Monday, September 7, 2020

Laboring Through Russiagate

Not a lot, but more than there should be. Sundace at CTH was productive yesterday. Let's start with Sunday Talks – Trey Gowdy Doesn’t Foresee DOJ Probe Delivering any Legal Accountability for FBI Misconduct…
Within the interview Gowdy notes he does not expect to see any legal consequences as an outcome of the John Durham investigation beyond the current pleading by former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith. While Gowdy can be an insufferable voice at times, on this issue and given the nature of the current political calendar, he would appear to be correct.

Gowdy asks the question about where everything started. In the earlier interview with Peter Strzok (CBS), the FBI justification (current narrative) was pointed back to George Papadopoulos and his thin gruel conversation with Australian diplomat Alexander Downer.

At this point the corrupt DC elements appear to have successfully ran out the clock for 2020; and that is very frustrating from the position of two-tiers of justice.

However, that said there is a possibility more focus on the special counsel operation could lead to some rather eye-opening information. The public needs to know how corrupt the special counsel investigation was; what their exact intents and purposes were; and there is ample evidence mounting.

And, There Never Was a “Woods File” Underpinning The Carter Page FISA Application – Here’s How We Know…
CONCLUSION: Taking all the above into proper context, when the office of inspector general announced on March 28, 2018, that he was going to review all four of the Carter Page FISA applications; no doubt the office of the special counsel, Andrew Weissmann; who was previously the DOJ-NSD FARA targeting coordinator; moved swiftly to create the appearance of a Woods File where none previously existed. That led to the Woods Procedure justification as stated by the IG.

There never was a Woods File. The FBI and DOJ relied upon the Chris Steele Dossier as the evidence to support the FISA application. Chris Steele was identified as a Confidential Human Source, and his dossier was qualified as a replacement for the Woods File.

That’s exactly what happened. I guarantee it.
And, CBS Interviews Peter Strzok To Set Defensive Narrative…

That said, in a heavily edited interview with former FBI Agent Peter Strzok, CBS once again attempts to shape a defensive narrative to cloud the truth of the DOJ and FBI intents within the 2016 election. You’ll note this interview is actually very light on broadcasting the actual interview statements by Peter Strzok because: (a) Strzok has legal risk from any statement; and (b) the intent of this interview is shaping a defensive narrative.

This interview is frustrating on many levels. First, because it shows how the absence of accountability by current DOJ officials has led to Strzok’s brazen ability to lie publicly. Strzok has no fear in his appearance and is shamefully blame-casting and pushing a justification that is completely devoid from truth.

Secondly, this interview is a direct result of AG Barr failing to aggressively hold these former FBI officials accountable for intentional wrongdoing and purposeful corruption. There is no excuse.
Which opens the door to a whole bunch of articles regarding Strzoks recent outings, and book. Many are from MSM outlets and are, of course, remarkably gentle. A sampling. Chuck Ross at Da Caller, Peter Strzok Defends FBI Against FISA Abuse Allegations, Says Agents Were ‘Overworked’. Fox, Peter Strzok says mistakes in FISA applications were due to agents being 'overworked' - "Strzok said the mistakes and failures found in the IG report were not improper." Insty replies, SORRY DUDE, BUT WHAT YOU WERE DOING WITH LISA PAGE WASN’T WORK: Peter Strzok says mistakes in FISA applications were due to agents being ‘overworked.’ Or hell, maybe it was work for both of you, I’ve seen your pictures.

Charles Lozado at WaPoo whines He investigated Clinton and Trump. Then the Justice Department turned on him. Politico, Peter Strzok would like to clear a few things up. But for sheer irony, there's nothing like this from NPR, Peter Strzok, Notorious Ex-G-Man, Explains Himself And Takes Aim At Trump
"One of the harshest realities that special agents must accept is learning to live with the knowledge that someone's misdeed may not be punished," Strzok writes. "This is a bitter pill to swallow, as every FBI agent I know is motivated by a profound desire to pursue justice. In this world, bad people sometimes get away with bad things. Some particularly thoughtful senior agents in Boston tried to convey that hard fact, but I wouldn't feel the full weight of that lesson until the end of my career."
 Liars gonna lie, AP, Cohen memoir casts him as ‘star witness’ against Trump

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