” by preparing Trump’s lawyer to give an interview on the network regarding Trump’s alleged hush-money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels.

“I think the way this conversation goes is almost exactly the way we’re having it right now. Which is, where I say, ‘This looks shady,’ and you say, ‘It looks shady to you because you’re coming in with a specific intention,'” Carlson said, quoting Cuomo.

Cuomo instructed Cohen on how to dodge questions about a shell corporation he had allegedly used to make the Daniels payments.

“Quote: ‘I’m not being shady,’ Cuomo instructed Cohen to say. ‘I was being legal, and I did it my right way. You’re wrong about the LLC. I’ve used it for other things. I have tons of LLCs. I did not form it just to do this. And even if I had, my whole point would have been to keep it quiet. But that happens to just not be true.’ End quote,” Carlson read.

The Fox News host also reported that Cuomo actually advised Trump’s lawyer to threaten Cuomo on air with a defamation lawsuit if he “speculated” that he was “paid back by Trump or the campaign” for the alleged payments.

The recording also included Cuomo informing Cohen he’ll make “some phone calls” to make sure the questions he would ask wouldn’t put him in legal trouble.

Matt Taibi,  Tape shows: ethically, CNN chief a little shaky "A conversation between Jeff Zucker and former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen removes all doubt: our hated president is a beloved commodity to network executives"

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