Friday, September 11, 2020


 Stacy MCain, Biden Spokesman Melts Down After Being Asked Simple Yes-or-No Question

This whole interview with Brett Baier of Fox News is a disaster for T.J. Ducklo, who is exactly the type of testosterone-deficient soyboy you’d expect to be National Press Secretary for Joe Biden. When Baier raised the issue of Biden’s declining mental acuity — which is highly relevant to his fitness for office — Ducklo went into a complete meltdown:

We’ll take that to mean “yes.” If a simple denial was possible, Ducklo would have said, “No, of course not,” and moved on. Instead, what he did — and this is a classic of political spin — was to accuse Baier of being a “funnel” for the Trump campaign, which he accused of using the question to “distract” from the issues Biden wants to talk about.

In short, Biden opposed the travel ban when it was first instituted, and yes, he needs a teleprompter to help answer simple questions. 

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