Thursday, September 10, 2020

Oregon, My Oregon - Democrat Legislative Aide Busted for Rioting

 Ace, Oregon Democrat Staffer Arrested for Rioting in Portland

Did I say "Democrat staffer?"

That undersells it.

She is the Legislative Director for the Oregon Speaker of the House. This is a top, top political posting.

She's the one who writes most of the actual legislation the Oregon House votes on.

Well actually: Interest groups write it and submit it to paid shill politicians to pass. But she edits it and corrects typos. She's the last hand to alter the text before it goes up for a vote.

And she's rioting.

She participated in a riot where firebombs were thrown at people -- cops.

And she's a tip-top ranking Democrat political staffer.
She's literally smirking in her mugshot.

I'm pretty sure she was released on her own recognizance, and the charges will be dropped. Stacy McCain, has a prediction Democrats Actively Support Riots 

But CNN won’t notice this.

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