Monday, September 28, 2020

Maryland Bans Foam Food Containers

Take it off, now!

Virtue signaling. The Patch, From Sen. Cheryl Kagan And Del. Brooke Lierman: Farewell To Foam In Maryland

Beginning Oct. 1, Maryland will become the first state to ban expanded polystyrene foam, or Styrofoam, food and beverage packaging. There is a growing awareness that Styrofoam is harmful to both our environment and public health.

Made from petroleum products in factories that spew toxic fumes and pollute our air, Styrofoam often ends up in our gutters and waterways as litter. It cannot be effectively recycled and causes permanent damage to our ecosystem. Foam absorbs more chemicals than other plastics, breaking down into particles that are difficult to collect. Fish eat the pieces of foam, thinking it is food; we eat the fish and ingest the toxic chemicals.

I see that claim a lot, but I never see any science to back it up. In fact, most toxic chemicals are attracted to a wide variety of natural particles, such as sediment and organic detritus, and in virtually every case the toxic compounds were less available and toxic than if they were not adsorbed to the particles and were dissolved in the water. I have a sneaky suspicion no one has tested plastics for this because they're afraid the answer will not fit the agenda, or they have, and have found it inconvenient to tout.

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