Saturday, September 19, 2020

Beach Report 9/19/20

It was cool, high 50s and very breezy from the NE, so chilly in fact that our visitor from Florida felt it necessary to take refuge in the harbor. Maybe he/she is rethinking his/her decision to come north.

Down at the parking lot, out near the horseshoe pit,  a pair of fawns still in spots were grazing. The second was off the right in the bushes.
When you're not the lead dog, the view never changes. Well, that's not really true
Skye get a pet from a fossil collector at Matoaka. He's one of the people from the Calvert Fossils and Trip Reports Facebook page.
The best of a mere 5 shark's teeth. Not the biggest Snaggletooth ever, but very pretty, very sharp and fresh and with some interesting pink coloration. I'm thinking of making a little necklace out of it for Gabby.

Georgia and Sky almost back to the parking lot.

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